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It was the summer of 2000 when my mother introduced me to a weird new show – Big Brother.  The show had a different feel and format as it currently does, and I can only barely remember that season as it’s been 14 years worth of TV poured into my head since then.  I parted ways with the show for a few seasons, but my mother remained a fan and started buying live feeds, staying up all night at times.  I’d roll my eyes at her when I’d go to bed with her watching the feeds and still watching when I woke up.

Fast forward to today, and here I sit watching the feeds all day and all night, always missing those moments we’d cheer when someone we liked remained in the house or someone we didn’t like got the boot.  Things have changed, and as some of you know by now, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer (still tough to accept that). She has more things to worry about now than whether or not Frankie’s sister connection will help him win Big Brother. She not only has to worry about fighting cancer, but the bills piling up as a result.

Like most people, she has insurance, but like most, her insurance isn’t great.  Co-pays and deductibles can drain someone faster than the illness itself, and that’s what it’s doing to her and my father.  I know, sob story, everyone has one. However, I have been asking for donations this season so I can help pay my server bills and even maybe buy an Xbox if I have enough left over.  That changed when I heard the news, and all donations I get this season is going to go directly to them.  I just think it’s only fitting that money earned should go to the person who turned me on to Big Brother in the first place, especially at her time of need.

I am not asking for anything, if you’d like to donate to her medical bill fund, that would be great, but even a simple e-mail or comment letting me know you’re thinking of her/us has meant the world to me.

Thank you for reading!