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Big Brother 16 – When Will The Girls Start Playing?


This is a pretty pivotal week in the Big Brother house, and it’s one of those situations that could set the tone for the rest of the season.  As I mentioned yesterday, Victoria won the PoV, and unless anything big happens, Brittany will be walking out the door. That will leave the house with 7 guys and 5 girls. Not a huge difference, but when you dig deeper, it gets pretty bad. Christine and Amber have been completely in the pocket of the guys, so that leaves 3 girls. Out of those 3 girls, you have:

Victoria – Close with Brittany who will be gone
Jocasta – Close with Donny who is one of the guys on the outside
Nicole – Close with Christine who is part of the main alliance


If the girls want to prevent a situation where Amber and Christine are up against 5 guys, a move has to be made, and made quick. This is possibly the best week for the girls to flip the script a little and change things up. Amber needs to immediately cut ties with Caleb (for both game and personal reasons), and she needs to secretly get a few people who would be willing to vote him out. When she has that, Cody has to be convinced that Caleb will target him asap, so he should nominate him and get him out – this week.

Unfortunately, early talk is putting Donny up as a pawn and everyone voting out Brittany, but if Amber and Christine let that happen, they’re basically guaranteeing $500k to either Derrick, Cody, Frankie, or Zach and maybe Caleb.

The veto meeting isn’t until tomorrow, so they have a solid 24 hours to get their stuff together and actually play the game. Otherwise, they’ll just end up in the category of alliance floaters. People who are loyal to an alliance, but don’t actually do anything. They let their alliance members do all the dirty work and they’re just a number. That said, it worked for Andy last season, and a lesser extent Ian the season before… so maybe they can just float into the finals and be the best of the worst.

Who do you think Cody should renominate tomorrow?

I’m hoping today should be a relatively busy day on the feeds, so I’ll have a live feed thread going as soon as I can.

Big Brother 16 – Power Of Veto Results


What a strange, strange game Big Brother is. After moping around all day about possibly going home, Victoria has a little spring in her step this week as she is now safe. Yes. The girl you completely forgot was in the Big Brother house won a competition which likely means Brittany will be walking out the door this Thursday.

I was out most of the day (as I mentioned in the other thread), so I’m super tired and going to just doing a quick update on the PoV results.  I will post more later/tomorrow morning when I am more awake.  If you want to watch the feeds to see how the house reacts, feel free to sign  up for free right here.

Based on the 3 seconds I watched of the feeds to grab this screenshot, it appears the PoV was a World Cup themed competition. I thought I wouldn’t have to hear about soccer for another 4 years, but Big Brother wants to stretch it out a little longer.  Oh well.

This was one of my favorite type of PoV competitions where prizes (or punishments) are handed out to other players.  Here is the list of winners (or losers)…

Victoria: Power of Veto
Zach: Trip to Germany (definite World Cup theme)
Caleb: $5,000 cash (I wonder what Amber will buy with that)
Cody: Has to kick himself in the butt 10 times whenever a whistle blows (weird)
Brittany: Has to kick a ball into a goal 2,400 times in 24 hours. (more weird)
Nicole: Has to wear a unitard (awesome!)

From what I also gather, Caleb won the competition but decided to take the cash over the PoV. This pissed off some other people, and will likely lead to some good feeds this week.  It will be absolutely hilarious if Caleb is the replacement nominee and goes home. Maybe Team America can actually use that as their mission instead of the horrible picks they made for nominations.

Big Brother 16 – Hey Jealousy!

Last night on the Big Brother feeds, you can catch some extreme awkwardness featuring none other than our resident stalker, Caleb.  Flashback to right around midnight to see most of the house in the HoH room chatting and having a good time.  In the mix, you had Cody and Amber getting a little flirty until Caleb walked in, gave them a weird look and sat across from the two while holding a knife.  Seriously.  Use the flashback feature here, or take a look at my show in pictures…

caleb-amber-cody1“Ohhh Cody, I love when you make out with my hand. Oh baby”

caleb-amber-cody2“Is that my queen with another man??”

caleb-amber-cody3“Try not to cry. Try not to cry”

caleb-amber-cody4“Sleep with one eye open, Cody”

Yikes. This has the potential to get real heated, real quick.

