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Jeff, Jeff, Jeff….

jeff and dumbeldoreWith still a few hours to  go until the next event really happens in the house (have nots get to eat again), and the house under lockdown for an unknown reason, it was time to hang out in the Head of Household room and talk about whatever is on their mind, and that includes the revelation that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series turned out to be gay.  Nobody knew it until the author announced it about a year or so ago, and that was the point.  Being gay made him no different than anyone else in that situation, but when Jeff hear the news, he took exception to this.

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“He’s in a school with little kids, you don’t want to make that guy gay” Jeff said, which worked up Kalia quite a bit (her sister is gay).   I don’t know if Jordan’s lack of brain cells are rubbing off on Jeff or he’s just that ignorant, but his statement made absolutely no sense.  I don’t understand how people still blur the line between gay and pedophile.   Female teachers also like men, I don’t see them having sex with their students..  Ok, bad example..  Straight men like women, I don’t see them having sex with their students… ugh, another bad example and I don’t even need to give a list for that one. Despite my shitty examples, again, the line is still there.  Being gay doesn’t mean you’re a pedophile.

I don’t care that Jeff comes off as pretty homophobic there.  Whether or not he has a problem with gay people is his own personal battle, but at least don’t sound like a moron trying to explain your shitty logic.

In other news, be prepared for a golf themed challenge for the next Head Of Household. Here is ole flat butt model practicing..

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