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Meet Shane Meaney, A Bachelor From Vermont

shane meaney big brother 14

As I’m winding down my descriptions of each new houseguest this season on Big Brother 14, I thought I’d change up the page title a bit.. clever huh?  Here is Shane Meaney, who is listed as a “House Flipper” but reality is he’s a model who has appeared in Cosmo, and has a bunch of training videos on Youtube.

The last few houseguests I’ve listed are all models but pretend they’re something else.. is CBS trying to pretend they don’t hire a bunch of good looking people to lay around by the pool all summer to draw ratings?  Not that I’m complaining, but it’s funny how the playmate says she worked for Disney, another one is a bartender, and this guy is a simple house flipper.  Sure.

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Prediction: I think he’ll probably get along with people, win some competitions and be leader of some mini alliance.  It will all go well for Shane until people realize he could win it all when he’ll be blindsided somewhere in the middle of the game.

See more photos of Shane here


Watch him live in the Big Brother house

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