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Round 1 Of The Final HoH Competition Results


I know I’m super late on this information, but the honeymoon is now over and had to take the day to travel.  We had a fantastic time, and want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve given me this season on both my wedding and my parents.  I’m sure some of you are wondering about them, well nothing has changed. My mother is scheduled for her surgery next week and my father is still waiting to hear something.

He is a Vietnam War veteran and because of his service to the country, he is apparently punished for it by going through the VA.  It’s incredibly frustrating and disheartening to know one of the most important organizations for returning soldiers could be better managed by allowing a 6th grade class to handle it.

Enough rant, back to Big Brother.

After the eviction show, the feeds went down for a little while and then returned to show the three remaining houseguests doing the first part of the final HoH challenge – awesome.  Typically this competition is set-up and teased at the end of the live show, but I guess CBS didn’t want a flood of people signing into the live feeds to watch.  So, for the first time since I started blogging Big Brother, I missed covering an endurance competition.

It didn’t really matter. I could have told you who won the second Caleb walked out the door. For this endurance competition, I already pegged either Cody or Caleb winning it, and considering Caleb couldn’t compete.. well, Cody won it.   I’m not sure exactly when the competition started, but Victoria fell first (shocker) and Derrick managed to hang on another 20 or so minutes.  Not quite an epic endurance competition, but we haven’t really seen one in quite some time

(I realize I am sounding super negative tonight for some reason)

So, with Cody winning part 1 of the HoH competition, he will automatically move to part 3.  Derrick will compete with Victoria for part 2, and the winner of that competition (Derrick most likely) will face off against Cody live next Wednesday night.

I am still settling in, but wanted to report to you what happened in the BB house last night!

Big Brother Final 4 Live Eviction

derrick-calebHere we are, heading into the final 3, and the final week of the Big Brother 16 season.  I am writing this 5 minutes before the live show, so I don’t have a ton of time to reflect on the season, but I’m sure I will be doing a lot of reflecting the next week.  It’s always sad when the season ends.

So what will happen tonight?  Will Caleb or Victoria go to jury?  Will they take the hard or easy road?   We will find out shortly!

Updates –

  • Question of the night. Would Caleb have won BB16 if he got Derrick out?  Frankie and Cody would have been tough competition either way.
  • Also, correction from my previous post. Cody can’t use the PoV, but he’s the only vote so it’s the same thing.  He has all the power.  I wasn’t thinking when I said ‘will cody use the pov’
  • Highlights from the last few days.  Frankie tried to give the guys the millions of followers speech and said he holds all the power in the jury.  Caleb called Frankie out on his threads. Was pretty fun to watch.
  • Derrick got a ‘holla’ from his daughter.  That was nice to hear.  I thought I would have hated that punishment, but it was really fun hearing them do it the past few weeks.  The ex-players, the random people and now his daughter. Great job, BB
  • Showing the nominations which were Caleb and Victoria
  • 5:17pm – More highlights.  Showing Caleb talking about how great he is.  Then they show Caleb’s family. Caleb’s dad said there is a shred of truth to everything Caleb said.
  • 5:25pm – Commercial return, POV competition. It’s the web competition where they put faces up next to clues. I love this competition. It’s another I wish I could play.
  • Because Derrick threw that, there was no chance Cody wasn’t winning that veto.
  • 5:44pm – It’s eviction time.  Julie said ‘Victoria.. for the 9th time. Is there anyone left you haven’t thanked yet?’
  • Caleb used ‘at the end of the day’ twice in the same speech.  I believe that is the 4,683rd time this season.
  • Cody’s eviction speech. Tells everyone about the hitmen and the final 2 deal and his reason for voting out Caleb is because that’s the easiest route.
  • Caleb said he wishes he didn’t show Frankie as much respect as he did because Frankie showed his true colors.
  • Caleb really grew on me, and it’s sad to see him go.
  • No HoH endurance competition tonight. They really screwed us on the endurance comps this season.

Check back for more

Update Inside The House Heading Into Tonight


Good afternoon, everyone!   I’m still on vacation, so I can’t update the header to give you spoilers there (I really should put my FTP program on laptop at some point), but fear not. I have them and they’re good.

