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Big Brother 17 – Live Veto And Eviction Thread


Don’t have much time, just walked in. I’m going to jump right into updates…

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  • 5:00pm – Whew, finally settled in. Show is about to begin
    • We get a reminder how Vanessa wanted to get rid of John just a few days ago. Not a good sign for tonight considering she is the only vote
    • Caleb is on the show tonight, woohoo!
    • But first, we get some highlights of post eviction. Vanessa doing her damage control with crocodile tears
    • Clips show 7 minutes before eviction, Steve, John and Vanessa knew that Austin was going out.
    • Vanessa told Steve to look nervous
    • Meanwhile, John gave Austin the false hope he was staying. That’s why he gave Austin the death stare
    • Steve talks about how lucky he is. He wasn’t supposed to win HOH. He calculated wrong and wanted to write 6k rather than 600
    • Vanessa and John making fake deals with each other. Everyone seems to be making fake deals with everyone. Good strategy.
  • 5:11pm – Recorded Nomination Ceremony:
    • Vanessa and John
    • Liz is happy, but she knows it’s all about the PoV
    • Steve tells the DR that he doesn’t want Vanessa to win PoV.. I wonder when that changed
  • 5:15pm – Jury house. They are hoping Vanessa shows up
    • Meg is shocked they voted Julia out over Liz
    • Even the jury house thought it was stupid that Julia picked Austin
    • Austin joins the jury house. Watching the video, James notes how much Vanessa just cut his throat
    • Shelli defends Vanessa right away and says she is playing a great game.
    • Meanwhile, Austin is clearly bitter and want to ruin Vanessa’s game.
  • 5:20pm – Rachel and Brendon time.
    • Rachel is shocked there are no floaters.  Whatever. It’s true, but whatever.
    • Julie is still obsessed with Liz and Austin.  Rachel thinks Austin is going to give it a shot. Liz may get caught up in the post-BB world
    • And of course, their announcement is that Rachel is pregnant
  • 5:30pm – Veto competition time. With my man Caleb!
    • It was the day competition they’ve been studying all season for
    • It is round by round (2 strikes and people are out)
    • Round 1 – Liz strike 1
    • Round 2 – Liz strike 2, she’s OUT
    • Round 3 – Steve strike 1
    • Round 4 – Steve strike 2 – he’s OUT – I guess he didn’t throw it. He just sucked
    • Round 5 – John strike 1
    • Round 6 – John strike 2 – He’s OUT – Vanessa wins PoV
  • 5:45pm – Veto ceremony time…..
    • Vanessa is going to use it and Liz will replace her.
    • John is a pro at these nomination speeches now. But, sounds like he thinks he’s going home
    • John is evicted
    • Now that J-Mack is out of the house, now it’s 50/50. Vote for John or James for America’s favorite
    • John predicts Steve and Vanessa as final 2

Keep checking back to the site to find out who wins Round 1 and 2 of the final HoH

Big Brother 17 – Steve Did What, Now?


Just as I jump back on the Ian = Steve bandwagon, I wake up to read that overnight Steve revealed why Vanessa won PoV yesterday. Around midnight, Steve was alone doing his typical cam talking, and he was going off on himself how he made a stupid move. Apparently, Vanessa told him to throw the PoV competition – and he did! According to Steve, he could have won the comp, but he threw it. My mind is blown. At this point in the season, the PoV competition is one of the most important of the season, and if you want to win BB, you don’t throw it – period.

Steve was complaining that his mistake was likely a $500,000 mistake, and at this point, I’d tend to agree.  If he is sitting in the final 2 with Vanessa (if she actually takes him), and he does win, I can tell you this right now, it will be because of a bitter jury, nothing else. While it can be debated that Ian won his season because he had a good social game compared to Dan, Ian also made moves when he had to. This was a move Steve had to make, and he didn’t.

Look, I don’t want to bash him too much. Big Brother is a hard game, and Steve was already an underdog not only fighting his social awkwardness, but being typecast as ‘the next Ian’ and instantly becoming a threat as a result. I also don’t want to undersell Vanessa. While Steve was the ‘brainiac’ coming into the season, let’s not forget Vanessa’s intelligence. Poker aside, she was in school to be a lawyer for awhile. She’s no dummy who can just bluff her way to poker victories. She also has the life experience that Steve simply doesn’t have, so she’s not going to be intimidated by others. While Vanessa may look like a GinaMarie, she’s really more like a Steve or Ian.

