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Big Brother 18 – Kick Them Out Early; Live Eviction

Using an old school Frank photo

Big Brother 18 is off to a blazing start, with someone being kicked out in the first week. It will be someone from the Freakazoids (Glenn), and early indications are that it was some sort of endurance challenge again (Glenn), so I think we know who is least likely to survive that (Glenn). Seriously though, I don’t know who was kicked, but I’ll be shocked if it’s anyone but Glenn.

Also, the live feeds begin tonight!!  They will turn on at 1am est, so be sure to get them now….

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$5.99/month after a free week?  That’s a steal compared to other forms of entertainment.

Ok, I don’t have much time because I was trying to get the live update plugin to work, but couldn’t yet, so I have to post this before the show airs. Just remember, the feeds begin tonight, so I’ll likely have all the spoilers from the last week by tomorrow.. assuming the players are nice and update us when the feeds turn on. Seeing as they know exactly when that is, they’d better.

  • 9:00pm – And we’re underway!
    • Voiceover announces that the remaining 3 from the Freakazoids will decide who is HoH
    • Paul is talking again about getting the vets out, but Corey has doubts and may want to work with them. So it begins
    • Nicole is working Corey into being the next HoH already. I think Corey has cartoon hearts for Nicole, hence the reservation about the vets
  • 9:15pm – Eviction challenge
    • They are on their own island. They need to climb a tree and pull coconuts from the tree and put them each into letters spelling SOS. The island moves, so it’s not a lock for anyone.
    • Loser goes home
    • Tiffany has a smart strategy early, we’ll see if it pays off
    • Frank notices all the newbies are cheering everyone on, but Nicole. So he knows the vets are a target
    • Corey is in last place heading into the commercial break
  • Results:
    • First Place – Nicole
    • Second Place – Tiffany
    • Third Place – photo finish – Corey
    • Evicted – Glenn
  • 9:30pm – The three remaining people pool together and decide on who is next HoH.
    • Tiffany and Corey basically ask Nicole, even though she wanted it
    • Nicole wins HoH
    • Paul is clearly upset in the pantry, but doesn’t show it to Corey yet. He is upset Corey allowed Nicole to be HoH, and knows one of the newbies are going home next
    • Paulie is sucking up to the veterans. Tiffany confessed to Da’Vonne earlier in the episode. This means the veterans are picking up numbers already.
    • Victor throws Jozea under the bus to Nicole and says he’s coming after the vets.  And yes, this is my first ‘thrown under the bus’ reference this season.
  • 9:40pm – James pretends to be Victor while Nicole is in the shower. He asks if she has a problem with him. He is already playing pranks.
    • “Victor” tells Nicole the newbies are coming after the vets.
    • James then tells Nicole the truth. He should have carried it on longer.
    • Big Sister gets their slop, and havenot room reveal…
    • It is a carnival/circus theme and the beds are bumper cars
    • Jozea is talking to Da’Vonne and she gets him to tell her that the newbies are indeed after the vets, and they want to take out Nicole first. I am shocked how bad these newbies are
    • Nicole has nearly guaranteed Jozea as the first nominee. She is discussing putting Paulie up as a pawn
  • 9:50pm – A few more clips discussing who to put up
    • Nicole asks Paulie about being a pawn
    • All four vets are working Paulie, and he knows it. He is shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Frank asks him ‘would you go to bat, man?’. Frank is still pretty damn cool.
  • Nominations – Jozea / Paulie

Big Brother 18 – A Very Twisty Beginning


The first part of the two-night season premiere for Big Brother 18 is in the books, and we have learned quite a few things already. Julie announced there would be multiple twists this season (like always), but the biggest one is also the first one, and that involved four additional cast members.