The path to a BB12 repeat took a sharp turn recently when the group decided to vote out their version of Brittany (Christine) earlier than expected.  Instead of using Christine, they were set to take Victoria to the final 5 and then cut her loose for a big battle of 4 strong players.

All of that changed when Derrick slowly realized he would have been going into a gun fight with a pellet gun. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick has won his share of competitions, but if he really wants to win $550k (+50k for being TA), he had to cut away some of his competition before the gun fight began.

The reset button gave Derrick that opportunity when Frankie went from having all the power to absolutely no power and sitting on the block.  It was time to make the move and Derrick & Cody knew it.  They may not get an easier shot at removing him from the game when it came down to the final 4, so they made the smart move and cut him (and his many competition wins) from the equation.

Derrick then went on to win the before/after HoH competition, and that is where the episode ended.  Here is what happened since…

Caleb instantly became the next target, and that was made clear by nominating him against Victoria.  Caleb can still stay in the game, but that rests in the hands of Cody – who won the PoV.  Cody does not have the same loyalty to Victoria that Derrick has, but he also isn’t stupid.  If Cody keeps Caleb in the game, the final HoH competition will be brutal.  The first round is likely the endurance competition (which should air on Friday), and if I had to go against Victoria or Caleb, I’d choose Victoria.

By going against loyalty, Cody will have a harder time winning the grand prize if he’s in the final 2, but if he remains loyal, there is a solid chance he won’t make it to the final 2.

The veto meeting should happen live tonight, but I don’t expect him to use it.  It’s a $50,000 gamble that I don’t think he’ll be making.  The big question will be who Derrick would take to the final 2 should he win the next HoH.

I will try my hardest to live blog the show again tonight. It starts at 8pm est, so only 3.5 hours away.  Do you think Cody will use the PoV and have an all-guy final 3, or take the path of least resistance?

Tuesday Night Eviction Thread – Final Four


Here we go. More hotel blogging, but neither of us (my wife – sounds weird – and I) can’t miss Frankie walking out the door.

Note – the header with the houseguests won’t be updated until Thursday evening
I’m sure that question will be asked, so hopefully you guys can clear it up when people ask why soandso isn’t listed as HoH.

It’s been a great vacation so far, and it’s been a great week for it. The feeds have been down since yesterday and won’t be back up until about midnight est (my guess).  That said, it was pretty clear who would be heading home tonight and I have a feeling Cat fans won’t be happy (Sam and Cat…. if you don’t have a kid. If you don’t know the character Ariana Grande plays, don’t seek it out. Trust me. It’s painful)

Note 2 – America’s Favorite is out. We need to get the BB community out in full force this season.  All it will take is one tweet from Ariana to give Frankie a ton of votes. Make sure you cast your vote – all 20.  Every vote countes

Click here to vote for America’s Favorite!


  • 5:00pm – And we’re off!
  • Highlights from the last episode
  • Julie revealing that Victoria is now the pawn, but the veto could change everything (it won’t)
  • Highlights of Caleb’s dumb conversation with Frankie basically revealing Frankie was screwed
  • Derrick and Cody are not too happy about Caleb’s big mouth (DR session)
  • Everyone was studying, then they cut to Victoria staring at the bread.
  • Frankie and Derrick get the final Team America card. If either of them win, they get an extra $50k
  • 5:12pm – Commercial
  • 5:15pm – Back
  • Julie Chen shows a ‘live’ view of the house with Frankie and Victoria sitting in the nomination chairs. Then she says the veto could change everything.
  • Veto highlight.  Cody isn’t very confident about his 2:21 time.  They stop the competition at 2:21:01, so we never get to see the official times.. but Derrick would have been a close second.
  • Veto meeting. Frankie asks to use the veto so Derrick can be on the block. He was pretty upset when not used.
  • Frankie to DR about the group – Are you going to choose greed or honor. Umm… greed.  They joined a game show for money.
  • 5:30pm – Commercial 
  • (showing casting commercial for BB17. yay!  Time to apply!)
  • 5:35pm – Votes
  • Cody – Frankie, Derrick – Frankie
  • Frankie is gone!
  • Before he left, Frankie told Cody ‘I’ve had better’. Told Derrick to keep the fish alive, and for Victoria to win something.
  • 5:45pm – Commercial
  • 5:50pm – HoH competition. 
  • HoH competition was a before/after competition. Derrick and Cody finished with a tie on the last question.  Tiebreaker: Derrick wins HoH – Bye bye Caleb
  • Friday’s episode is when the first part of the final competition.

