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Remaining Schedule For BBOTT


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I can’t believe the season is already almost over. It was certainly something different than the summer season, and I hope they carry a bit of it over for the prime time seasons.

Jeff-less feeds – I love it and wish it would carry over, but it likely won’t. One thing ‘no scheduled downtime’ has created was a lot of awkward moments of standing around, or unpolished competition instructions, etc. Plus, the CBS episodes are still their bread and butter, and likely want people tuning in to be able to see the competitions play out. While it’s ‘bad’ enough that we know the winners, that is unavoidable. Not showing the comps forces us all to tune in and watch.

New Comps – I like how the competitions have been different this season, and some were downright cool. While the laser comp was a disaster because of the broken mirror, I think it was definitely one of the cooler comps I’ve seen. Big puzzles like that are fun to watch.  Hopefully they carry that stuff over and spice it up a bit for the summer. Kind of boring to see the same wall endurance competition every season.

Better Cast – One thing this season was thankfully lacking was damn showmances. BB needs to learn from this and not be scared to cast real fans of any age and any relationship status.  This isn’t a dating show. I don’t want to watch Corey and Nicole cuddle all season, or James follow Meg or Natalie around like a lost puppy. That shit is boring.

America’s Involvement – I’m torn on this one. I originally liked the idea, but I think being able to nominate a person may be too much.  America casting a vote isn’t bad, voting on Havenots is nothing to me, but being co-hoh every single week is just too much power for fans.

Alright, remaining schedule:

  • 11/20 – Final Safety Ceremony
  • 11/22 – Final Weekday Replay
  • 11/23 – Part one of the Final HoH competition begins
  • 11/24 – Thanksgiving
  • 11/25 – Final Live DR
  • 11/26 – Special Game Changing Ceremony (no details)
  • 11/29 – Final Full Episode Recap
  • 11/29 – Part two of the Final HoH competition 
  • 11/30 – Final Pleas to America
  • 12/01 – Live Finale

I bolded the important ones.

So, Wednesday should feature the eviction which brings them down to the final 4.  They’ll likely start the 3-part HOH competition that night.  I have no clue what to expect on 11/26. I don’t see how ‘game changing’ something can be with 4 people remaining. Seeing as there is still the final HoH competition a few days later, it’s not an eviction. Perhaps the ceremony on 11/26 is some reward thing or special thing to secure maybe the winner of part one is guaranteed in the final 3 and won’t have to compete in the remaining parts of the HoH comp.

So that’s that.  We’ll be down to four in two days, and then a week later we’re done


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  1. Profile photo of AIO_7
    Comments (1091)

    I voted America’s Involvement (tweaked).

    • Profile photo of Glenda
      Comments (117)


  2. Profile photo of Raider34
    Comments (276)

    Thanks Steve for bringing back the picture of my girl Shelby today. I laugh every time I log on to your site and see my Shelby avatar looking back at me lol. I actually voted for all three options in the poll, I like all of them.

  3. Profile photo of Megan
    Comments (3)

    Did anyone else notice it went to fish three times with Justin? Seems fishy to me (no pun intended). Might as well say goodbye to Shelby now 🙁

  4. Profile photo of Raider34
    Comments (276)

    At least Jason killed the comp and won his own safety. Don’t like him lately but, he earned it !

  5. Profile photo of AIO_7
    Comments (1091)

    Did anyone actually time it? Maybe there is hope yet.

  6. Profile photo of AIO_7
    Comments (1091)

    The feeds will be un-watchable from here on.

  7. Profile photo of AIO_7
    Comments (1091)

    Morgan and Shelby are upstairs crying. Sad.

  8. Profile photo of Mell
    Comments (1792)

    I hate to lose Shelby. She’s been my fave since the beginning. I’ll be stuck with a player who used to amuse me but isn’t worthy due to his behavior, a girl I’ve never liked or thought played well, one of the most original personalities to ever be on BB but sucked at the game and a delusional woman who also behaves badly. It’s been an experimental season so I’m not going to complain about seeing fish at times, messed up comps, voting or anything else except one issue that in my opinion caused the biggest problem for me as a fan. I wish BB had done something a long time ago about the behavior of some of the LNC. It isn’t because I hate them or because of their nasty comments. I’ve felt for a while that the armpits on pillows and putting nasty stuff on people’s bedding is what tipped the scale. Anyone who’s ever read my comments knows that almost nothing turns me against the players except bad game play. I feel like a game with very little rules leaves people open to behave however they want and I don’t judge them or even have to like them. I can still root for them to win. You don’t need to be nice and talking crap is a way of venting and letting off frustration, disappointment, etc. so I can handle that as well. I’ve wondered recently if so many people would be against LNC (myself included) if that behavior had been called out and stopped by BB. I’m not blaming BB for the things they’ve done. I’m only wondering how things would have gone if they hadn’t been allowed to do it. Some may not agree but I don’t think LNC calling the girls sluts and dumb behind their backs is any worse than BS saying Krissi is fat, Justin is so dumb that he can’t even read, etc. They’re all terrible comments and there is a laundry list for both sides. Let’s face it, this isn’t the sweetest cast or the nicest people we’ve ever had. I don’t ever care who needs the money or who is the nicest but I can’t see past the gross things they’ve done. I suppose I’m curious about whether the LNC would still be judged so much harsher than the girls seem to be for the nasty comments if the other stuff hadn’t happened. It is what it is so I’ll never know but I can’t help but think that it has player a major role in opinions. I think if they had stuck to nasty comments, they may have gotten more of a pass from viewers. I do know this is the first time for me as a viewer (and I’ve watched all seasons) that I can’t focus on the player left with the best game and I don’t feel like it’s my fault. The only way I could vote for Jason or KrissI would be if all the prize money had to be used for etiquette classes and intense behavioral therapy.

