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Beastmode Romantic Cowboy Breaks Down


First off, I want to put out my condolences to both Frankie and Derrick’s family. There are really no words to describe how sad that is, so I will leave it at that.  Stay strong.

There are moments while watching Big Brother where you see people clearly outmatched mentally. Those moments this season have generally appeared whenever Caleb is on the screen, especially when Frankie is on the opposite end of the conversation.  It’s not often you see a player who has less control over himself than a marionette.  The perfect storm came when you combined Caleb’s feelings toward Amber and the very manipulative personalities of Frankie and Derrick.

The highlight of the episode featured Frankie’s plan to get Amber on the block, but not just throw her on the block. That would be too easy, and dangerous. He had to do it with the approval of Caleb while also convincing Zach to blow up during the veto meeting in order to accomplish the Team America goal. Watching the brief highlights during the episode didn’t even remotely do it justice just how Caleb’s head was spun around by the detonators.

It was absolutely mind blowing to see how it all turned out.  After very little persuasion by Zach, Caleb approached Frankie with the idea of putting Amber on the block to ‘put her in her place’.  That is all the fuel Frankie needed to twist Caleb’s season around, and that’s exactly what he did. The plan quickly fell into motion, and before you knew it, backdoor Amber was a go. The biggest question would be who would win the veto.

Out of the entire house, there were only a handful of people who would not have used the veto this week. Everyone is pretty much on board with the ‘get Amber out’ plan, because.. well, many people are not very good players. Like Brittany, Amber is one of the last hopes the girls have of shifting the power back in their favor, but they don’t seem to care.

So, the names were drawn for the veto, and of course Donny was picked because he’s always picked. Hayden was Victoria’s ‘houseguest choice’ and Christine was also picked to play.  The competition was a western theme that had ‘beastmode cowboy’ all perked up, except for the fact that he wasn’t playing in the competition.

The object of the game was to rock your fake horse back and forth 60 times before you are able to get off for 30 seconds and try to stack gold bars. If you don’t make it back on the horse before 30 seconds are up, you’re out of the competition (unless you choose to have slop for a week).

Jocasta was making a pretty decent effort, but she failed to make it back to the horse in time, so she took the slop penalty to try again. She never came close after that. Meanwhile, Frankie was tearing through the competition until all his bars fell toward the end.  It became down to Christine and Hayden and Donny and Victoria really had no shot to begin with. Christine buzzed in, but she had some gold bars on the ground still. Hayden finished his stack and won the power of veto.

As a condition of using houseguests choice on Hayden, he promised Victoria he would take her off should he won. Well, Hayden kept his word and removed her from the block setting the plan in motion for Amber to take a seat and be the target for the week.  Just as the jury was closing, Zach stopped the meeting once again and tried to create some drama. He gave Amber a really long and uncomfortable speech mentioning ‘beastmode cowboy’ about 10 times throughout. Caleb had a red face, but did not say anything, neither did Amber.  This means despite the best efforts from Team America, they failed their mission this week.

Tune in tomorrow night for the live eviction to see if Amber or Jocasta will be sent out the door.  Also, check out OK Magazine for more of my Big Brother recaps!

Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds


Good afternoon, everyone. It’s power of veto Wednesday on CBS tonight, so all of you new readers, welcome!  Follow me on facebook or twitter to get updates and spoilers on the show.

That’s right, a new, more professional introduction today.  I suppose if people are looking for Big Brother 16 updates and they stumble on this site, may as well remind them to stick around for daily updates, right?  Enough of that, time for some feeds…

  • 2:40pm – Nicole is laying outside with Christine talking about Amber and the plan to surprise her on Thursday. I have to ask, is this going to become the worst kept secret in the house?  Nicole even said “the guys don’t want her blowing up their game”, which is true, but…. how would Amber blow anything up if everyone knows about it?  It’s crazy.  Secondly, how can Nicole lay back all casually talking about the game the guys have, and the potential it has to be blown up?  Shouldn’t that be a wake-up call?  The guys have a game they’re worried about blowing up while the rest of the house is worried about their tans.
  • 3:50pm – The memory wall changed.  It now says ‘Time to get loopy’ with looped clips of stuff that happened in the house. This means tomorrow’s HoH will likely be a memory comp and not endurance (cry). The houseguests are having fun with the clips now, but I’m sure many will be studying all night.
  • 6:14pm – Zach and Caleb outside playing pool chatting about general crap, while Zach occasionally flirts with Nicole.
  • 9:30pm – Taking a break from writing my PoV episode recap to check on the feeds. No drama right now. Just Derrick, Victoria, Caleb and Amber in the kitchen making food.
  • 10:05pm – Caleb is outside telling Christine how awesome he’s been to Amber this season.
  • 10:20pm – The detonators (minus Christine) talking about who should go up this week.

