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More On The Mystery Six

In a frantic rush to get the profile pages out for the Big Brother 13 cast members, I talked about the mystery 6 and what options they could be.  I originally figured it was going to be one mystery player paired with one current player, but eliminating all logic, I completely forgot about pairing up the six.   That makes far more sense, simply because the other method would have 6 pre-made alliances out of 14 members which would be completely ridiculous.

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Now, who is going to be the mystery six?  That’s a tough call.  For all we know, it could be six new people, but for some reason they were chosen to be paired up.  However, seeing as Big Brother is about due for an “All-Star” type of season, what better way to do it than what they did with Survivor this recent season?  Sure, the three pairs likely won’t be surprising people from a helicopter on the beach, but they’re most likely a) returning players, b) original alliance members and c) going to have targets on their backs like Rob and Russell did.

Big Brother Network put together a little list of possible returns:

  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Dr. Will & Mike Boogie
  • Jessie & Natalie
  • Evel Dick & Daniele Donato
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Hayden & Enzo

I am going to almost rule out Evel Dick and Daniele, simply because Dick is still updating his twitter to this day (although that doesn’t mean much) and Daniele has been hosting a show.   Although, that could also work towards having them in the season because it shows Daniele is still in the Big Brother scene.   I talked myself into odds at 50/50

Hayden and Enzo I’m going to pretty much rule out.  Hayden was recently hanging with the Survivor girls (Andrea, Ashley and Natalie) at some event, and I doubt he wants to spend another summer in the house after winning last season.   I put the odds at 10%

I haven’t really put much thought into the other pairs.  Dr.Will won before and seems to have a big enough ego (like a Russell Hantz) to try and return to prove his skills, so that’s a maybe.  Brendon and Rachel seem like they’d happily come back, but does the show want them?  I didn’t watch that season much, but every time I did I saw them just laying in bed together doing nothing.

It’s hard to say, but like I said in another post, I expect we won’t find out until the first day of the show.   Until then, sit back and speculate!

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