Frankie’s Game Is Just About Over


Checking in from the honeymoon!  As I expected, the feeds did indeed go down today and won’t be up until sometime tomorrow evening after possibly the west coast airing of the eviction.  As I type this, they’re likely having their eviction show and Frankie should be receiving the bad news.

Where did his game go wrong?  That’s hard to say exactly.  He managed a lot longer than he originally anticipated as was able to ally with the ‘alpha males’ of the house early on.  His social game was pretty decent and even had the support of America behind him (before he made certain comments about Victoria that is).

Being a member of Team America, he was behind quite a few of the lamer challenges, like putting on a play instead of saving Donny, but he also had a few good moments like his reaction to the fake rat.   The moment of the season came when he was the #1 target and knew it was time to come out as the brother of a big singer.  Caleb was sitting out of the battle of the block just before that, and suddenly they became best friends.

I think Frankie’s biggest mistake was simply playing too well. Winning all of those competitions did not go unnoticed by the house.  That’s all there really is to it.  Frankie going home is typically the reason why most people throw competitions throughout the season, especially early on.  In Big Brother, the better you are, the more of a threat you are.  This isn’t Survivor where starting a fire and cooking can keep you in the game a lot longer than deserved.  In Big Brother, floating is better and that’s why we should see Victoria still in the house when the feeds return tomorrow night.

Sorry for the weakish post. I had a long day but had to give you guys an update!  If you notice comments not being approved for some time, that’s because I’m not in the hotel room to check. So please be patient!

Have a good Monday night!


The Legend Of Derrick Could Grow on Tuesday


Unless something drastic happens over the next two days, Frankie is done with BB16. Derrick and Cody have full intention on voting him out and are now trying to figure out whether to take Caleb or Victoria to the final 3.  Caleb has been Frankie’s biggest ally, especially considering the music connection, but that won’t matter unless Frankie can somehow flip Derrick or Cody to create a tie vote.  If either of them do flip and keep Frankie at this stage of the game, they should walk out of the door with Victoria and just accept being a terrible Big Brother player.

This is the move to make.  This is what should happen.  When you have a guy who has fairly decent relationships with the jury, won a crapton of competitions and has a very famous relative on the outside, you get them out asap. Why does the relative matter?  These are real people who likely don’t want to piss off a person with a combined 30 million instagram/twitter followers.  I’m not saying Ariana will tweet to make Derrick’s life hell, but her fans may take it upon themselves should Ariana express disappointment.  Let’s just hope Ariana understands the power she yields and recognizes it’s only a game.  Congratulate Frankie for making it as far as he did and offer to donate $500k to his charity in Africa.  No hard feelings.

If Ariana happens to read this on the off-chance she’s searching Big Brother news.  Please do that.  Frankie played a phenomenal game, but this Tuesday will likely be the end of his game.

Derrick is playing one of the best Big Brother games I have seen in a long time… even better than Dan Gheesling in BB14.  Dan played a great season, but he made the mistake Derrick is not doing.  He pissed off nearly everyone from the jury. Derrick, on the other hand, had a potential jury member stage a fight with him just so the rest of the house won’t think he had her vote in the final 2.   I will say this now.. win or lose, Derrick will go down as one of the all-time greats.

Anyway, I’m just whipping up this post because the last thread had so many comments. This should keep you guys busy until I can find time to get the next one up.  Have a good Sunday, everyone!  May your football teams all have good games (unless they’re the Vikings).

Note – fyi, I am a Patriots fan. I want them to beat the Vikings. My comment had nothing to do with Adrian Peterson, so I apologize if anyone took it that way.  And as a Patriots fan, I feel your pain losing a good player to off the field issues.