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Head Of Household Live Competition Thread

So tonight on Big Brother, Brendon was put out of his misery, and the HoH competition is going to last for a little while, but fear not, I’m here for your updates!  Keep checking this page as the feeds are back  up, and as you can see above, they have a long way to go

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Color Code:

RED – Rachel
GREEN – Porsche
YELLOW – Jordan
BLUE – Shelly
PINK – Kalia

7:12 PM – Here is the current update:

From front to back, Jeff, Porsche, Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Kalia (not shown: Rachel)


7:20 PM – From the looks of this newest update, it appears Jeff is currently in the lead by a slim margin

Daniele looks very excited

 7:27 PM – Update:   Who do you think is leading so far?

7:40 PM It looks like Jeff is leading, his is just about halfway full right now, while the others are pretty close.

Adam should just sit down and take a smoke because there is no way he’s winning this competition.   He’s falling behind and I think I heard him gagging, or was it someone else?

7:51 PM – I’m going to call this Jeff’s now.  He’s starting to pull ahead, and it takes a lot to get that much of a lead.  He was going nearly 2x as fast as the other people early on and it shows here

8:00 PM – Porsche is doing well, but Jeff is still holding strong, I am still calling him the winner. It’s still fun to watch the others keep trying!

8:02 PM – Adam just took a huge digger.  He’s going to be feeling this tomorrow

8:05 PM – Jeff all soaped up for the ladies, thinking about his HoH room

Camera 2 loves Porsche, it’s been on her for like 10 minutes straight

8:10 PM – Update, I think it’s clear how this is going

8:23 PM – Big Jeff pulls his ball out, and is officially the next HoH.  Congrats Jeffry.

Jeff wins the Head of Household

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