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Big Brother 16 – Huge Veto Competition Today


First off, I want to thank you again for your support yesterday. I was a bit numb as I wrote my intro, and still can’t even believe it because it sounds too fake to be true.  Just before I was set to do my morning recap, my mother called and told me the lump on my father’s neck that was supposed to be ‘nothing’ turns out it could be soft cell cancer and needs it removed asap.  I spent the day feeling like I was punched in the chest by The Mountain (I finished GoT last night), so now it’s just a massive waiting game.  I didn’t want to write about it, and I am still not sure if I should, but I had to get it off my mind. It’s been a pretty brutal summer but have been handling it fairly well because I can open up the blog and just write, and the support I see in the comments is just absolutely mind blowing.  Thank you again.

Now, on to the game (hopefully this week I can just talk about BB). I don’t like to hype up competitions and pretend they’re big when they’re not. Last week’s PoV – meh. Garbage. Didn’t matter who won really. It would have been nice to see Donny win, but it wasn’t a game changer. Nicole was going home had Donny won.  This week, however… it’s big. Christine and Nicole sit on the block, and even though she’s against the entire house, if Nicole can pull off a victory, we will finally get to witness the beginning stages of that alliance crumbling.

Caleb will instantly think about replacing her with Victoria, but Derrick is not going to let his puppet go that easy.. and Derrick has been running the house. I can see him convincing Caleb to put up Cody or Frankie as a ‘pawn’ to make sure Christine is indeed eliminated because if Victoria goes up, there is a good chance she’ll go home.  Derrick is going to convince Caleb that eliminating Victoria is a waste of an HoH, and the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to keep her off the block.

However, all of that is completely moot if Nicole doesn’t return from the veto competition with that necklace. Speaking of the veto necklace and continuing my GoT’s references.. what veto competition was Sensa Stark competing in to win this?


Big Brother should totally introduce the black PoV where the winner can place it around the neck of someone who not only has to leave the house, but apparently has to join the Night’s Watch.  Too many GoT references today?  I can’t help it, I watched three episodes last night to fully catch up. Love that show.

More updates later today.  Big day for Nicole!

Big Brother 16 – Friday Live Feeds


I’m going to be honest, I can’t even really think straight right now. I just received more bad news but I don’t want to go into detail. I am just writing that to let you know why my recap of last night will be brief.  Caleb won the HOH but hurt his knee in the process and may sit out of the PoV if it’s physical. Derrick took the $5k reward with the punishment.  Derrick say he took the message loud and clear about the overwhelming ‘no’, but too little too late. Frankie blamed the ‘no’ on America not being ready for a guy in drag (he’s in denial). Nicole tried to campaign but she’s guaranteed to go on the block, and she’ll probably be sitting next to Christine when it happens.

With that, feed updates..

  • 10:00am – BB does the wakeup call. With no Donny, these post-wakeup calls are going to be even more dull. Everyone is still sleeping.
  • 11:45am – The house is stirring finally. People clearly look sore from last night.
  • 12:10pm – People are talking about how weird Julie Chen’s question about slop was. Frankie is trying to play it off as nothing.
  • 12:45pm – Derrick volunteers to be a havenot since he went for the money last night.  Nobody else does.  Caleb asks ‘we’ve all done it the same amount, we’ve all done it twice, right?’ – Frankie remains silent.. he has only been once.
  • Caleb finally chooses Nicole.
  • Nicole heads out crying talking to herself. She knows Frankie has only been HN once.
  • Derrick went outside and had a good talk with Nicole, calmed her down. He said he’ll make good food and try to keep her energized
  • 1:20pm – Most of the house is up in the HoH room talking about how there is no chance Donny will win America’s Player.  We need to prove them wrong. When the voting starts, blow up those lines.
  • 3:25pm – Return to the computer, and feeds go down for noms. It shouldn’t be long though.
  • 4:30pm – Feeds back. Nicole and Christine nominated.
  • 5:08pm – Derrick is comforting Nicole once again.  She is crying in the pantry. I think she’s having trouble dealing with the last 2 weeks.  Derrick is doing a great job securing a jury vote from her.
  • 5:20pm – Not much happening in the house. Eating, relaxing.  I am also watching the Utopia live feeds. I wonder if I should blog about that this winter. I can’t wait to watch the premiere.
  • Nicole is in bed chatting with Victoria saying how this is not Big Brother. People are just voting as a group instead of making big moves.  She also can’t believe how close Christine and Cody are, not just flirt wise but game wise. Why aren’t they breaking that up?  (good question)
  • 5:36pm – Nicole talks about how bad of a person Frankie has been. He sits at the nomination table and laughs and makes weird faces (like above)

