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    Shelly solidifies her final three deal with Papa Smurf and Smurfette… She tells them that her only goal is to further their game.

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    “zzzzz… telling so many lies and keeping up with them all can make you a tired girl”

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    I Have Fallen and I Can’t Get Up !! Lol

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    I swear I can see Tony and Josie from here!

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    With noone else to talk to, Shelly throws J/J under the bus and makes an alliance with the door.

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    I have so many…


    finally hits bottom

    can only go up from here

    at crack..versus on crack

    or musicaly..

    when the walls come tumbling down

    is there anybody out there

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    and don’t forget..

    reaches a new low!

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    She finally died of chain smoking and lack of nutrition !

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    Shelley finally has a nervous breakdown and starts asking the ants therapy advice. The ants are her “friends”.

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