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Big Brother 17 – Dog Days Of Summer Live Blogging

bb17-w9-megHappy Monday, everyone!  It’s the power of veto meeting day, which means Vanessa’s brief reign of power will mercifully come to an end this afternoon. You see, throughout the day yesterday, Vanessa made sure to have one-on-one’s with so many people, my head started spinning. She said she wanted to know if she should use the PoV, but the reality is she was just digging for a reason to be able to use it and have James be the replacement nominee.

Vanessa suggested to Austin that he put James up numerous times, but Austin wants to stick to the alliance he made about a week ago. He completely ruled out nominating Meg or James in the first place, and now doesn’t want to put either of them up as a replacement nominee. I don’t really understand the move, but then again, I don’t really understand Austin’s game to begin with. He is, and has been, playing for the worst possible place to finish: 3rd place.

Why is that the worst?  Well, the first few evicted members get to go home and enjoy their summer. They can do the publicity tour while the season is still going on, and get on different BB talk shows to promote the crap out of themselves. Each jury member means they’re guaranteed about 1k/week for the rest of the summer while they relax in a beautiful big house in LA. While they don’t get to enjoy their summer with family, I’m sure early jury members are enjoying being able to watch movies and relax all day instead of going back to work.

Then,  you have 3rd place. The person who gets to enjoy the full amount of stress from the Big Brother house all summer with the same financial reward as someone lounging by a pool. Sure, BB members lounge by a pool, but they’re also being watched 24/7 and are constantly paranoid about other members figuratively slicing their throats. They don’t get to step foot in the jury house, and are often forgotten by any non super BB fan. At least second place gets a decent sized reward for all of that stress.

Wow, I’m rambling. I’ll start with the feed updates:

  • 9:30am – Wakeup call
  • 10:45am – The house is awake. Sorry for the delay between updates. Battery died in my car.  Anyway, time to see what’s going on….
    • The twins and Austin are getting ready for the ceremony, while Vanessa is alone in another room thinking.
    • The girls are really pissed at Steve. Last night, he went and told Meg/James about how he is worried about the Twins, Austin and Vanessa. BBN wrote up a good recap of exactly what happened, so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel and explain it. They did a wonderful job, read it here.
  • 10:55am – Steve, Meg, James, and Vanessa were sitting around the bedroom.  Steve says ‘Vanessa?’ getting her attention, and she said ‘Don’t talk to me’ and walked away real quick.  Wow.. tension.   Anyway, remember when Vanessa was upset when Becky did that to her?
  • 11:00am – Austin, Liz and Vanessa are in the side room alone. Steve comes in to try to talk. Vanessa kicks him out.  Wow
    • Meanwhile, Meg and James are happy because it’s unlikely the veto will be used
    • Austin talks to Vanessa for a bit, then she leaves and Steve comes in. I guess Austin called out Steve in front of James and Meg today
  • 11:15am – Vanessa to DR. Veto meeting
  • 12:15pm – Feeds back. John heads outside while a few sit around kitchen. I’ll tell you if the veto was used (it likely wasn’t) shortly
    • Nominations remained the same
    • Johnny stirred up some crap before the meeting. He told Vanessa about the 5-person alliance. Liz asks him why he did it. He figured may as well since he feels he was leaving the house soon
  • 12:30pm – Austin and twins are in the HoH room…
    • Austin is saying how Vanessa really wants Steve out. Liz is talking about she is pushing for John. The funny part of this week is most of the drama will come from people voting, rather than people campaigning.
    • Austin goes outside to talk to John
    • He is saying he isn’t really as mad as people think
    • John is saying he has to do something, like win an HoH. Yes, you do, John.
  • 1:00pm – Vanessa and a twin (I still can’t tell them apart, unless they’re with Austin) are outside having a good bash session on John and Steve
  • 5:00pm – Took a little break. Feeds consist of Austin/Liz sleeping, and Steve putting together a candy bar pyramid.
  • 6:30pm – John and Steve playing pool. Everyone else pretty much sleeping

Check back for updates

Big Brother 17 – Sunday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sunday afternoon after what was a very slow day in the house yesterday. Up until I left, the entire house was waiting for veto, and later in the evening, the feeds finally went down for some zingbot.  I haven’t dug for any zings yesterday, but when they come up, I’ll post them.

