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Nominations Revealed

After spending her afternoon with Jessie as “punishment” for opening Pandora’s Box, it was finally time for Rachel to name her nominations for the week.  In a surprise to no one, they are:


This is the absolute safest path for Rachel and Jordan right now.  Sure, they could attempt to backdoor one of them, but what’s the point?  In this late in the game, it’s not much of a backdoor any more as it is just a gamble.  Right now it’s less about who is nominated as it is who wins veto.  Trying to be sneaky and putting Adam on the block next to either sweat pant sister  opens up the possibility of the one not nominated winning veto, pulling off her sister, putting up Jordan and having the votes to control who goes home.

Adam can still do the same, but it’s unlikely.  I think his plan is to ride the wave until as long as he possibly can and then cross his fingers he can win HoH.  Smart move?  Risky move?  You be the judge.

5:36 BBT – Kalia is the girls biggest target, and they’re already preparing to focus on Adam (if he wins the veto).  Reality is, Adam is not winning the veto because he’s not going to try on this one.   Even if he did try, he probably wouldn’t win.

5:39 BBT – In a surprise to me, Kalia and Porsche are talking about voting for Jordan to win if they get to jury (because they think Dani would).

Discuss here what you think of these nominations while watching the live feeds for free.

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4 Comments on "Nominations Revealed"

September 2, 2011

And call me crazy, but Dani wouldn’t vote for Jordan to win, unless she was against an Adam (and even then maybe not). Right?
I’m thinking Adam sticks with RaJo at least for this weeks vote. After that it will just depend on who wins HOH next, he’ll be on that side then.

September 2, 2011

As much as I love Jordan,she has not done anything to warrant winning BB a second time,as much as I don’t care for Rachel or Kalia I do believe they deserve to be in final 2.

September 3, 2011

Are you kidding me??????? There really hasnt been much game player this season since the jury house! Rachel, Brandon, Jeff and Dani (although trying, Dani had no idea how to play the game without her father) were the only ones playing. Rachel is the only one in the house that is playing a true big brother game. Jordan always has the great social game, Kalia has just jumped from Dani to Porche but has dont absolutly nothing. Everyone else are and have been floaters. Just coasting along. Coasting, not winning and never showing yourself as a threat makes you a great game player, only if you know when to turn it on and show your true ability…which none of the floaters have done. As much as l dislike her, no one in the house compares to the game player that Rachel is. If she makes it to the end, noone in the house will vote anyone else because they believe in good game play…not floaters.

September 5, 2011

For the record Kalia has won two very well timed HOHs and she wouldnt have opened Pandora’s box