Someone in the comment section pegged the four returning guests, but if you did not see it yet, here they are:

Nicole from Big Brother 16 (America’s Favorite runner up)
James from Big Brother 17 (America’s Favorite)
Da’Vonne from Big Brother 17
Frank from Big Brother 14 (America’s Favorite)

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Now, we all knew they weren’t just going to toss the players in the house like fish to sharks. That would be way too predictable for the first 4-5 weeks with the veterans likely going home (barring HoH wins). That lead us to the second twist, which was 4-person teams. However, to avoid putting all those fish in the same barrel (the vets), they were all split up and were allowed to make the first pick for their own teams. After finishing, they also each made team names:

Category4 – Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette
BigSister – Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
TeamUnicorn – James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte
Freakazoids – Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn
(note: The person picked was able to pick the next person, and it had to be opposite gender. For example, Paulie picked Bridgette)

Now that the teams were set, they did the traditional endurance competition to lead off the season.  This one featured each team together straddling a metal rocket with water pouring on them. Each rocket only required one person from the team to remain in the competition, so despite Nicole, Tiffany, and Glenn all falling off early, Corey was able to hang in there to carry his team. Other teams fell at a more balanced pace, but the order in which the teams were officially eliminated resulted in punishments/rewards.

Despite Freaks nearly losing it right away, Corey stuck around long enough where BigSister became the first full team off their rocket, followed by Category4, then Freaks.  Here are the outcomes:

1st off – week1 havenots = BigSister
2nd off – unknown punishment = Category4
3rd off – cash for each team member = Freakazoids
Winner, and safe for two straight eliminations = TeamUnicorn

With that out of the way, it was time for the third twist, and that was the next set of competitions will send someone home. No vote required, but no weird random pick (like when Dan picked Jody). The challenge will be played in three rounds:

Round 1 – Three teams will compete. TeamUnicorn can sit out because they’re guaranteed safety. The winner of this round also becomes safe for this week.  This prize went to Category4
Round 2 – The two remaining teams square off head to head in a castle building contest. The winning team joins the other 8 people as safe for the this. This prize went to BigSister
Round 3 – This will happen tomorrow night. It will have everyone from Freakazoids face off against each other and the loser of the competition goes home. No vote. No veto. Nothing. First out.

Overall, I give the twist a thumbs up. While it may be very similar to the mentor competition, the difference is the veterans are not all guaranteed safety for the first month or so. In addition, they don’t have to act like mentors, and that bodes well for Da’Vonne considering she barely sniffed her season.  I also like how they’re handling the first eviction. It is so much more fair than the last season of mentors where Dan’s team was the losing team, so he had to pick one person from his team to go home on the spot. People are still outraged by this, and still feel she should get a second shot (she should).

I almost forgot to mention, the siblings. Like expected, Paulie revealed he is Cody’s brother, but that did happen after he saw former houseguests in the house. He likely knew some of them and knew it would come out. Plus, he has a tattoo of his last name on his ribcage. Meanwhile, Tiffany decided to play coy about it, yet Michelle figured it out right away (it is fairly obvious), and sat down privately and got her to confess. The BB17 veterans likely also met her, so that didn’t help. Da’Vonne said right away she knew, and I expect James to put the pieces together before Day tells him. It won’t take long for that secret to get out, and she’s shooting herself in the foot by trying to keep it a secret.

There was also the standard first day crushes going on. They showed a pretty funny segment with Victor drooling over Natalie who was drooling over Corey who was complimenting Victor’s appearance. First 3way showmance? Let’s hope so.

I probably missed something, but that’s a basic summary of the episode and the first few weeks of the season moving forward (as far as twists go). I’m sure they’ll have smaller things like Pandora’s Box or other random junk mixed in, but for now it seems like it’s a weird fight between the vets and the noobs, but the vets and noobs need to work together. And if you’re wondering, live feeds turn on tomorrow night at 1am est, so I will be live blogging a bit then, Friday and beyond.

Big Brother 18 – Let’s Get This Show Rolling!


It’s here! Big Brother 18 is here! This is rare, but I’m at a loss for words. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I cannot believe it’s been nearly a year since I was in the audience of a live eviction (bye, Jason). I cannot believe they’re having yet another season with likely returning players. Well, the last one I can believe.

