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The Legend Of Derrick Could Grow on Tuesday


Unless something drastic happens over the next two days, Frankie is done with BB16. Derrick and Cody have full intention on voting him out and are now trying to figure out whether to take Caleb or Victoria to the final 3.  Caleb has been Frankie’s biggest ally, especially considering the music connection, but that won’t matter unless Frankie can somehow flip Derrick or Cody to create a tie vote.  If either of them do flip and keep Frankie at this stage of the game, they should walk out of the door with Victoria and just accept being a terrible Big Brother player.

This is the move to make.  This is what should happen.  When you have a guy who has fairly decent relationships with the jury, won a crapton of competitions and has a very famous relative on the outside, you get them out asap. Why does the relative matter?  These are real people who likely don’t want to piss off a person with a combined 30 million instagram/twitter followers.  I’m not saying Ariana will tweet to make Derrick’s life hell, but her fans may take it upon themselves should Ariana express disappointment.  Let’s just hope Ariana understands the power she yields and recognizes it’s only a game.  Congratulate Frankie for making it as far as he did and offer to donate $500k to his charity in Africa.  No hard feelings.

If Ariana happens to read this on the off-chance she’s searching Big Brother news.  Please do that.  Frankie played a phenomenal game, but this Tuesday will likely be the end of his game.

Derrick is playing one of the best Big Brother games I have seen in a long time… even better than Dan Gheesling in BB14.  Dan played a great season, but he made the mistake Derrick is not doing.  He pissed off nearly everyone from the jury. Derrick, on the other hand, had a potential jury member stage a fight with him just so the rest of the house won’t think he had her vote in the final 2.   I will say this now.. win or lose, Derrick will go down as one of the all-time greats.

Anyway, I’m just whipping up this post because the last thread had so many comments. This should keep you guys busy until I can find time to get the next one up.  Have a good Sunday, everyone!  May your football teams all have good games (unless they’re the Vikings).

Note – fyi, I am a Patriots fan. I want them to beat the Vikings. My comment had nothing to do with Adrian Peterson, so I apologize if anyone took it that way.  And as a Patriots fan, I feel your pain losing a good player to off the field issues.

POV Results


So I realized there is probably a 25% chance I’ll actually have time to write a recap tomorrow, so may as well bang one out while I sit in my hotel room (I was booted from the apartment tonight.. night before wedding thing).

The big news – Cody won the PoV, and by win I mean he crushed it.  Caleb joked that his time was likely faster than those who created the mashups could do. I guess studying does help.. for some.  Frankie also studied and bombed.

What does this mean? Frankie is screwed. Completely screwed. He may be going from a 4th place lock to entering the jury house before Victoria.  Even Caleb’s hard-on for fame likely can’t save Frankie now because Cody and Derrick control the votes.  The ONLY way Frankie stays right now is if the guys completely chicken out, or Derrick sticks with his ‘I hate Victoria’ routine and votes her out.  This means Caleb would break the tie, and he’s always a widcard.

I’d like to believe Derrick isn’t stupid enough to let the Victoria thing stop him from voting out Frankie. He simply has to now. Thanks to Caleb’s mouth, Derrick and Cody have no other choice.   It would be the dumbest move of the season to keep Frankie after what he learned from Caleb last night (that Derrick and Cody wanted him on the block because they couldn’t trust him).

As of now, I don’t expect Cody to use the PoV, so this appears to be the set nominations heading into the backout that should likely happen on Monday night.

This should be the last post I will make for a bit, but if you’re curious what I’ll be up to during  my vacation, I will likely be updating my facebook page. Subscribe to me there!  Have a good weekend, and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown me this season.  It hasn’t been a good one. Hit with some bad news coupled with a lot of stress doing wedding planning, but I can always rely on the positive comments on you all.  So thank you again!

This is by no means my last post of the season, but it may be my last post for a day or three

Friday Live Feed Updates


This is going to be a quick post for now because I am on my way out the door. A lot to do before tomorrow, but wanted to get this up so when I’m in the hotel tonight, I can pop on the feeds and easily update this from my laptop.  I won’t be able to change the header because I’m a slacker and don’t have FTP access on my laptop, but hopefully I can squeeze in time tomorrow night to update who won PoV

One thing I want to rant on before I go.  The house was just talking about some America’s Got Talent dude who acted like he never sang before and then blew the crowd away.  Do people still buy this? Really? After Susan Boyle, all of these ‘Oh I didn’t realize how good I can sing’ acts are fake.  If they went on some talent show, it’s not because this was their first time singing. It may be their first time singing on TV, but these people knew they could sing.  Those people are just as bad as those links that scroll down facebook that say “You won’t believe what happened next!!!”… you’re right, I won’t believe it because I won’t read it. I’m not going to fall for your link traps!

