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Nominations Are Revealed – Warning, Disturbing Content

After a pretty wild turn of events in the house over the past 24 hours, not at all helped by any tricks or gimmicks by the Big Brother team aside reversing the dumb team twist.   They finally let every person play (except for the outgoing HoH), and sure enough one of the outgoing golden key holders won the challenge (Daniele).

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If you’re just tuning into Big Brother this season, just to summarize, Daniele is not a huge fan of the four veterans running the house and it all blew up this week.   So when she won the HoH, it was all but a certainty that two of them will be on the block with the other two as the backup option.

Jeff and Jordan pretty much kept a low profile about the whole thing, except for some internal talking, but Brendon and Rachel decided to do some major, major ass kissing.  They offered to cut some deals, like keeping Daniele safe for a week if she didn’t put them up.

Well, the nomination ceremony was tonight, and here are the results:

Spoilers and disturbing content after the jump – click if you dare

Daniele didn’t fall for it, and the nominations are as follow:

Brendon and Rachel

This resulted in some of the most disgusting scene I’ve seen since turning on the feeds this summer..

Come on!  Ok, I understand you’re sad about being on the block and likely one of the two are going home, but get over it.   Serious.   You knew the chances of you making the finals were extremely slim, don’t act like you’re suffering from a terminal illness and have a week to live.

They sat in the room for literally about 30 mins hugging and holding each other when there isn’t even a guarantee until after the PoV.  These two are acting like a 12 year old couple at the end of their “summer of love”

Now that they’re finally out of the room, they’re chatting with Jeff and Jordan about the situation and I’m sure it’ll be more of a sob fest.

Either way, this is going to be an interesting week, so make sure you pick up the live feeds here.


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