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Late PoV Results Due To An Overworked Blogger

By the title, you’d think I was overworked from blogging about Big Brother, nope!  This certainly isn’t a pity party about how much I have to blog with this show, I knew that when I took it on.  What I didn’t know is on my 2nd day of vacation today, I would push my body more than it’s probably been pushed in like 10 years.  I played a full match of tennis (I lost), then followed it right up with a very long hike through the woods that I thought was supposed to be a nice 1.5 mile stroll.   They should have put a warning sign before I entered that the majority of the hike would either be going up or down hill.

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That being said, it was a wonderful 24 hour vacation I really needed at one of the most beautiful places in the United States – The middle of New Hampshire just south of the mountains for some incredible scenery.

While I am relaxed and ready to go the rest of the Big Brother season, the same cannot be said about Kalia or Daniele.   That’s right, I’m going to jump right in here with the results of the PoV nomination:

Jeff USED his Power of Veto
Porsche was removed for Daniele

So sweat suit is safe, and the two with the potential to leave this week are the sleeper and the trouble maker.   While Daniele was certainly a bit whiny, and pouty this season (of course not to the level of Rachel), the simple fact remains that she has been the only one all year to actually try and play the game aside the person who may have just sealed her fate.   This season has been full of floaters, including Jordan and for the past few weeks, even Rachel, and Daniele has been the only one to see that the entire house is simply going to let the fab four easily become the final four, so she had to do something.   She got rid of Brendon twice, and was a horrible Kalia decision from actually turning the game around, but this looks like the end of the drama on Thursday.

Right now, it’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out, but right now, I highly doubt the floaters (Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, and Adam) will betray Jeff and vote any other way than what he says, and with Daniele likely gone, the Planet Jeff may soon get another floater (Porsche) to orbit him with Kalia being the next to go…. until they realize there are no other throw-aways after that and the floaters scramble far too late in the game.

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