I have no idea why I’m ranting right now. Less than 24 hours and I’ll be married, so I’m nervous.  Again, I will be checking in throughout the evening because I am dying to know who wins the PoV. I likely won’t have much time tomorrow, but today I will definitely update you!

Right now the house is all lazy and Frankie debating on going back to sleep. I think we have some time before the PoV.

  • 7:30pm – Checking in from the hotel. Veto comp is underway. I have my feeds running. I will post update when they return!
  • 9:00pmCody has won the PoV.  Derrick was immediately in the bedroom with Victoria telling her she’s safe. Frankie is planting some seeds with Cody to use the veto and say ‘Derrick hasn’t been on the block all season’. He’s half kidding, mostly seriously.

Check back for updates

Caleb Blows Up The House, Doesn’t Realize It


This weeks PoV competition was already going to be pretty huge. If Frankie loses, there was a good chance Cody and Derrick were going to take that opportunity to send him home.  Caleb being Caleb decided to randomly tell Frankie that … in not so many words.  Last night around 9:20 or so, Caleb and Frankie were sitting around playing pool when Frankie started grilling him a little more on being put on the block.

Ho Hum, no big deal, Caleb just casually tells Frankie it’s basically because the guys didn’t trust him, so he had to be contained by being on the block. Frankie naturally is pretty bothered by this and wonders where it’s coming from. Caleb pulls the ‘well, if anyone WOULD pull Victoria from the block, it would be you‘ routine, clearly making it worse. Frankie tries to point out that he had all the power last week and Victoria was still going home. Why in the world would he want to screw things up now?

Caleb stumbled around his words for a bit while Frankie continued with his shocked reaction.  Cody then approached and was lucky enough to get caught up in the conversation and Frankie now grilling him.  The loyal soldier Caleb threw himself on the grenade and said he was the one who put Frankie up, not Cody or Derrick.  He just feels the best way to get to the final 4 with the guys would be to prevent the evil mastermind from possibly screwing things up.  See, if Frankie was not on the block and won the PoV, he could very easily pull Victoria from the block and send either Cody or Derrick home.

That’s where this gets both funny and sad for Caleb.  Derrick staged his fake fight with Victoria last week, and many people bought right into it for some reason.  Derrick has also managed to convince Caleb that he would lose against any guy in the final 2. Even if you disregard the fight, Derrick still has the biggest motive to keep Victoria in the game because he basically admitted to Caleb he could only beat Victoria.  When you combine that with Derrick only losing to Frankie by about 20 seconds in the last PoV, that makes it even more dangerous to keep Derrick off the block – from Caleb’s point of view at least.

Sure, none of them are aware of the reality that Derrick will likely win against ANY of the remaining houseguests, but poor Caleb is too dense to even connect the dots on the lies Derrick has been telling him.  Derrick has been playing a great game so far, but he got sloppy there and almost had to make a move this week because of it.  If Frankie does not win the power of veto, he has to go. Caleb can be left wondering what happened, but that won’t matter because Derrick has the numbers against him as well, and now has the motive.  Caleb can’t be trusted (at least with his mouth) and has to go before Victoria as well.  Boom, final 3 of Derrick, Cody and Victoria and you can just write the check out to the best player this season – Derrick.

However, should Frankie win the power of veto.. well.. Victoria will likely go home, and the numbers will be even heading into the final 4.  Cody and Derrick versus Frankie and Caleb.. and based on the season so far, I certainly wouldn’t put my money on the former when it comes to competitions.

Hopefully veto competition is today.  I need to see who wins.

Luxury Comp Today, Schedule and Live Feeds


It’s the moment Caleb has been waiting for the entire season.. the luxury competition!  Well, that and ‘The Wall’ endurance challenge which appears unlikely to happen this year.  This is likely where the jury member(s) will be back in the house, so that should be interesting to watch.  Perhaps Cody’s luxury will be some time alone with Christine… too soon?

On the schedule news, here is the apparent schedule (that I stole from BBN)

  • Sunday (Sept 14th) – Nominations
  • Tuesday (16th) – Eviction – Final 4
  • Wednesday (17th) – Eviction – Final 3
  • Friday (19th) – Special Episode
  • Wednesday (Sept 24th) – Finale.

As many of you know, I am getting married on Saturday and leaving for honeymoon on Sunday.  This means I will miss those first three episodes and won’t be able to live blog (unless I’m back in my hotel room in time, but I’m sure nobody would blame me if I wasn’t able to). However, regarding the feeds, my best guess will be most of the stuff will be cleared up by Saturday anyway (veto especially).  We’ll have a good understand who is going home by Saturday, and then on Monday night I’m expecting the feeds to go dark for 24 hours as they record the eviction episode that will air on Tuesday night.