(I just realized all the pics today are of Nicole. I guess may as well get them in before she goes home)

  • The two (Vic and Nicole) talk about the potential upcoming veto competitions.
  • 6:15pm – Nicole and Victoria are still chatting game, figuring out who will go home if she wins, etc.  Both are screwed, but Victoria will likely make it pretty far.

Check back for more.

Big Brother 16 – HoH Results


After a long and grueling competition, and their first endurance challenge since day 1, two people emerged victorious from the competition. No, one of them isn’t Victoria.. in fact, she was so far behind it would have taken her about 8 hours to fill the bucket.

Frankie and Christine were neck and neck for quite some time, at least I thought they were because the camera crew forgot about Caleb for what seemed like 20 minutes or more.  Nicole also jumped out early but fell back and faded away toward the end of the competition.  I was certain Christine was going to win, and then the crew remembered Caleb was also playing the game and put a camera on his jug. It was nearly full and he was already reaching in to reach for his ball.  It took him another few trips, but in the end, Caleb won the head of household like he said he would do if endurance.  He dropped to the ground and complained about his knee, and the cameras have been off since. I’ll update this thread if I see anything more about his injury.

In other news, Derrick fell out quick and unlike Victoria he recognized it so he went for the reward. About 20 minutes before Caleb won HoH, Derrick pulled out the ball for a $5k reward and a punishment of being shouted at for the rest of the season.

I will stay awake for a bit to check on Caleb, so keep checking back and I’ll update this thread when the feeds return.

  • 10:00pm – Feeds are back, Caleb is laying on the couch with a wrapped knee and ice.  Cody asked why Caleb drank from his scoop (with the colored water) instead of regular drink. Caleb doesn’t know, army stuff kicked in.

Ok, people are recovering, so I am going to head to bed. Was a long day.

Team America Loses A Member – Eviction Episode Recap


As Derrick put it while casting his vote: All good things must come to an end. The statement was very true tonight as one of the most genuine reality show contestants I have seen in a long time was finally evicted from the Big Brother house. Donny Thompson may not go down as the best Big Brother player in history, but he’ll likely be always known as the nicest.

Before I talk about his eviction, I want to talk about what could have (and should have) saved him – Team America. They were given a mission this week to choose what they want to do, and America will vote on whether or not it was worth $5k.  Donny ‘got it’ right away and knew keeping Donny safe would have been a suitable mission, and told his fellow allies. Frankie shot it down and decided to throw a play instead. For the first time this season, Team America was told whether or not they passed or failed a mission, and it was done by Julie Chen live.

One of the cards this week said Julie Chen was going to ask one of Team America what they would want to have for havenot food. The person was to reply ‘Apple Pie’ and she would either say yes or no. As the votes were live, I was receiving a lot of replies on what people were voting, and most were ‘No’… well, I was not at all surprised when Julie Chen asked Frankie and replied with ‘An overwhelming no’ for an answer.  I bet that stung because he knew not only did they fail at the mission, but it was a massive failure. Keeping Donny would have won it (and likely won them apple pie for the week).

The 24 hours prior to eviction, Frankie did make a push to actually keep Donny, and for about an hour it actually seemed like he had a chance, but it was too little too late for Team America, and Donny was evicted with yet another unanimous vote.  While speaking with Julie Chen, Donny just said he was heartbroken and disappointed at Team America (especially considering they could have kept him. They had the votes). Showing class until the very end, Donny then said he didn’t blame then because they were just looking out for their individual games.  Julie then informed him that the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful want Donny to have a guest appearance.  I don’t think he knew what that was, but seemed happy.

