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I’m heading to LA for a live taping of the Big Brother show this season! Many of the expenses are already covered, but I am shamelessly asking to see if anyone wants to help chip in for things like cab fare, food, etc.  Why?  Well, because this trip was completely unexpected (a prize offered by CBS), so I did not get a chance to save up any money for things like that.

I don’t need a whole lot, but it would be embarrassing to tip the drivers with ‘Don’t eat yellow snow’ instead of some cash.

I mentioned before that I had no intention of really pushing the donate page this season, simply because I’m still very humbled by the outpouring of support last summer when my parents needed help. By the way, both made full recoveries and were extremely grateful!  It helped ease a lot of the financial stress they were dealing with.

However, I also wasn’t expecting CBS to call me asking if I’d like to come down to a live taping.  Anything you can contribute would be fantastic, but even if you don’t contribute anything, make sure to check out my page in two weeks because I will likely be live blogging  my adventures in LA (whether people want to read it or not).

Thank you!

Note, if you want to follow my adventures down there, add my personal FB account.


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