Check back for more updates

Big Brother 16 – Tension Is Brewin’


What a week this is turning out to be, as you can see from the excitement on Zach’s face.

Last night around 2:00am, the boys sat Caleb down and told him that Amber is going after him should she stay in the house. She is upset he is ‘ruining her game’ and wants him out. While she is upset at being linked to Caleb throughout the season, I wouldn’t exactly say she’s going to go after him. They’re stirring the pot to get him against her prior to the eviction on Thursday.  The mistake – telling him on Tuesday night.

Caleb sat there stunned for a few minutes, surprised *HE* was ruining her game (he pretty much is). Then, he got up and stormed out the door with most of the guys in a panic that Caleb was just going to blow everything up.  The only one who seemed to be enjoying all of this was Zach (as pictured above).  Luckily for the guys, Amber was outside watching people play pool, so Caleb was able to calm himself down as he walked around the house for a bit.  He went back up in the HoH room appearing to be done with Amber. That is, until they talk again and she sucks him right back in.

The problem with telling him this soon is that Caleb is clearly going to talk with Amber at some point today. She’s likely going to deny him being a target and say they’re making it up. This is going to make Caleb’s head spin once again and who knows where that will take him. I will say one thing about him, I am starting to feel real bad.  Sure, he likes her way more than he should and it’s kind of on a creepy level, but to watch the guys toy with that… well, it IS Big Brother after all. Maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad.

I’m sure there will be stuff going on, so I’m going to wrap this up and start a live feed thread in about an hour or two when they start waking up.  My luck is that the action will happen once again at 2am, but here is to hoping they get an early start today!

Big Brother 16 – Dead Girl Walking Live Blog


Kind of a morbid title, but that appears to be the case for Amber’s Big Brother season. As the girls slowly get picked off, and Big Brother continues to lose male viewers (I kid, sort of), the season is shaping up to be completely dominated by the core of Derrick, Frankie and Cody.  Amber – the one who will likely go home this week – was the person who ran to the guy alliance and told them about Joey’s half-assed “all girl” alliance.  This prompted the alpha males in the house to beat their chests, band together even more and start going after the girls..  Of course as Devin found out, multiple ‘alpha males’ have a hard time co-existing, so he was shown the door when he let the power go to his head. Caleb and Zach will also suffer the same fate eventually, but not before the core have an extreme lock down on everything.

There is still time for the rest of the house to remove their heads from their butts to see what is happening, and also time to save Amber – should they choose. Amber only needs 4 votes when you count Caleb’s guaranteed vote.  Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Donny have the potential to realize they’re likely going home unless they band together, so we’ll see if Amber can make that happen.

Before I begin, I haven’t done plugs in awhile…

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I want to thank everyone who has sent me a donation this season. It’s such an amazing feeling to know your hard work has made someone so entertained or updated, they are willing to give you even a few dollars. The season has been a tough one to blog as the house has been incredibly boring most days, but I am doing my best to watch the feeds every day and give you whatever highlights I can scrape together. Luckily this week has already been entertaining, let’s hope that trend continues!

Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Most of the awake houseguests are hanging around the bathroom talking about Big Brother in general. Recent seasons, competitions, etc.
  • 12:28pm – Caleb is outside talking to Christine. He is going to try and work Victoria for a vote. He will use the angle that he’s the reason Hayden used the veto to save her. He also told her he basically cried his eyes out during the good-bye message.  He still thinks she’s staying and won’t see it though, however he does know something is weird.
  • When he first asked Nicole after the veto meeting, Nicole said she didn’t talk to Amber. Then when she was summoned into the room in front of Frankie/Caleb, Nicole changed her story. Caleb noticed something is up but can’t put the pieces together.
  • Caleb plans to approach Nicole and give her ‘reverse psychology’ by telling her he already knows the answer but wants to hear it from her.  He wants the truth.  Christine gets all excited about that (she is going to run and warn Nicole asap)
  • 12:43pm – Nicole is chatting with Amber about the situation while tanning.
  • They are going over what happened yesterday.  Nicole is upset she was dragged into the whole thing, while Amber is trying to sympathize with her. Amber is feeling confident on having Nicole’s vote, so she’s going to be pretty surprised on Thursday.
  • HoH camera time
  • 2:28pm – Victoria and Hayden are discussing how Amber is going home. She then brings up how Nicole thought Vic was intentionally flirting with Hayden to hurt her.  Vic then asks Hayden if they’re together (him and Nicole) and he said he doesn’t like anyone like that, he’s just a flirty guy. Victoria was shocked considering Nicole flirts with everyone in the house
  • 2:55pm – House on outdoor lockdown.
  • 4:30pm – Had to get my oil change in my car and will be heading to gym soon. Popping in to report the guys are talking about likely telling Caleb about Amber’s eviction before it happens. That’s too bad, I was looking forward to his reaction on Thursday night, but I’m evil.
  • 5:50pm – Caleb is in the HoH room talking to Frankie about how uncomfortable he felt about the Nicole thing (what he told Christine earlier). Frankie is pretending Amber is safe and trying to keep Caleb calm.
  • Caleb is done with the conversation.  He’s pretty convinced Amber is staying, but trying hard to make it happen. It’s going to be an uncomfortable night on Thursday if she does go
  • 6:30pm – Caleb makes his way to Zach to campaign for Amber. He has literally done 4x more campaigning than she has and I bet that trend will continue.
  • 6:43pm – Feeds turn to Zach talking to Frankie “How sad is that? She doesn’t even like him”
  • The house is breaking to eat and will be doing a pool tournament tonight.  Should give me time to watch an episode of Game of Thrones!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Caleb’s World Crashes Around Him


Well, that didn’t go as expected….

On Sunday night, Caleb was pretty much over the moon with the plan hatched up by the house to nominate Amber after Hayden used the power of veto on Victoria.  Caleb thought this was the perfect opportunity for Amber to realize just what a knight in shining armor Caleb has been to her this whole game.  His plan was to basically tell her he’s been the one protecting her, and he’s going to do it once again this week by not letting her become evicted from the house.

It’s the classic romantic move. Like when you’re standing at the edge of a cliff and you push your girlfriend over the side and then help her back up before she plummets to her death. The girl will always remember what a hero you were that day for saving her life!  Oh wait, she’ll actually remember what a psycho you are, but I think someone forgot to tell Caleb that part of the story.

When the feeds returned from the veto meeting, Amber was working on getting votes, finding out what happened and trying to piece together the last 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Caleb sat up in the HoH room letting her scramble for her Big Brother life and refused to go talk to her until she spoke with him first. Finally, after about an hour or so, the two finally got together in the beehive room and that’s when Caleb fell apart.  His plan failed, Amber didn’t appear grateful by his gesture of putting her on the block and Caleb fell back into the Amber trap. Until Frankie showed up…

After kicking Amber out of the room (2:55pm), Frankie immediately lays into Caleb about falling back into the Amber trap. He reminds her that Amber only went on the date with him because she felt bad for saying no. Amber doesn’t like him as much as he loves her, she wants to form an alliance to get  the guys out, he is ruining his game for her, etc. Caleb, still in denial, called Nicole into the room and drilled her for answers. “What did Amber say to her outside”, “What did Amber say to her after the date”. Nicole answered as honestly as she could (that Amber indeed wants to join with the girls, and also felt bad for Caleb during the date). Caleb let Nicole go and sat there stunned for a long, long time.

He went outside and sat next to Derrick (pictured above) and put his head down while the DR kept calling him to go in.  After Frankie finally encouraged to enter the DR, the retells began to pretty much the entire house. Everyone quickly learned what happened and what the plan is for Thursday – vote out Amber.

The rest of the night, the core group of people (the detonators) were trying to decide if they should keep Caleb in the dark and pretend Amber is safe, or let him know in advance. As of right now, they’re going to keep him and her in the dark, but I doubt that will last very long in this house.

Before I forget, one thing that is going to grow extremely annoying this week is the tragedy Amber is letting everyone know about while not telling them what it is.  Amber is vaguebooking the house (see: below) with her story that she refuses to tell while constantly talking about said story.  She won’t go into detail about it because she doesn’t want to gain sympathy (and who knows, it could be a really sad story), but by mentioning you have a sad story and not telling the story is kind of a fail strategy. Many people will think she does have a sad story, but it’s not sad enough to actually gain sympathy, so she’ll pretend it’s worse than it is.