Caleb then went outside to play some pool with Zach who didn’t do a whole lot to calm him down. Instead, Zach took the opportunity to push Amber out the door and Caleb is actually considering it.

At 1:35am, Caleb, Derrick and Zach were in the beehive talking about Amber/Cody once again, and they all agree she should be the target if she doesn’t win the next HoH. At this rate, it’s going to be an all-guy house within a month.

To combat such a thing happening, Amber, Christine and Nicole chat a little later about teaming up to get some of the guys out (1:45am). Perhaps they’re finally realizing the trend evictions have gone in this season.  Sure, Devin was evicted, but it likely would have been another girl had he won the PoV. This week it will likely be either Britt or Victoria.

So, Christine is finally on board with not becoming Brittany Haynes v2.0, right? She’s clearly not going to help the guys pick off the girls before they dispose of her at the end, right? Wrong. By 2:15am or so, Christine was up telling ‘The Detonators’ Amber’s plan on picking off the guys.  Well done, Christine.  As a superfan, you certainly forgot about season 12 pretty quick. There is 0 chance Christine makes it to the finals if Cody, Derrick, Zach and Frankie are with her. Unless Christine shifts gears, she will give Devin a run for the worst player of the season.

It’s power of veto day, but I have a birthday party to attend this afternoon. Saturday’s are hit and miss on when the veto competition is over, so I may be lucky and be home before it’s complete.  If not, well be patient with me!  Summer is not easy at times.

Big Brother 16 – Seriously, What Is Your Name? Nomination Spoilers


The viewers voted for Team America to try and nominate a strong physical competitor, and with Frankie (one of the members of TA) as HoH, that should be an easy challenge for them this week, right?  I suppose when your sister is a millionaire and you are not big fans of the other two members of your alliance, you’re not going to sacrifice your game for $5k. That appears to be the case as we head into the nominations today as only one remotely strong player was considered – Amber. That’s right, instead of nominating the guy who can bench press Amber, they’re going to go with 4 girls (unless things change).  When the feeds return, we’ll see who the real nominees are, but I expect to see Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and umm, what’s her name again(?) on the block.


Here are the updates….

  • 11:25am – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes now. Could be quick, could be a long time (last week was 3 hours).
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 12:15pm – Nominations are in!

Frankie nominated: Amber and Jocasta
Cody nominated: Victoria (who?) and Brittany

  • 12:20pm – Amber is complaining to Christine about being on the block.  She is tired of it and doesn’t understand the nominations.
  • 12:25pm – Jocasta and Brittany have joined in the bathroom and Britt is not taking it well either.  I have a feeling the 12 hour Devin honeymoon is over.
  • 12:45pm – Victoria is walking around like nothing happened. I’m not even sure she realizes she’s in a game. Probably thinks she’s a finalist for a beauty pageant.
  • 1:45pm – Brittany and Amber are bonding over their time on the block. Maybe nominating 4 girls will be a wake-up call to the floaters that they’re just going to be picked off one by one unless they do something (they could have done something last night, but chose not to).
  • 5:45pm – A little delay, but the feeds were down and they’ve been up for an hour or so. Battle of the block is complete..  Winners are:  Amber and Jocasta.  This means Cody remains HoH and Brittany/Victoria remain on the block.
  • Also, Caleb is in the beehive with Amber giving her a long, long chat about how much he supports her.
  • 6:14pm – Amber is still talking with Caleb in the beehive. Caleb is bashing Jocasta’s gameplay how she doesn’t talk game with anyone, and then tells Amber how she was caught talking to Brittany.
  • 6:30pm – Conversation is finally over. Caleb remains in the beehive room to contemplate just how amazing he is.
  • 6:40pm – Caleb is being completely creepy in the kitchen. Amber saying how she does meal prep for the week, and now Caleb is saying how girls who go to the gym, meal prep and go to church are for him.
  • 6:57pm – Victoria is already waving the white flag. She’s laying in bed talking to Brittany about how she won’t mind going home because if Brittany goes home she’ll just be next anyway.  It’s great we have a cast with such fight.

