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The House Completely Flipped Upside Down

Jordan upset So the house completely turned upside down in the past few hours.  You had Porsche talking sense to people that Jeff won’t bully people around, Jordan freaking out at Shelly after the feeds turned back on, and Rachel being the voice of reason to her.   It’s like I went into the bizarro world and turned on the live feeds.  I’m going to keep this thread updated while trying to recap just what the hell happened tonight, so keep checking back….

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Rachel pulling Jordan away from Shelly

7:13 BBT – Rachel still trying to calm down Jordan, and Kalia is in the purple room trying to talk to Adam.  Speaking of Adam, it was clear he really wanted to vote for Jeff this week, but it was actually smart of him not to.  Jeff is out, and Adam stays in good graces.

Adam said this week if he won HoH he was going to put up Rachel.. however, we all knew that wasn’t happening.

7:17 BBT – Feed went to Porsche trying to calm down Shelly who is very upset that she had to turn on Jordan / Jeff.   I’m honestly shocked Shelly went through with it all.   I’m more shocked Porsche is now showing a brain and playing…. is she secretly the best player this season?

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7:27 BBT – Jordan is realizing how she looked, and upset about the fact that she didn’t even want to come back and now she looks like an ass.   She’s talking to the one person in the house who has made an ass out of herself more times than anyone can count, so she’s likely going to get some wise words of experience there.

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7:30 BBT – Jordan is saying they’re stupid because all 4 of them (J/J, B/R) control the jury votes assuming they’re there, but if they’re there, how is that stupid?  They can’t abstain from voting.   Unless Adam is in the final 2, it was pretty smart.

7:34 BBT – Porsche and Kalia talking about how proud Daniele will be of them.  Kind of weird how they talk of her, especially during the episode “this is what Daniele would have wanted”

7:37 BBT – Rachel confronts Shelly about the missing dog.   Kalia suggested production took the dog, but they cut away at that point.    Feeds are back with Rachel still going off on the dog, but has given up and back to comfort Jordan.   This house is turning crazy

7:46 BBT – Adam is laying in the purple room with his new alliance of himself.   Kalia and Porsche join him to chat, telling him that Rachel and Jordan are going to be drinking.  They’re not though, they got some wine glasses and an opener but the glasses sit empty in a very depressing looking room right now.

7:51 BBT – Jordan and Rachel sitting in bed together completely making fun of Daniele’s good-bye speech.   With these 5 girls stuck in the same house all week, the show could get very interesting.

7:56 BBT – I have to be honest, I really thought Jordan would handle Jeff leaving better than Rachel losing Brendon.

8:06 BBT – Kalia just did a cart wheel in the kitchen… yes.

8:20 BBT – Rachel in the kitchen with everyone else but nobody is saying a word to her, and vice versa.

8:28 BBT – Kalia gets her basket:

8:36 BBT – Kalia is allowed to eat right now, but Porsche has to wait until midnight until she’s officially not a ‘have-not’.

9:00 BBT – Feeds are on trivia, HoH competition is being played

Recap from tonight –

While I do some live blogging, I’m going to try and recap what happened tonight.     Right before the show, Shelly and Jeff had a huge falling out because Shelly’s house of cards was basically crumbling down around her.   The double play, fence sitting caught up with her in a huge explosion that was cut off due to the live show.  There was clearly some tension in the house during the show, and Julie even touched on it but didn’t say much about it.

The show began, and Daniele was evicted 3-2 with Shelly taking over Daniele’s position at The sisterhood of the traveling sweat pants, but the votes weren’t enough because Rachel stayed with her alliance.

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  1. Comments (2)

    shelly is a loser – What a joke. Im sure her kid will grow up just like her!

  2. Comments (2)

    I hear you jay. I cant stand her.

  3. Comments (24)

    So Glad the Trio came thru, Much respect for Shelly at least she used her balls at the right time. Adam is just a scared piece of crap and doesn’t deserve 1st place let alone 2nd.

  4. Comments (1)

    I’m sad that Jeff is gone, but verrry happy thaat Daniele was evicted. Daniele is a vile creature, arrogant and very childish. Everytime they show her I fast forward so I don’t have to hear her. She acts like a mean high school girl.