At this point, Amber may as well tell people what her story is so I can stop being curious!  Yes, I am just being selfish, I want to know what it is.

(vaguebooking is a term used on facebook when people post status updates on how hurt they are, or how bad they were screwed over, but refuse to go into details.)

I’m sure the house will have plenty of interesting events over the next few days, so stay tuned for updates! Finally the house is alive, and let’s hope it stays that way longer than a day.

Big Brother 16 – Power of Veto Meeting; Live Feeds


Whew, home from school just in time for the feeds to turn back on. Let’s get to the updates….

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  • 12:10pm – Feeds return with a visibly upset Amber
  • Amber was the replacement nominee
  • 12:17pm – Frankie up in the HoH room blaming Zach for telling Amber not to trust Frankie.  Zach is denying it.
  • 12:30pm – After people have split up, Derrick and Cody were in the beehive talking and Amber joined.  Derrick and Cody both deny knowing anything about it. She thinks people knew about it in advance.
  • She is really confused about it all
  • 12:45pm – Caleb is sitting up in the HoH room telling people they need to tell Amber to talk to Caleb. He’s the only one who can save her (he can’t). Caleb is soaking this all in, he’s going to be shocked on Thursday
  • 12:47pm – Amber is in the bathroom talking to Christine. She said she knew something was going to happen because Zach was smiling before the veto was even used.
  • 12:50pm – Christine finally piecing it together.  “Every girl has been nominated this week”  DUH! You probably should have noticed that a few weeks ago
  • 1:00pm – Cody, Hayden and Victoria in the beehive room celebrating her being safe for the week. Also, more Zach bashing.
  • 1:09pm – Cody and Amber are in the bedroom chatting about her possibly going home. He assures her she is safe.
  • 1:24pm – Hayden enters the room and Amber starts drilling him on what he knew. She tries to make him feel guilty for using it despite pulling him into the alliance a few weeks back.
  • 1:39pm – Amber left the room and Cody/Hayden chat about how they’re all putting on an act for Amber.  Poor girl
  • 2:45pm – Sorry, had to make dinner.  Caleb is now chatting with Amber in the beehive room. His plan is finally coming together.  I’m sure she’s going to ask him to marry her in a few days…. especially after Caleb admitted he had a hand in putting her up
  • 2:55pm – Frankie enters the beehive after having a talk with Christine and Nicole about the situation (sorry was following Caleb/Amber, not sure what the other convo was)
  • Caleb has to stand up for this…. As he starts calling Frankie out, Frankie asks Amber if they can talk in private.  As soon as Amber leaves “Caleb, have you lost your mind?  I told you she was trying to form an all girl alliance”
  • Caleb goes on and on about it, while Frankie keeps reminding him that Amber wants an all girl alliance.  Frankie asks him what his goal with this is… silence.
  • Nicole is being called into the beehive now…
  • “After the meeting, did Amber come to you to form an all-girl alliance” (Caleb)
  • “She said she knew she was going up because it’s all girls and she said the girls need to work together to go after the guys.” (Nicole)
  • Caleb then asks Nicole about the date thing
  • “Well, she didn’t give a good impression and basically seemed like she went out with you because she didn’t want to say no”
    Nicole left, and Frankie is giving Caleb a real heart to heart that Amber is not the one to trust. Amber doesn’t like him like he loves her. She is going around trying to turn the house now.
  • 3:18pm – Frankie leaves the beehive to talk to Nicole…
    “Everyone wants Amber gone” (Frankie)
    “Why can’t we just tell her that?” (Nicole)
    “We’re going to have to” (Frankie
  • 3:29pm – Caleb finally goes to the DR and gives Derrick and Frankie a weird handshake telling him how he has their back no matter what. Caleb is a mess.
  • 3:41pm – Frankie retelling Christine about the situation and the beehive room.  He makes himself much more badass than what he was.  Hayden joins, Frankie tells him. Pretty much the entire house knows what’s going on right now. They seriously need a house meeting.
  • 4:00pm – Retells are going around the house. One thing is certain, Amber is going home on Thursday unless she can pull something off with the girls and Donny/Hayden/Caleb.

Taking a little break while the house does their evening/dinner thing.  I will likely create a new thread covering the night shift in a bit