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On the bright side, there are rumors of Pandora’s Box returning, but don’t get excited just yet. There is probably a 50/50 chance it will just be a fluff stunt where the HoH gets to stay in a room with like Aaryn or someone while the rest of the house goes on a shopping spree.  Note – it actually won’t be Aaryn. She just had a baby, so congrats to her! Probably Jessie – again.

As far as returning players go, there have been a ton of rumors swirling, but one that I like is the one where the four mystery guests are not simply added to the house. They’ll potentially battle it out with evicted houseguests for the first four weeks with the winners returning to the house and the losers going home. I believe my buddy at Big Brother Network has that rumor going, but I like it. I guess we’ll just wait an hour to see!

Also, I decided I’m going to blog how I feel this summer. Don’t worry, I’m still going to give you guys the updates per normal, but I’ll probably go back to rambling about random things from time to time as well. People raged about me talking about my personal life, so I toned it down a bit later year (except for the trip to the live taping), but I’m just going to be me because … why not?

Enough rambling, here are the live show updates:

(these times in est)

  • 8:00pm – Julie announces 3 twists during this 2-night event
  • 8:05pm – They’re doing the promo of the houseguests getting their keys. Julie did also announce that 4 ‘stowaways’ are already in the house.
  • 8:15pm – Promos getting boring. I want to know about the twists
    • Ok, promos are done. Julie letting people into the house now
    • Paul mentions Bronte’s voice sounds like she’s been sucking on helium
    • The house is all sitting around now introducing themselves. This is where people fall in love
  • 8:25pm – Commercial break. Julie is going to announce the 4 extra players after the break
    • The first returning player – Nicole from BB16
    • The second player – James from BB17
    • The third player – Da’Vonne from BB17 
    • The fourth player – Frank from BB14
  • 8:45pm – Julie calls the house back into the living room…
    • They have to play in teams of 4. That obviously won’t last long
  • First HoH competition is underway. Endurance comp where the teams of 4 hang on rockets.
    • But first, they select teams. The captains are the formers. They have to select members of the opposite sex.
  • Teams:
    • Frank – Michelle – Paulie – Bridgette
    • Da’Vonne – Paul – Zakiyah – Jozea
    • James – Natalie – Victor – Bronte
    • Nicole – Corey – Tiffany – Glenn (last pick)
  • HoH comp – First team to fall off gets have-not. Second gets a punishment. Third gets cash. Winner gets safety for next two evictions
  • 9:00pm – We’re about to begin the HoH competition
    • They add rain to make the rockets slippery
    • Tiffany, Glenn then Nicole all down. Just Corey left before they get HN
    • Team Da’Vonne are first off. They are havenots
    • Commercial break with Victor, Corey, and Paulie are only remaining
    • Paulie falls. Team Frank gets the punishment
    • Corey falls. Team Nicole gets cash
    • Team James has immunity first two evictions
  • 9:20pm – After the newbies discussed eliminating vets first, teams split off. They’re thinking team names.
    • Team Frank = Category4
    • Team Nicole = Freakazoids
    • Team James = TeamUnicorn
    • Team Day = BigSister
  • 9:25pm – Julie calls them all back into the living room.  TeamUnicorn doesn’t need to play in this next round.  The winner of 2 out of the other 3 teams also get safety.  The losing team has to compete against themselves and the loser will go home
  • Let me re-phrase now that commercial break. The 3 teams will compete. Round 1 winner is safe. Round 2 winner is safe, and round 2 loser will go into round 3. Round 3 will be the losing team facing off against each other and the loser of that round goes home with no vote.
  • 9:30pm – Weird pyramid building competition.
    • Round 1 – BigSister drops it all.  Then Cat4. Freakazoid still in lead
    • Team Freakazoid drops it. Anyone’s game
    • Category4 wins round 1.
    • BigSis vs Freaks in round 2
  • Round 2 – They need to work together to solve a sandcastle puzzle.
    • They go to commercial break with Nicole’s team looking like they have it, but didn’t confirm
    • As expected, team Nicole screwed up the base. They’re quickly reassembling
    • Team BigSister wins. Da’Vonne will make it to week 2

Before I forget, I may get an app for the website that does live blogging differently. Instead of refreshing the page every few minutes, it will just show the updates as they appear. I have to pay for it, and I’m cheap, but I’ll likely get it and try it out sometime this week. I have a feeling I’ll be making good use of it this season.