Check back for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Nominate A Physical Threat Challenge


There was absolutely no surprise on the Big Brother 16 live show last night. Despite the weekly highlights making it seem like there was a chance Caleb would be evicted from the house, it wasn’t going to happen. There were a few mentions of it through the week, but as we witnessed during the veto competition when the house celebrated Devin’s defeat, there was only one person they wanted to see walk out of that door, and he did.


The highlight of the live show featured former houseguest Jeff visiting Donny’s family. His family was everything you’d expect his family to be, and it was fantastic TV.  Donny’s parents said they don’t watch him on TV and basically think the show is trash (in so many words). His sisters and girlfriend laughed about the house thinking Donny was some super covert CIA agent.  Then Jeff went through Donny’s daily routine of eating a pop tart and mowing the lawn (Donny talks about that routine quite often). I guess that was about it, and it was a telling sign that a prerecorded family visit was the best part of an episode that featured an eviction and a live HoH challenge.

Devin was evicted with ease at 11-0, despite Christine and Nicole talking earlier in the day about throwing some Caleb votes in to stir the house up. That didn’t happen, and for the second time in three weeks, it was a unanimous vote.  The ‘evil’ Devin was gone, and now the house can back to living in the fantasy land that Big Brother is just a summer vacation… until they’re stabbed in the back by the next person who wants to win.

I do want to mention the last plea each nominated person gets to say. Caleb, wearing an unbuttoned shirt like he was attending some cowboy bbq (and not live television in front of millions), stood up and gave a speech about himself.  Frankie even mocked the speech at around 1:16am on the live feeds because it was that horrible. Mixed in with about ten “beastmode cowboy” references, Caleb essentially stood up and told the house how great of a player he is, but they should vote Devin out because he lied.  Very convincing argument!  Devin, on the other hand, actually gave a pretty solid speech that should have won him some votes, if the house actually wanted to play the game.  He essentially told the truth that keeping in the house is smart because he’ll always be a target, and then went on to apologize for his behavior.

Like Caleb, Devin also did have to mention how great of a player he is, and that probably would have done him in if the house hadn’t already made up their minds days ago.  Here are how two former players weighed in on the speeches…

Brittany Haynes on Caleb

Dan Gheesling on Devin

As I mentioned above, Devin went home and all is well in the BB16 house. For now.

Regarding the HoH competition, if you only watch the CBS episodes, you don’t know who won and will find out Sunday night, but I have spoilers below…

After Big Brother screwed us live feeders by blocking the entire competition from the feeds, they returned to reveal the winners of the competition

(spoilers below)

Frankie and Cody!

Seeing as Frankie is part of Team America, and they have been assigned the task to nominate a physical threat, here are the expected nominations today…

Frankie will likely nominate Amber and Jocasta
Cody will likely nominate Brittany and Victoria

Yea!  Get out those physical threats!  Wait… where are the threats?  Where is Beastmode Cowboy? Zach? Hayden?  America wants a physical threat gone, and they vote four people who have done next to nothing all season? Well done, Team America.  Well done!

To see more Big Brother coverage, follow my posts at OK! Magazine here!

Big Brother 16 – HoH Competition Thread

I am breaking this out from the live thread, so people don’t have to scroll down too far.

If you want to sign up and watch, join the live feeds here (free trial)

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HoH competition…

Teams: (the winning team are the HoH’s)
They were randomly selected

They need 12 eggs to win. I will keep this updated on the egg count when the feeds return. 

Victoria | Christine - ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Caleb | Nicole – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Brittany | Jocasta - ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Amber | Zach - ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Donny | Hayden - ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Cody | Frankie – 12

Each team has to work together to move the eggs through chicken wire.

7:15pm – Feeds still down. They better come up soon. There is only so much of these highlights of the week I can take. Christine’s laugh is horribly annoying

7:25pm – Feeds still down. I am beginning to think we’re not going to see the competition live. Great. I seem to remember something similar the last time they had this competition.

7:30pm – Feeds back, it appears Frankie / Cody won HoH. I can’t believe they didn’t show the feeds.


7:50pm – Everyone pulling Frankie away to cheer how they’re safe this week. I guess everyone is safe this week now that Devin is gone.

Check back for more updates