As far as the house, Vanessa won PoV which guarantees her safety this week, and it also guarantees she won’t be running around like a crazy person. The nominations will likely remain the same, unless she decides to remove someone, but I think she’s fine with John leaving this Thursday, so don’t expect anything to happen tomorrow.

Here are the updates for today:

  • 2:50pm – Scratch what I said above. Vanessa is talking to Steve, and she is saying Meg is leaving this week, so perhaps she plans on using the veto on Steve?  I doubt she’ll use it on John.
    • Vanessa tells Steve her f2 deal with him is the only f2 deal she has
    • Apparently the talk originated because Austin told Vanessa how Steve wanted to go up against her rather than John
  • Steve and Vanessa broke up, now she’s talking to Austin
    • Vanessa is upset because Meg didn’t congratulate her last night on the PoV win.
    • Vanessa has been pushing Austin to put up Meg or James if she does use the veto. If he does, he has 0 chance of winning. Not because of bad moves, but because he keeps breaking promises left and right. That’s how you lose jury votes
    • That was a long boring conversation that essentially resulted in nothing but Vanessa hammering the point that she’s in charge of Austin. They break up and people all go their own ways
  • 4:11pm – Vanessa is up in the HoH with the twins doing her thing.  She is pretending she is confused about what to do about the POV, but the reality is, she knows, she just wants to hear their opinion and vent
    • Steve joins the conversation and they talk about Johnny Mack. They’re still talking about John’s speech on eviction night.  It was a joke. Jeez
    • The twins want James to go home this week
  • 7:00pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. Austin is outside chatting with Liz/Julia
    • A lot of ‘scampering’ going on with team Austin because Vanessa doesn’t know what to do with the veto.  She wants James to go on the block, but Austin doesn’t want that to happen
  • 8:00pm – Vanessa is doing her role as HoH (even though she’s PoV) and interviewing James
  • 8:30pm – Vanessa really loves her power. She is doing the rounds now with Meg.  To be fair, she should be doing this stuff, and it’s why she’s going to win the game, but maybe it’s just so out there because of how little everyone else actually tries.

Check back for updates

Big Brother 17 – Post Veto Feeds


Wow, did I pick a day to go to a BBQ.  I honestly expected to come home and have not only the veto over, but plenty of lame zingbot jokes to repeat. Yet, I turn on the feeds to see Steve and James playing chess.  The biggest thing that has happened so far is that the players were picked, and yes, Vanessa is one of them.

I guess there isn’t much to talk about that wasn’t covered in my earlier posts, so I’ll jump into whatever the heck is going on in the feeds….

  • 6:14pm – James and Steve playing chess. Austin and the twins are in a different room pretending they’re going to actually make game moves.
  • 6:30pm – Feeds down for Jeff loops.  Zingbot time?
  • 3:00am – Sorry for the super delay between updates. I crashed shortly after the feeds went down assuming I had time for a ‘quick nap’. Throughout my nap, I heard the Jeff/Jordan loops over and over which turned into a nightmare. Anyway, midnight rolls around, still no update, so I closed the browser window and finished my ‘nap’. Long story short, I think I had too much to drink yesterday, which is rare for me considering I never drink (so, 3 beers = too much)
    • Enough of that. The power of veto winner is:
    • Zingbot entered the house, and I don’t have any zings yet, but I’ll get some before my next post.
    • It was the face morph competition, which proves that Vanessa may be as smart, or smarter than Steve in certain areas of the brain.
    • This is also a bit of redemption for Becky seeing that every week the house fails to get her (Van) out, is another week Becky can say “Hey, dummies, you had your chance”.
    • Steve or John are guaranteed to go to jury this week and play for a chance to re-enter the house. Right now, and probably still by Thursday, that person will be John. So, we’re looking at a re-entry competition of 4 good people (maybe not the best players, but good people). We’re guaranteed to get at least one cool person back, but they’re also guaranteed to be evicted a week or two later.
  • I will start a thread in a few hours about the post-PoV fallout. I just wanted to update this for people waking up early to check who won.

Check back for updates

Big Brother 17 – Pre Veto Discussion


I just realized today that I haven’t done a good breakdown of the show in awhile. It’s been more of just live feed updates, which are good, but don’t give you an overall picture of the house.

