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Rachel Opened Pandora’s Box

So the feeds went down for a little while, and when they came back up, the house was trying on new hats, talking about a shopping spree, etc.  It appears it was time for Pandora’s Box, but this time it was reverse from Porsche’s.  Rachel appeared to be punished (something about spending time with Jessi?) while the house got a 3 minute shopping spree with I think Tori Spelling there (yay for Adam).  More details as they come out, keep checking back…

Adam showing off his new swag

Yes, confirmed that Rachel opened the box after a tough decision but she saw Tori Spelling and thought she was going to get something related to her wedding because of it, so she had to open it.   Houseguest’s got to have a clothes shopping spree while meeting Tori Spelling while Rachel had to spend time in a box with “Mr Pectacular” former houseguest Jessie.  She also got signed pictures of Jessie, sweet!

Adam is in love

Note – I have to say, Rachel’s “punishment” wasn’t nearly as bad or game changing as Porsche’s.  I’m sure that will keep the conspiracy theories going.

Jordan's New Dress12:08 BBT – Jordan is giving like half her stuff to Rachel (not surprisingly) which means the house pretty much all gained, and it was nothing but a rewarding Pandora’s Box compared to last week.   A few minutes in a box with Jessie, seriously?

And for those wondering, here is Jessie.. he was on Big Brother 11 with Jordan.

It also appears Porsche got some new sweat pants!

Rachel's winnings
Rachel rocking her sweat pants now


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  1. 0

    Jessie is a major tool, a perfect match for crazy Rachael. Brandon should be worried. Jessie is just as annoying as Branchel

    • 0

      typical small man complex

    • 0

      So funny that Porshe & Kalia’s HOH was for nothing, but when Boy George….I mean Rachel opens Pandora Box, it doesn’t change the game at all… Fixed!!! Just give her the $$$ already & get this show over with! Will never watch again!

    • 0

      she needs to get evicted in 3rd place. no money. CBS plot. I said it couple weeks ago.

  2. 0

    From what Jeff and Jordan had said one night, Jessie isn’t usually that bad. They said he puts on a show for most people, but that he can actually be a normal person. I think I’d need to see it to believe it.
    And yay for Adam!!! I bet he was soooooo happy to see Tori. Rachel just got some major points with Adam. Hope it helps her and Jordan out in the long run.

  3. 0

    As I was sayinng. Rachel will DEFINITELY open Pandora’s Box . . .

    • 0

      lol, i didn’t think she would either. but the chances of it being something so bad again were low.

  4. 0

    I don’t understand why seeing Tori would make Rachel think she’d get something for her wedding?!

  5. 0

    why would she open Pandora’s box after the debacle last week?

    I guess she was directed to by production – and told she would be OK.

    Who is Julie Chen’s husband again?

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