With that out of the way, I probably won’t be feeding today. I have an eye appointment at 3 and then meeting my parents for dinner as they’re in town (which doesn’t happen often). I will have to rush back in time for the live show, so I doubt I’ll have any time to update on the feeds. If anything exciting happens, please put it in the comments for people to talk about!  I’ll be back tonight!

Big Brother 17 – Final 4 Results


Well, that was a pretty interesting episode on CBS. Austin gets evicted, leaves the house barefoot, and still tries to play the ‘you won’t win’ card to Vanessa. Needless to say, he was taken by surprise when his game ended abruptly like it did, and he certainly gave John the death stare when it happened. I guess that’s what happens when you give someone false hope and then go back on your word, but that’s John’s game apparently. Even though he pissed off Austin and won’t have 3 votes (unless he’s sitting next to Liz), he certainly has a lot of friends in the jury to possibly win.

Meanwhile, Steve is channeling his inner Ian Terry and doing what everyone expected – win competitions late in the season. Steve is basically using Ian’s exact playbook, and the entire house knew he was doing it, yet he is guaranteed final 3. Unlike Ian, Steve is incredibly weak physically, and he may actually struggle through the first 2 rounds of the final HoH, but if he makes it through one of those rounds, he’ll likely win the final round and choose who sits next to him.

Enough rambling, I know you’re waiting to see who is what, well as of 9:00pm bbt, nobody knows. The feeds went up, and they aren’t talking about it yet. Until then, be sure to do this…

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  • 9:15pm – Everyone is around the kitchen. Steve is cooking some eggs. They are about to play pop ball I believe.
    • Vanessa has decided to be anti-social and go lay down. When she does this, she’s usually in trouble. I bet she’s on the block. No confirmation yet
    • Liz is in a shockingly good mood. She is play fighting with Steve. I am thinking either she’s nominated and kissing ass, or she won veto and is relaxed
  • 9:30pm – Vanessa comes out of the DR and spills the beans, here we are:
    • Vanessa and John are nominated
    • Vanessa won PoV
    • Veto meeting will likely happen tomorrow during live show. John or Liz will leave the house.
    • Vanessa and Steve are 2 of the final 3
  • 9:45pm – Ok, listening to them play the slingshot game is already boring.

Check back for updates

Big Brother 17 – Eviction Show Updates


Can you believe that after tomorrow night, there will only be two more episodes of Big Brother 17?  I’ll probably end up doing a ‘reflecting’ post later this week, so I won’t bore you with that now, but I’m just shocked and sad that not only is the summer over, but the season is just about to end as well. Sure, the last month could have used far more interesting characters, or a twist here and there, but Big Brother is like pizza which is like sex (or so I read from bumper stickers). Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Tonight, we get to see who went home between Austin and Steve.  I use past tense because this isn’t a live show. It was recorded last night, but the feeds have been down, so nobody knows who was evicted (and by nobody, I mean quite a few people know simply because they still had an audience and they leaked info). And, if you’re wondering, the feeds will not return until 9pm pst. We will likely then find out who the nominees are, PoV, and final nominees (because that all likely happened today).

Alright, time for some updates:

  • 4:15pm – Early episode tonight, it begins at 5pm pst)
  • 5:00pm – Here we go…
    • Doing previously on first of course…
    • Julie surprises the house with the eviction. She gives them the info and then cuts to the highlights post Nom
    • John offers to throw the PoV to Austin and Liz, but doesn’t sound like he’ll actually do it.
  • 5:13pm – Julie gives a plug for the new show Life in Pieces.  And now the cast talk in the DR about it.  Fun.
  • Veto competition – Life in Pieces theme
    • Balance beam competition. John is debating throwing, unless Steve is close to winning.  He said he would probably throw to Liz or Austin.
    • Vanessa got eliminated because she spaced out
    • John won PoV, Austin upset because John said he’d throw it.  Yea, to you, not Steve
  • 5:24pm – Vanessa crying in the DR about Johnny Mack.  She does realize that nobody in jury can see her crocodile tears, right?
    • Some brief clips of Steve talking to himself about how pissed he is at Vanessa for putting him up.
    • Veto meeting… John uses it. Austin goes up
    • Austin is on the block, and he’s OK with it. Haha
    • John is giving Austin hope by saying he’ll take a showmance to the final 3

Vote for America’s Favorite
(we endorse James!)