The big theme of the house for the past few weeks has been ‘let’s get rid of Vanessa’, except for there being one problem: Only one person has been willing to deal with the wrath that comes with said move, and she’s sitting in jury. You see, Vanessa is neurotic, and will talk your ear off until you just give in to what she’s saying, but she’s also incredibly intelligent. It’s one thing to talk someone’s ear off, but she is smart enough to know exactly what to say, and to whom. The only person she’s had difficulty doing that with this season is Becky, who really handled Vanessa like a pro.

After being nominated, Vanessa tried to talk to Becky who basically just cut her off and walked away. She was not going to sit there for an hour listening to 15 different reasons why nominating her was a bad idea. Of course, this pissed off Vanessa, but what did it matter? She was going home, right? Wrong. Despite Becky’s strong will, the rest of the house isn’t so tough, and they easily caved to Vanessa’s pressure throughout the week. Even her own newly formed alliance of James, Becky and Meg quickly flipped and decided to vote out Shelli for whatever reason.

This move obviously instantly backfired and two of those alliance members – including Becky – were the next two out the door. Vanessa regained complete control over the house, and no longer has to worry about someone like Becky having the strong enough will to deal with her wrath.

We witnessed that wrath last night as Austin essentially had 3 options for nominations. He obviously wasn’t going to nominate the twins, and he wanted to completely hold true to his alliance with James and Meg.  This left John, Steve and Vanessa as the only people left to put up.  After talking with Vanessa, he was convinced that putting Steve up versus John was the best idea.. until he spoke with Steve and promised him the complete opposite.  As Steve left the room, he told Austin he’s ok with being a pawn, but the only rule is he can’t be sitting next to John. Austin promised, and it seemed set.. Steve vs Vanessa.  Until Austin had one more talk with Vanessa who flipped the script once again and when nominations were revealed, Austin broke his promise to Steve and put him up next to John.

Now, Austin is hoping his side of the house wins PoV today and keeps nominations the same. This means his end goal is to evict John over Vanessa. Why?  Well, he said it’s stupid to evict someone who can turn around and come right back in, but playing the game for that 25% chance is equally stupid. Lawon learned that a few seasons ago when he volunteered to be evicted so he can win the competition and come right back in.  He lost. Seeing as Austin has deals with pretty much the entire house, anyone he evicts this week will be pissed and have a chance to come back in.  Not evicting Vanessa out when they can is like punting to a great QB with plenty of time remaining and just hoping things work out in your favor.

Only two people will sit out of the competition today. This means Vanessa has a very strong chance at not only playing, but winning. Although, from the sounds of it, Austin would be OK with that as he’s fine sending John home.  With only a few weeks left in the season, time is running out on getting rid of the sure winner of BB17 (should she be sitting in the final 2 chair). If anyone else wants a chance to win, they have to make a move, and they need to do it quick.

I don’t think that move will be this week.

I am heading out to a bbq today for a few hours. Zingbot is coming into the BB house, and then the veto competition will probably follow. This means there are quite a few hours before we have any actual results. I will start a new thread when I’m home, and the results are in.

Big Brother 17 – After Show



This week on the program, the Big Brother After Show had Big Brother 16’s winner, Derrick on via skype. Well, sort of. There was a lot of difficulty with sound, but they did the best they could on both sides. Some notable things is that Derrick thinks Steve is a strong contender right now (I agree), and that he’d probably have paired up with James because he’s easily controllable and loyal (I agree, again).

Check out the video here:

Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Updates


Good morning, everyone! I’m sure some of you are just checking in to work right now to see how the HoH competition went last night. Well, if you enjoy watching Austin and Liz laying in the HoH bed for a week, then you’ll be thrilled today!

As you watched last night, the competition was a track-style event where the entire house (minus Liz) lined up and sprinted for like 30 feet to hit a buzzer. The trick was, once they got in their 3-point stance, they had to wait until the screen said ‘Go’. This could take seconds, minutes, or even an hour.  Just kidding, not an hour. The whole competition was over in an hour. Gone are the days of the epic multi-hour endurance competitions late in the season. Each round, the last person to the buzzer was eliminated.

In the end, it came down to Austin and James who had an incredibly close finish, but Austin was the winner proving once again that Big Brother does not ‘fix’ these competitions. James wanted to go after Vanessa, which would have caused drama and ratings. Production easily could have just said James hit his buzzer first, but they didn’t. Austin won, and he’ll most likely be nominating and possibly evicting the fan (and production) favorite Johnny Mack.