The HoH competition was an endurance challenge where players had to run up and down a slippery path with a small bucket of water to fill a jug on top of a snowman. They did have the option to fill a smaller jug that gave them $5k and a ‘punishment’ as well, but most started right in on the HoH.  To find out who won the HoH challenge, browse around the site or tune in to the episode Sunday night where they will display all the highlights from tonight’s HoH competition.

I’ll give you a hint – Victoria didn’t win.

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Big Brother 16 – Live HoH Feed Thread


Live endurance competition tonight. Get updates here or watch the live feeds for free

While you’re waiting for results, check out my fundraiser!


  • 7:05pm – Everyone is huffing and puffing. Will give you an update on who is in the lead as soon as I can tell
  • No talking. Everyone appears to be going for the HoH for now. That could change when someone starts pulling ahead
  • 7:15pm – One camera is almost always on Nicole. I think the cameraman has a crush.
  • Caleb, Christine, Nicole and Frankie appear to be pretty close right now but only about 2″ full
  • From far to near… Caleb, Victoria, Derrick, Christine, Nicole, and Frankie
  • 7:25pm – Frankie is taking a very slight lead.
  • 7:35pm – The same four (everyone minus Derrick and Victoria) are close. They are huffing and puffing so much, I think this may be a comp to see who doesn’t die.
  • Christine and Frankie are about tied. Water has yet to reach their mouths. I will screenshot the first one to reach the mouth
  • 7:45pm – Close enough, Christine’s jug. Hard to tell if she’s in lead because the cameramen suck. The cameras are either on Christine or Nicole
  • Derrick has quit the HoH mission and is going for $5k.
  • Btw, if you want to see Nicole, Victoria or Christine’s ass, turn on the feeds. That’s all the cameras are focused on.
  • 8:00pm – Nicole, Christine and Frankie are all pretty close.
  • Frankie’s Snowman
  • 8:05pm – Christine has reached the top of the snowman’s mouth.
  • I’d like to give you more updates, but I can always tell how Victoria is doing at all times.  The camera crew loves her.
  • 8:18pm – According to the feeds.  Victoria is running up and down, and Derrick is also filling his bucket.  The actual people in the lead… well that’s tough.
  • 8:30pm – Frankie reached the midway point
  • 8:35pm – Looks like Frankie and Christine are neck and neck. Nicole is falling back
  • 8:45pm – Christine is pulling ahead.
  • Caleb is going full military. Pep talking himself, ‘can’t be beat.. can’t be beat’. Saying he’s doing it for his brothers, his fallen brothers.
  • 9:00pm – Christine is still in the lead, I think. I haven’t seen Caleb’s jug in awhile, but she’s beating Frankie for now.
  • 9:05pm – Derrick is a few scoops from $5k. Still no update on Caleb’s progress.
  • 9:10pm – Derrick won the $5k. Christine still in the lead, but no clue on Caleb
    hohcomp-9-christine hohcomp-8-frankie
  • Here is the update between Frankie and Christine.  I have no clue about Caleb thanks to the camera crew, but it sounds like Caleb may actually be in the lead.
  • 9:20pm – The camera FINALLY went to Caleb. He is in the lead and will likely win HoH
  • 9:24pm – Caleb wins HoH

That’s it for now!  Time to write my eviction episode recap.

Big Brother 16 – Live Eviction Thread. Goodbye Donny?


The Big Brother house is such a weird place to be.  As soon as Cody won the HoH, Donny’s game was in jeopardy, and when he also won the PoV, it was basically doomed.  The entire week had the feel of a house waiting until Thursday night and it even got so bad people slept in until 2pm yesterday (!) .. that was a fun blogging day.  Then, boredom must have struck because Operation Save Donny went underway by Frankie and he was on a mission for the last 22 or so hours.  For about 30 minutes this afternoon, I think his mission was about to be successful. Caleb was on board, even Cody broke down and seemed willing to keep Donny. Then Cody went to speak to Nicole and the plan changed back to Operation Evict Donny.