The Night Before Big Brother 18


I actually did a poem for The Night Before Big Brother during like season 13 or 14, so I won’t torture you guys with another one, but the moment we’ve been waiting all winter for is finally upon us!  Big Brother 18 begins tomorrow night, and we get to find out a whole host of things, like:

  • What twists are in store for the season
  • Will the twists survive longer than 2 weeks
  • Who the 4 mystery guests are (and the theme of the season)
  • Will Paul shave his beard this summer
  • How many smokers this season (this one is always fascinating for some reason)
  • Who is addicted to:
    • The sun
    • Alcohol
    • Fitness
    • Drama
    • Another person in the house
    • Themselves
  • (note: let’s hope it’s not all the same person, otherwise it could get very boring when they get booted)
  • How long before Tiffany gets revealed as Vanessa’s sister

So many questions! I can’t wait!

Before I continue, let’s talk about live feeds. Make sure to pick them up, especially now, as you get one week free!  After that, you will be billed $5.99/month for what is easily the cheapest form of entertainment you’ll have all summer – guaranteed. Heck, parking at my local beach can run $20 depending on the day you go. What’s $6 for 24/7 coverage of the Big Brother 18 house?

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Now, here is what to expect over the next few days:

Big Brother 18 will  start with a 2-day premiere. The first time will be Wednesday night at 8pm est, and then on Thursday night at 9pm est. It is quite possible the Thursday night one will be a live show and eviction as the cast has been let in a few days earlier than previous seasons.  We will likely watch them enter the house, and do HoH on Wednesday, then PoV/Eviction on Thursday. Just a guess.

The live feeds will then start after the airing of the west coast Thursday night show, which will end at 10pm pst (1am est). That is also the time Big Brother After Dark starts, but you won’t need that because you’ll be watching the feeds with us, right?

So let’s hear your early predictions. What do you think the twists will be this year??

Big Brother 18 Official House Tour


We’re less than a week away from the premiere of Big Brother 18, can you believe it?? While we’ve already seen leaked pictures of the house, and have met the cast, it’s time for the traditional ‘Julie walk through’ of the house.  You can watch the video here:

If you can’t watch it right now, let me summarize for you..

This year’s theme is going to be about travel, as we expected. Like every other year, the layout remains the same, but the decor has changed. The two bedrooms will be a Toyko and London theme (one of each, not combined). Separating them is a phone booth with a working phone that is linked directly to the HoH room. I am not sure if it’s two-way or not, but Julie said the HoH will be able to use it to summon people to the room. It’s possible they’ll use it for a twist as well, unless they “BB Takeover” the twist before it gets to the phone booth part.

bb18-tour2-bedroom bb18-tour3-phone

Then we have the kitchen with the island made from the metal of a real airplane. That is a pretty cool design, and I kind of want one in my house now. The lounge area is an African safari theme, and the bathroom a Caribbean vacation style.

bb18-tour5-safari bb18-tour4-kitchen

Up next we have the back yard, which has had a small upgrade, which is the pool. The hot tub is now attached to the pool and has a more modern look to it.  Be prepared to spend a lot of afternoons looking at this pool with tanners next to it.

bb18-tour6-backyard bb18-tour7-pool

Finally, the HoH room, and that has a Hawaii theme going on, with the fishtank part of the headboard! Julie did say “you may think you have privacy, but the fish are always watching”. I don’t know if that’s a joke, or if we’re finally going to see the HoH room through the fish tank when the feeds go down.  I doubt it, but that would be much better than watching those damn fish.


She did not show the have-not room, but my quick guess is an Antarctica theme with iceberg beds. No word whether or not the icebergs will melt throughout the summer and flood the room to simulate global warming (joke).

Are you getting excited?  Me too!  Now, buy the feeds, and do it through this site! Why?  Because you love me, that’s why.  Click on the link below to get access to the feeds for only $5.99/month after a week free trial.

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