  9. Profile photo of Mell
    Comments (1792)

    I may have to tune out for a while on the feeds. Surprisingly, it isn’t even because Shelby lost. I can’t handle Morgan talking about how she’s had the roughest road of everyone and how miserable she is that she has to stay with “these people.” It’s 250k…earn it. I would imagine Shelby has it a little worse than she does and I would think when you’ve spent 3 weeks straight in the hoh room, you can handle 8 days with people you don’t like for that kind of paycheck. Shelby is even getting on my nerves lately and she usually doesn’t. She threw a tantrum when they accidentally played the audio clip of her (and I don’t blame her) but she now she either has a fit over something daily or theaters to. It’s getting a little old. This has been going on since long before the loss today or I could overlook it. It’s disappointing but grow up ladies. The girls tried to steal all the alcohol but can’t keep it together over a fu*king pineapple. I can’t watch them cry anymore.

  10. Profile photo of Kerry
    Comments (29)

    🙂 BYE BYE Shelby!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! Because I’m happy!!!!

  11. Profile photo of Kerry
    Comments (29)

    Sooooo happy!!!!:)

  12. Profile photo of GL
    Comments (95)

    After getting off work and tuning in I c the LNJ sleeping and then see the BS sleeping. Then when the LNJ decide to go out after the lock down production says no napping. Boy I wished they would just write Jason the check and call it good. Neither Krusti or Dimwit will vote him out to win because they say they want to be loyal.. is this not a damn game?

  13. Profile photo of Shivani33
    Comments (713)

    The return of the pineapple meant more to me than Jason crawling through the Cornholio comp to win the Veto. Good job, Jason! Even though the return of the pineapple was Justin’s idea….Now the dream returns, my dream that Jason has a few great books waiting inside of him, and if he wins the money, I’d love it if he’d use it to let the artist inside of him manifest. Already , he has the “tortured soul.” I’m thinking Truman Capote, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain – even Marcel Proust. The beat goes on & on & on of writers who saw their own contemporary societies so uniquely and had the inborn gift of the raconteur, something which I sense in Jason very strongly. I hope he doesn’t go to Kryssie’s house but sticks with the oceans and seas, say the islands around the coasts of Italy and Greece.

  14. Profile photo of Jay H
    Comments (31)

    This board is very telling of the excitement of who is left in the house.
    I love BB, but I can’t stand the people that are going to be left in the house and who is probably going to win. That doesn’t not make me a fan. I’ve watched many television series that had weak episodes or even seasons, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the show as a whole. I’ve never seen a show where the winner is so consistently controversial to the viewers, and I get it.
    If Jason wins(looks likely), he will have deserved to win. He won the rare comps when he needed to, he convinced the majority of the house week after week he wasn’t a target, he got Americas vote when he needed to, and he found enough dummies that were content taking second. Doesn’t mean I like it.

    • Profile photo of LindsayB
      Comments (802)

      I hear you Jay. There’s been other seasons where my faves were gone but I still watched because it was still interesting. There’s really nothing left at this point. I will vote for Morgan if she’s in the f3, Justin if she’s not. I’ve always been able to appreciate and sometimes root for the slimeballs because they owned it as part of their strategy… Evel Dick is one of my favorite players of all time. The level that Jason and Krusti have take it to makes me hate them, not just as players but as people too. Danielle is included in that but is a moot point since she’s gone. I would like to be a fly on the fall when she has to explain to her son someday why it was ok for her to act that way and do those things.
      I’m glad that I watched BBOTT and I’m glad that BB experimented the way they did. I think our involvement reminded all of us how much we love this show and how passionate we are about it. I hope it opened CBS’s eyes as to some things that should be added to the regular show and should be adjusted if they do this version again. I was inspired to be active on this site instead of just a voyeur and it’s been great to have a place to discuss the show. I’ll be curious to see how things are next season. I’ll also be curious to see who roots for who on here next season.

  15. Profile photo of Shivani33
    Comments (713)

    Kryssie talked down about Justin last night while chatting alone with Jason. She said that she won’t forget that Justin has jumped sides and worked with Shelby and Morgan, even though he isn’t now. She told Jason that Justin has talked about cutting out Jason. She even mentioned her dislike of Justin’s “expensive” clothes. One of Justin’s weak spots continues to be that he confides too much in Kryssie. She listens to him in a friendly, sympathetic manner and then tells Jason whatever Justin has said. Already, Jason sees Justin as his biggest threat in the end and views Kryssie and Morgan as probably easier to beat. Often Justin has been the proverbial fair-weather friend and has planted himself near to whoever seemed to be in the better position, week by week. That, combined with his popularity, as perceived by the other players, could come back to bite him very soon, unless he wins the next power position.

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