If you want to watch the endurance challenge, sign up to the live feeds here

All that really came out of the afternoon was the amount of Calebism’s said (I made that up today, and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner).  Caleb is the next Yogi Berra with such gems as “We can go with one and see what happens, or we can go with the other and see what happens” and “You need to look at it like a globe. You can’t look at from one side because you won’t see the whole thing. You need to back up, get outside the box and look in to see what you’re looking at”.  Absolute genius. If there has been one person to completely grow on me after being a pretty big douche, it’s Caleb. I actually like him now and hope he’s there until the end.

I still have time before the updates, so let me get some plugs in..

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  • 4:40pm – Still over an hour to go until showtime. Again, make sure you check local listings because the NFL may be on (it is up here in New England).
  • 6:00pm – It’s showtime!
  • We get to meet Christine’s husband tonight. Should be interesting.
  • Julie points out that Nicole has a chance to make history. Going from HoH to evicted to returned to evicted all within two weeks.
  • Showing some highlights of the week.  Derrick telling Nicole she’s safe and Donny is dangerous.
  • Christine and Nicole make up and say they have no hard feelings. Frankie is watching the two of them reconcile.
  • Frankie is paranoid and for good reason. Nicole staying is bad for him. I will laugh if she can pick them off.
  • Frankie telling the group about the Apple Pie mission thing. If Julie says yes to apple pie, they got their mission. If no, they failed.  This was also the start of the crazy ‘Keep Donny’ campaign.
  • Now they’re showing the long talk last night trying to keep Donny. Derrick was too scared to take a stance.
  • 9:20pm – Was a commercial break, forgot to write it. Was tweeting.  Julie is now revealing the Team America thing.
  • Julie asks Frankie about the apple pie thing, and her answer was an overwhelming NO!
  • Julie shows clips of the houseguests family. Cody’s father was like ‘Dude!’ Frankie of course gets Ariana.  Derrick gets his wife and daughter (who was starting to talk) and Derrick had trouble nearly breaking down.
  • Now, time for Christine’s husband clip.
  • They show Tim (Christine’s Husband’s) family watching Christine flirting with Cody. Tim said he thinks some boundaries have been crossed.  Christine’s mom was more direct ‘I do not like it.. at all. I feel like I raised her different. Half of me wants her to win, half of me wants her out, away from Cody’
  • Christine’s father is also not a fan of the way they’re acting.
  • Now, they show Cody’s family to get their reaction. They’re not as supportive either, although his father finds it funny.
  • 9:30pm – Commercial
  • 9:32pm – Back from commercial. Julie said moments before they went live, Frankie made a last minute effort. I am guessing it’s what happened this afternoon.
  • Donny thanks god, he loves his family and gf. He wants to continue.
  • Nicole does shoutouts, loves the house, is grateful, etc.

Christine – Donny
Victoria – Donny
Frankie – Donny
Caleb – Donny
Derrick – Donny

  • 9:36pm – Commercial
  • 9:40pm – Interview time. 
  • Donny has some tears in his eyes.  He gets emotional from time to time. His feelings were hurt, plus he just seen his brother on TV.
  • No one specifically hurt his feelings, but he feels let down by Team America. They broke that, but he doesn’t blame them. It’s an individual game.
  • Donny knew coming in with his age and what he looked like, he was going to be different and befriend people.
  • Julie – Why were you a target. Donny – I don’t know. Maybe likability is not good in this game. Everyone who has come out the door, everyone has loved me. That’s not good for the rest of the house.
  • Goodbye messages – Christine.. you’re one of the sneakiest.  Caleb – My alliance has been trying to get you out but you have suction cups on your fingers.  Frankie – I am 100% team america but I couldn’t sacrifice my individual.
  • Julie tells Donny that The Bold and the Beautiful wants Donny to guest star.
  • 9:47pm – Commerical
  • 9:50pm – Back
  • Slippery slope competition.  They need to run on a slippery thing from one side to another.  Fill the jug, get the coal from the snowman’s head.  The smaller snowman is $5k dollars and 5k hollas.
  • Early prediction – Victoria doesn’t win. Won’t even be close.
  • Caleb is making good movement. He is early favorite.
  • 9:55pm – Julie said next week is a double eviction.  Time to close this and start a live HoH thread.