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Elissa Slater

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Amanda Zuckerman

D 77 (Jury)
Aaryn Gries

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Helen Kim

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Jessie Kowalski

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Candice Stewart

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Howard Overby

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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

Here we are, heading into the final week of the Big Brother 15 season.  Tonight we will be down to 4 houseguests, and tomorrow night we will see the final 3.  I have to say, it’s been a busy, stressful, but still fun summer blogging this show.  There were some real heated fights, some incredibly Read the full article…

ground zero, 9/11, Tribute in Light

Never Forget

If there was a positive to the feeds being down until tonight, it’s that we can spend the day remembering the tragic events that happened on this day in 2001.  There are only a few things in life where you can easily remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the Read the full article…

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Big Brother 15 – Judd’s Last Hope

With the eviction show airing on Wednesday, the taping of the show will likely take place today (to give them time to play HoH, veto, etc for Thursday’s live show).  This means within a few hours, the feeds should go dark until after the show airs during the west coast tomorrow night. This means Judd Read the full article…


Big Brother 15 – PoV Meeting Results

In a not so surprising move, Judd was put on the block to replace McCrae.  Apparently, that’s about all the excitement we’ll get until the feeds go dark sometime in the next few days  (they’ll block out feeds for the eviction until after Wed episode).   Before heading to the DR, Judd told his alliance Read the full article…


Big Brother 15 – Is The Moving Company Moving Back In?

With the veto meeting being held today, it’s a near certainty that Judd will be the replacement for McCrae on the block.  With that said, McCrae spent a lot of time talking with Spencer yesterday (like I said he should), and they came to an agreement about the final 2.  Of course, this is Spencer Read the full article…


Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

Sunday on the feeds with 5 people remaining in the house….. let’s just say, don’t expect much drama or much of anything else.  The house is generally getting along, and I expect it to probably remain that way through the rest of the season.  I expect the house to be down to 3 by Friday, Read the full article…

Even out of the house, Elissa is still a popular subject

Big Brother 15 – Slamming Instead Of Strategizing

I will admit, the feeds are becoming painful to watch. The remaining houseguests spend most of the day chatting to each other about former houseguests, and part of the time it turns ugly.  Elissa has been a huge conversation piece despite being evicted on Thursday, and I don’t understand why they can’t let it go. Read the full article…


Big Brother 15 – McCrae Keeps Hanging In There

There was only one possible thing that could have spiced up the week a little bit, and that’s McCrae winning PoV today.  By doing so, he will remove himself from the block and be replaced  by either Andy or Judd (most likely Judd).  There is early talk about sending GM home because of all the Read the full article…

Don't look so excited

Big Brother 15 – Today Is A Huge Day For McCrae

I think this is an understatement, but if McCrae wants any shot at winning this thing, he absolutely has to win the PoV today.  While it still may be a longshot for him to win even if that happens, this will be a step in a good direction.  By winning the veto, it will force Read the full article…


Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…. Nomination Day!  With only 5 people remaining in the house, this was a very key moment to see who will make the final 4, and who will head to the beautiful vacation house with only about a week to enjoy it.  It was a tight one and Read the full article…