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Julie Give Us A Big Brother 17 Tease

big-brother-17Things just got real at Big Brother Junkies!

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Julie Chen tweeted out the working draft of the first episode for Big Brother 17 and I couldn’t be more excited! Granted it was just the front page, but this is my favorite time of the year! Cast bios will be coming out next Tuesday, then we’ll spend a week dissecting the crew before it’s show time!  Once the feeds turn on, my summer is over.  Ok, that part is kind of depressing.  I’ll have to find a second writer so I can take the occasional break this year.

Also, she sent out a tweet of the first page, and it mentions ‘new houseguests’, so again, no All-Star season.  There could be some returning players,  but we’re guaranteed a majority of new faces, and that’s fine with me!


So, is anyone out there a hardcore feed watcher (overnight preferably) and want to do some blogging this summer?  Contact me for information.

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    BB Update:…CBS will show us the BB House Tour Julie gives every year on Mon 6/15 on ET … 🙂

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