While the feeds are down, the final 4 should play the next HoH, do nominations and likely do PoV all before the feeds return on Tuesday night after the eviction episode airs.  Considering I will be away, that is almost perfect timing because there will be nothing to blog about between Sunday-Wednesday anyway. I will still try to get recaps up in the morning before I start my day, but honestly I don’t expect much.  The big questions will come after the feeds return on Tuesday where we find out who won the HoH and is guaranteed a final 3 spot, and who won the PoV to guarantee the 2nd spot.

I am not 100% sure I have all this correct, I am just going on former seasons, but to summarize, I should know everything worth knowing by the time I leave Sunday, and nobody will find anything out until late Tuesday night after that.

With that out of the way, time for the feed updates….

  • 11:00am – The house is up and aware of the luxury comp. No clue when it’s happening but it may be sooner rather than later.
  • 11:36am – The jury is in the house making a mess!  Zach pouring fruit loops over his head. Hayden dumping all the silverware into the sink.  The final 5 is locked in the HoH room watching it all.
  • 1:05pm – Feeds back. Will update rewards as soon as I hear them.
  • Victoria is pretty pissed. I guess during the jury trashing, her necklace was ruined.
  • 1:23pm – Caleb discovers someone put a big X over Victoria’s name inside the bathroom door.  Everyone is saying how bitter the jury is.
  • Cody and Caleb think Zach did it, Frankie thinks Christine did it. Frankie said it because Christine was stomping up and down when Victoria won the luxury competition.
  • Victoria won $5,000
  • 5:45pm – I stepped out for a bit. A lot to prepare for.  Nominations happened and I’m honestly surprised… Frankie and Victoria are nominated, and if nominations remain the same, Derrick and Cody plan on voting OUT Frankie!  I’m going to have a lot to say about this the more I think about it and analyze it. The PoV is going to be HUGE this week

Check back for more updates!

Will Caleb Finally Make A Move?


Paranoia is setting into the Big Brother house the later the season gets, but could the paranoia actually ring true this week?

With Caleb winning the HoH, it’s now his turn to make a similar move as Frankie did last week.  Put up someone next to Victoria so they can send her home. However, one thing appears to be clear is that Cody won’t be that person. They’re not going to put him up as a pawn in back to back weeks because he’ll wonder if he’s actually not the pawn and try making a move of his own.

This means there are two people available to sit next to Victoria. Frankie and Derrick. Neither of them want that, but it has to happen, so what will happen?  With Caleb, that’s hard to say.  As soon as the feeds returned, Cody and Derrick were already talking about how Frankie has to go on the block over Derrick. Neither of them trust Frankie (despite Frankie not making a move while HoH) and worry what could happen if he is not on the block.  Let’s say Derrick and Victoria are on the block and Frankie wins the PoV, will he take this opportunity to use the veto on Victoria to guarantee a big threat going home?

Now, why would Frankie do that now when he had the chance last week and didn’t?  Well, Derrick’s theory is that Frankie had to ride the wave due to being HoH.  Had he made a big move, he knew he’d be sitting out of the next HoH and have all the numbers against him. It would have likely been a 4th place finish for Frankie.  Now, Frankie can make a big move AND compete to win HoH next week.  Derrick’s logic does make sense, but will Caleb believe it?  Will he care?  Caleb had his chance to get Frankie out and was basically encouraged by his brother to do so, but chickened out.  He is far more concerned with his life AFTER the Big Brother house than he is IN the Big Brother house.  Just listen to him for 5 minutes and you’ll see why (Caleb is apparently going to go on Amazing Race, Survivor and be a country music star).

So it’s a fairly large nomination ceremony – whenever it happens (today or tomorrow.. likely today).  Derrick was working Caleb all night on this, and Caleb sounds convinced about the logic behind it, but Caleb is Caleb.  I have a feeling we’re going to end up seeing Derrick and Victoria on the block together this week and that will mean Caleb is going to ride Frankie all the way until he meets Ariana and tries to score his own record deal.

With all of that said, even if Derrick is on the block, and Frankie does win PoV, he’s still not a guarantee to use it.  Frankie is pretty sneaky, but he seems to be pretty set on making the final 4 with the guys.  What do you think will happen if that situation does unfold?  Would Frankie use the PoV to get Cody vs Derrick on the block?  Or would he not use it and send Victoria home?

I will start a live thread in a bit, but the house is still sleeping.