  • 5:35pm – Eviction time
    • Austin throws in ‘Life in pieces’ into his nomination speech. Sorry, bro.. that’s not earning you a vote
    • Votes:
    • Liz: Steve
    • John: Austin
    • Vanessa – Tiebreaker: Austin
    • Austin looked completely shocked and angry at John.
    • Austin tells Vanessa she can’t win the game, she doesn’t have the jury votes
    • Austin tells Julie there is no way Vanessa can win the game. He doesn’t think she has the jury votes. He was going to take her to the final 2 because of that.  (Vanessa has the jury votes, imo)
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  • 5:48pm – HoH time
    • Trivia, true or false.  Scoring based on 7 videos…
    • Video 1 – 1-1-1
    • Video 2 – 2-2-2
    • Video 3 – 3-2-2 (Steve)
    • Video 4 – 4-3-3
    • Video 5 – 4-3-4 (John/Steve)
    • Video 7 – 5-3-5 (John/Steve tiebreaker)
    • Tiebreaker – Steve wins HoH

Feeds won’t return until midnight EST.  We will find out all the good stuff then.

Check back for more updates

Power Rankings! Not Much Change At All


Liz is going to be pretty lonely soon

 Good afternoon, everyone. I haven’t done an ounce of research whether or not there have been leaks to the eviction last night, so perhaps this looks stupid putting Steve so high if he’s out of the house. That said, it’s been a nice break, and have been able to catch up on a ton of schoolwork, so I’ll go into tonight surprised if he is evicted.

That said, it doesn’t really change the rest of the rankings.  Austin dropped a slot, but I feel pretty confident about where the house is heading. Vanessa has had peaks and valleys, but she has controlled the house throughout. At this point, I think they’re all kind of terrified to actually try to take her out, and with no more double evictions, they lost the chance to do it painlessly.

Here are the rankings….

(btw, 8 nominations for John?  Wow)

1 (1)vanessa_rousso-th421Vanessa
She may be crazy, but she is controlling things
2 (2)john_mcguire-th48John
I think he's going to end up sitting in the f2 chair
3 (3)steve_moses-th225Steve
I'm not even 100% sure he's still in the house right now
4 (5)liz-nolan-th312Liz
She'd be in the f2 chair if not for her jury connection
5 (4)austin_matelson-th212Austin
Will the caveman's run finally end?
6 (5)Julia-nolan-th12Julia
6th Jury
7 (7)james_huling-th225James
5th Jury
8 (8)meg_maley-th4Meg
4th Jury
9 (9)becky_burgess-th23Becky
3rd Jury
10 (10)Jackie_Ibarra-th13Jackie
2nd Jury
11 (11)shelli_poole-th22Shelli
1st Jury
(previous week)

Vanessa Is Ready To Make A Big Move – By Making The Obvious Move


First, let me say there will be no live updates today or tomorrow. Feeds are down today (starting at 12pm est) and won’t resume until 12am est tomorrow night (after the west coasters get their show). This is a yearly event and it is because the eviction is actually happening today, but it won’t air until tomorrow. In order to maintain ratings, they can’t let out the spoilers of the episode.  Now, why don’t they just do a live eviction on Tuesday? Well, a few reasons.  First is production time and costs. By doing it Monday, this gives them plenty of time to break down and build a new HoH set for Wednesday night. Second is the cost of running a live episode versus a taped one. While I am no expert in TV production, I can assume it does cost a lot more to air a live television show because it’s a ton more work.

Anyway, back to the game. Last night, Vanessa called John up to the HoH room and declared they needed to make a big move. Something that is game changing and will have people talking. That move is to do the move everyone and their mother is expecting, which is to split up the showmance.

Seriously, that premise could not be any more Vanessa if it threw on a beanie, some sunglasses and sat there with a straight face spacing out.

I don’t mean to bust on Vanessa here, but getting rid of Austin is really one of the few good moves she could make this week.  Only Vanessa can take such an obvious move and hype it up into something so grandiose. Her other options are Liz (weaker of the showmance couple) or Steve (the guy who isn’t swapping spit with anyone else in the house). So, well done Vanessa. Pat yourself on the back for making such a ‘big move’.

Does this guarantee that Austin is going home?  No, but it’s very likely.  Vanessa has been bouncing around the idea of sending each person home (as the only person she’s powerless to save is Steve IF John votes with Liz). For awhile, Steve thought he was screwed, especially when John would not give him a straight answer on votes.  In fact, when Steve asked John straight up if he had his vote, he said to ask Vanessa because John is really trying to shake the ‘bromance’ thing he has going with Steve.

I will put up a power ranking later on, but I think you already know who will be at the top. The biggest decision I’ll have to make is who to put second… John or Steve.

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