With that, here are the updates today:

  • 8:30am – The house is still sleeping
  • 10:00am – The house is up. Austin has been talking to a few people.
    • Austin was floating around the idea to Meg of putting up Vanessa
    • He then goes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa
    • He is discussing putting her up against Johnny Mack using her as a pawn.  He said he can flip a coin between her and Steve as a pawn. She is ‘offended’ by it
    • She is telling him by putting her up, he risks her going home (duh) because Steve may flip and vote her out since he’s close with John
    • Austin doesn’t want to use Meg as a pawn because that starts a ‘pawn battle’ with that side of the house. He said they’d only be ok with her as a pawn if there is no other options.
    • He is going to have Liz talk to Steve and ‘soften’ him to the option of being a pawn. Austin wishes Vanessa was more willing
    • They said Julia heard John screaming in the DR. When they watch the show, they’ll realize that’s just his normal DR session
    • Vanessa mentions how she’s upset John didn’t want to be a pawn, yet she’s spent 30 minutes convincing Austin not to use her as a pawn
  • 10:30am – Conversation breaks up
  • 11:50am – Had to run out. I am back, and feeds down. Likely for HN, but could be nominations
  • 12:30pm – Feeds back. Smaller table, no havenots this week
  • Austin pulls Steve into the HoH room
    • Austin is floating some ideas by Steve
    • He says Vanessa told him that Austin’s gymnastic photo means for him to stick with the gay person (her)
    • Steve also can’t find the logic in Austin’s move. Nobody can
    • He said ‘don’t put me up next to Johnny. Put me up next to Vanessa’
    • Steve is saying there absolutely can’t be him vs John on the block.  He has to be next to one of Van, James, Meg
    • Steve keeps offering that by putting 1 of them up and sending Vanessa home, he guarantees 4 people fighting for Austin next week (Liz, John, Julia, Steve)
    • Austin promises he won’t put Steve up next to John. Austin said Steve better come through for him, and Steve said ‘Do you trust me over Vanessa on days’ (HoH competition)?  Vanessa thinks she’d crush Steve. Steve is looking forward to it.
  • 1:15pm – Steve leaves and Austin starts blaming Liz for not chiming in more and convincing Steve
    • Austin is thinking John and Vanessa. He refuses to put James or Meg up
    • Liz is saying Van / John.  Austin is wondering what to tell Vanessa. It will be hilarious when Vanessa convinces him otherwise
  • 1:30pm – They are still deciding who to put up. This is funny.  I am running to store, hopefully be back soon to update on nominations
  • 3:20pm – Back from the store. Nominations happened:
    • John and Steve are up
    • So, Austin broke his promise to Steve so he wouldn’t have to hear Vanessa all weekend.
    • Steve is pretending to not be mad, but this was so bad for Austin and so good for Vanessa. Austin broke a promise, so his word to Steve is crap now. This gives Steve another option instead of Vanessa as a target should Steve win HoH next week. There will only be 2 people sitting out of veto tomorrow, so odds are in Van’s favor to play and keep herself safe. That is why backdoor options are not as strong as they are in the beginning of the game because the point of the backdoor is to put someone up who didn’t have a chance to save themselves via veto.
  • 5:00pm – The house is sitting around the table eating and relaxing. Sounds like it might be another week like this, unless the veto is used
  • 7:00pm – Sorry for slow updates, but the house is that slow. I’ve been watching for two hours (from bed), and there is nothing going on. However, Austin and Liz are in bed talking….
    • Austin’s reasoning for today is Steve is less annoying to deal with. Plus, Vanessa is not guaranteed to play veto (though odds are in her favor).
    • Austin said ‘This is Big Brother, and if they (production) like Johnny Mack, he’ll win veto’ – yet he doesn’t see how he easily could have lost to James last night if production was rigging the game. Also, Johnny Mack got eliminated in a weird round where production came over the speakers and said not everyone hit their button. Again, they could have just said Austin didn’t hit his button. Dumb.
    • He ideally wants the nominations to remain the same, so he’s hoping ‘their side’ wins and doesn’t use veto
    • Anyway, Steve joins the conversation and says everyone else is sleeping.

Check back later for more

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