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PoV Results

After a very long PoV competition, results are slowly coming out.   Right now I’m hearing that Jeff won some money and forced Jordan to wear the unitard (above), and Shelly appears to be in seclusion, possibly for 24 hours.   Still no word on the actual winner of the PoV, but whispers are that it’s Daniele.  I will confirm when I get info.

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  • Jordan required to wear unitard for a week – 100% confirmed
  • Jeff took some money
  • Shelly is in 24 hour solitary in exchange for a phone call – 100% confirmed
  • Daniele won a veto ticket
  • Kalia won a Caribbean vacation – 100% confirmed
  • Adam won PoV – 100% confirmed

6:01 PM – Shelly in the have-not room with bread and her own little bathroom.  Definitely looks like she’s locked down for (I’d guess) 24 hours.

Shelly's new home
The cap seems fitting. Just kidding, Jordan!

6:11 PM – Adam is spouting off some “Rain Man” type of shit to Jordan reciting what happened on each day in the house so far.  Kind of impressive until you remember there is nothing else to think about.

6:15 PM – Jeff, Daniele and Adam were final 3 in the veto competition.  Jeff won money which means Adam and Dani were final 2, likely leaning towards Dani being PoV.  unconfirmed.

6:16 PM – Sounds like Shelly took 24 hours solitary in exchange for a phone call to family

6:22 PM – Jordan said to Adam “When you take yourself off…”  I think Adam won!

Shelly talking to Jordan under the door

6:57 PM – Adam points out that all the HoH’s have been women, all the PoV’s have been men.  (although first PoV was a team one)

Jordan looks like a little kid

7:01 PM – Shelly saying how she’s not going to talk to anyone in the house when she’s out of solitary. Pretty upset about Rachel lying about her, especially after Shelly took care of her for a week.   House of cards falling all around Shelly right now.

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