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New Episode Tonight – Reminders With Photos

Remember, there is a new episode of Big Brother on CBS tonight at 8pm est.  You will find out who Jordan picks for nominations (hint: she already picked!), and likely see the food challenge.  While I watch a lot of the live feeds, it’s still interesting to see the diary room interviews and the actual challenges, including the one that made Rachel puke and hurt her arm.

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While you prepare for the show, let me give you some photos of screenshots captured today from the live feeds.   Remember, if you want access to these feeds, they’re free for 3 days, so why aren’t you joining already?

Dominic talking with Lawon, but this is just here for the girls to enjoy watching him talk to Lawon.

Dominc laying around the pool

I’m not exactly sure what Shelly is doing to Cassi here, but looks gross. Shelly cleaning Cassi's ear

I don’t think Cassi knows what to make of it either.Cassi making a weird face

Adam is definitely peeing the pool right here, right?  He has to be.

I think Brendon realized what Adam was doing.brendon in the pool

Nice hat, Rachel.  Anything to take away from your face is a positive.

Jeff showing Dominic how he won over Jordanjeff choking dominic big brother 13

I think Porsche is wearing her pre-implant bikiniPorsche wearing a small bikiniFeel free to share your own captions of these photos in the comment section!

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