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Game On!

Big Brother 13 houseguests enter

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While you’re winding down your first night of 4th of July cookout celebrations you’re likely to be having this weekend, this Big Brother 13 crew is winding down their first night inside the Big Brother house.  That’s right, the game is on and I hear Dominic has already slept with Porsche, Cassi and Kalia have already become sworn enemies and Adam and Shelly are trying to figure out who will be the least relevant this season.     No word on Keith and Lawon yet, they’re still probably figuring out how *two* black guys were able to get by the Big Brother casting in the same season!

For those wondering, I have no clue what is really going on in the house, that stuff is just made up, but if you want to be the first to really know, make sure you sign up for the Live Feeds while they’re still on sale.    You can save 25% off the season pass, so if you plan on following the drama closely, why are you passing up the chance to save money??

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