    • Comments (2)


    • Comments (63)

      cath i hate being redundant please read my comment under a person. jeff would still be there if he had kept his word with dani. she played the game very tactfully alone without a partner and made great moves. jeff is a greedy bully, jordan is dumb as a box of rocks, rachel just Can’t Understand Normal Thinking and is a poor sport. brendan is an (__@__). adam is jeff’s punk bitch. shelly did vets dirty work as informer and took opportunity to strike. kalia is damn lucky to be there. porsche laid low long enough to be a contender.
      dani behaved with much more class and dignity than rachel.

  5. Comments (1)

    Shelly and the moral high road are nowhere near each other…

  6. Comments (24)

    Oh Yes!! Thank You Kalia! Jeff get your phony butt to the jury. Your girl choked just like she does when your 2gether!

  7. Comments (24)

    Yay!!! Jeff is gone and now let’s see if Jordan can get some respective and get rid of Skankachel.

  8. Comments (1)

    I’m glad Dani is gone but sad Jeff is I thought I liked Shelly but not after tonight.She was told J/J wouldn t take her to final 2 does she really think Kalia and Porsche will

    • Comments (2)


      • Comments (154)

        Frankee quit huffing paint. Jordan is useless as tits on a bull and dumb as a box of rocks.

  9. Comments (1)

    Can’t stand shelly, she is such a lier. She needs to be out of the
    house. She does not deserve to win any money.

  10. Comments (2)

    GOOOOOOOOO SHELLY!!!!! YAy sumone with balls has stepped up since the queen Danielle has let the building!!!!! This is GREAT!! I hate Dani is gone but luved how Shelly made a stand!!!!:)

  11. Comments (1)

    It’s laughable that she pulls the “i’m doing this for my family” card and implies that getting rid of Jeff is the best move for her.

    Assuming she’s right in that Jordan and Rachel go next. That would mean than she’s up against Adam (doubtful) Kalia or Porche. She will never beat any of them especially considering it’s possible the 4 she’s outed (JJ and BR) all vote against her. They alone hold the power to decide who wins and the 2 guests left after Rachel and Jordan go are fluff votes.

    Again assuming JJ and BR stay together for votes She is screwed.

    • Comments (154)

      that’s why they need to keep Rachel to torment her and secure the newbies have the power in the jury house. Throw dog faced Rachel a bone and let her get 2nd place.

  12. Comments (1)


  13. Comments (3)

    Shelly has been switching sides since day 1. What kind of example is she showing to her daughter. She was brought up not to lie and her mother is the BIGGEST liar in the house. The sweetest move was Jordan giving her the phone call but that has slipped her mind. It’s GREED. She wants the MONEY and that’s all she cares about now. But you know what??? She will not be the winner or runner up or fan favorite. I loved Jeff the last time he played and I still love him now. He took more risk than Danniele did but it backfired on him. Knwing now that Porscha won HOH there is no doubt in my mind that Rachel and Jordan will be the nominees. Please, please, please – one of you have to win the Veto competition. I will tune in on Sunday and watch. If you two are finally evicted then Big Brother has fizzled. I think a lot of the competitions were rigged. CBS shame on you! I think it is planned tha Miss Sweat Pants of 2011 will wind up winning!

    • Comments (2)


      • Comments (154)

        Frankee come on did America’s Sweetheart give away all 500k she won last year? This is Big Brother. She hasn’t done a thing gamewise this season except “Win” HOH that Jeff and Brendan threw. My dog is smarter than her.

      • Comments (3)

        Bandar….brush up on your BB knowledge instead of hating. Jordan played 2 years ago and after taxes got 280G’s with which she bought a condo for her mother, brother and herself to live in as they were living with friends at the time. Everyone says they threw her HOH, but the fact is: She was in first place and you have no idea if they would have done better. Nice try.

  14. Comments (1)

    Shelly makes me sick!!! I cant stand fake liars. Hopefully Rachael wins the next HOH and gets her out!

    • Comments (154)

      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.
      Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks. Shelly rocks. Rachel sucks.

      • Comments (3)

        Too bad your precious Shelly is now on the block because Rachel won POV for her and Jordan..and looks like no one really has a final deal with Shelly (except for maybe J/J) and they want to keep Adam. Say goodbye to Shelly. Her big move was for nothing as any idiot could see. That is except for Shelly. She just tried to play both sides of the house as long as she could and got busted and her game was an EPIC FAIL!

  15. Comments (65)

    Big Jeff is gone.. I am glad.

    please someone who knows him please talking about yourself in the third person is dumb + adding an adjetive. I was a fan of theirs but they turned into monsters over time.

    and hello, they won once before!

  16. Comments (1)

    Shelly is One of A hell Freaky Liar… ##perod##

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