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Saturday Feed Updates – The Wait For Veto BBOTT


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If you don’t know what’s going on in the house, it’s fairly straightforward right now. There are 5 people remaining, and 2 are safe for the week (Justin and Morgan).  Morgan via HoH, and Justin because he completed the care-package challenge. Side note on that – I know people were upset it was fairly easy, but let’s be real, it was supposed to be pretty easy. Morgan’s CP not only saved herself but saved another person. The fact that Justin had to complete a challenge is harder than many other care packages, so even if it was putting a square peg into a square hole, he should have won it.

What will be shitty is if Justin then ends up turning around and voting out Shelby who gave him that care package, but that’s the way the game goes sometimes. If he thinks he has a better chance at beating Jason in the final 3, he has to do what he has to do. However, let’s not cross that bridge until we get to it. Nothing matters until Monday when the PoV will be played. If Morgan or Shelby win, Jason is going home. If anyone else wins, Shelby is going home. There isn’t much wiggle room between that.

Now, on to site issues. I have been notified of some banter going back and forth and sometimes getting too carried away. People scared to post their opinions because they fear they’ll get shit on. Well, I want to say don’t ever be scared to post your opinion. We more than encourage opinions, as long as you’re mature about it, and yes, even if they differ from the majority. With that said, I can’t protect people from counter-points, but again, as long as it’s all respectful. People have strong opinions about players in this game, but I’ve said it numerous times that nobody in the house actually gives a shit about you. There is no need to make personal attacks on fellow BB fans because of some random person who is currently getting their 15 minutes of fame.

Debates are fine, disagreements are fine, but personal attacks are not tolerated. If you post an opinion and someone replies with some personal attack about you, contact me, and I will get someone to handle it…


This is a fun place to chat about Big Brother, and nobody should feel too intimidated to share their opinion.

Alright, I have a major test today and the house is boring. I will be doing some updates, but don’t expect much dramatics.

  • 12:55pm – The girls are tanning while the LNJ are hanging around bed talking.
  • 5:00pm – Shelby/Morgan in HoH – Everyone else in kitchen.
    • I think I realized why this is so awkward right now. It’s because I am not completely burnt out from the season yet like I would be by the time the summer seasons reach the final 5.
    • Think about this. Danielle was evicted on day 50. On day 50 in the BB18 season, there were still 10 (maybe 11) players left in the house.  I said maybe 11 because I don’t know if Victor was in or out of the house during day 50, but we all knew at that point another person would be coming back, so even if there wasn’t 11 at the time, there would be. That is only two fewer people than the entire season of BBOTT.
    • This season has flown the hell by. Thanksgiving is Thursday, we’re going to be down to the final 4 in a few days, and the season will end a week later.  I am very sad only a fraction of the viewers watched this season because it was a pretty damn solid season.  The division in the house was real, so each competition would have been much bigger than it was had America not been involved.
    • I really hope they cast a similar crew for BB19 with less focus on showmances, more focus on ‘real’ people, and almost everyone at least a casual fan of the show.

Check back for updates

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  1. Profile photo of Caryn (Ryn)
    Comments (2043)

    Thanks, Steve. My wish is that people RESPECT the opportunity to come here to chat about BB and not take away from the integrity of this site with their own agendas.

    • Comments (17)

      Oh, yes … and thank you.

    • Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
      Comments (1814)

      Thank you so much both Steve and Ryn. Where IS the respect for each other on this board? I missed ONE day and come back and all hell has broken loose. I read the comments from yesterday and it seems to have started there. BTW, that entire argument has been REMOVED…as will this one.

      I don’t know what’s going on between the four major people involved (and with Jay’s interjections…five), but it has to STOP! It’s making it uncomfortable for a lot of us and it is totally unnecessary. If you don’t appreciate someone’s post, give it a THUMBS DOWN or just scroll past it. All the personal attacks from everyone have gotten out of hand. If you have something positive or negative to say about the HG, have at it….but going after each other is OFF LIMITS. From here on out, any nasty comments made towards another board member, either DIRECT or INDIRECT, will be removed. Sorry guys, I didn’t want to have to do this and I tried really hard to stay out of it, but it’s gone beyond minor disagreements about the HG and even the game. You can say pretty much anything you want to here, BUT NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ON EACH OTHER! Yesterday’s and today’s comment section was filled up with OVER HALF insults…back and forth. This has to stop or NOBODY will want to come here anymore.

      Everyone is welcome here….EVERYONE! Everyone is welcome to comment here….EVERYONE! Let’s just ALL try to respect each other and start fresh as of now.

      With that being said, WELCOME to all the new members, HIYA to all the old members 🙂


  2. Profile photo of AIO_7
    Comments (1071)

    I understand not attacking fellow posters, but can we still make fun of Skid, Krust, and the culinary kid?

      • Profile photo of AIO_7
        Comments (1071)


      • Comments (1254)

        All day everyday!!!

      • Comments (1254)

        @Lindsay, when I was talking about losing my debit card, it’s not the card from thebank. You see, my babies all have the same father but he very, very seldom helped raise them ffinancially. I finally got rid of him when my youngest was 4. I constantly took him to court for child support which he only paid in dribs & drabs & after he cursed me out in court calling me everything but a child of God mout loud in front of everyone including my children, the judge threw him in jail for almost 2 years. Therefore I was a single parent very strict on education & pounded in their heads if you want a good life, you work for it. That was why I worked so hard because my children were not going to go without & I gave them a good life. It was up to me to set the example.
        Anyway, the debit card I lost was the card that you get your child support on. My children’s father owed me almost $70,000 in back pay & I was getting that money on a card every week. Now that my dumbass lost it, the company tells me that a new one won’t come until after the holidays. True enough, I do live off of disability & social security but that’s how I will now get by until after the holidays I guess. Anyway. I won’t complain because it could be worse.

  3. Comments (19)

    The integrity of this site is already compromised. Steve is beyond bias this season and the flithy degrading comments about the players are a disgrace. No I’m not going to scroll pass I’m going to say something. And when someone disagrees they are attached. Cry and whine all you want but the heartless comments I’ve seen are proof no one is afraid to speak what’s on there mind.

    • Profile photo of Summer
      Comments (35)

      Kudos, Kerry. Say something!!!!

    • Comments (386)

      So why don’t you just go somewhere else? I don’t get it. Life is short. Don’t make yourself so unhappy.

      • Profile photo of Summer
        Comments (35)

        Why are you asking that Kerry go somewhere else? Everyone is welcome here. Let Kerry speak just like everyone else does. If that makes you unhappy you can go somewhere else.

      • Comments (386)

        I’m not asking Kerry to go someplace else. I’m not stopping him from speaking. I’m saying if you find the owner of the site, Steve, to be “beyond bias” why would you come to his site?

      • Profile photo of Summer
        Comments (35)

        Sincerely, THANK YOU for agreeing that Kerry has a place here with all of us. For some reason SOME people that have been commenting here have been taking it upon themselves to ask people to leave this group when they disagree with their comment. It isn’t our place to decide who stays and who goes. Kerry wasn’t shy to speak to Steve and Steve answered back. If Steve had a problem with Kerry’s comment he would have deleted it.

      • Profile photo of Summer
        Comments (35)

        And the thumbs up was mine, ann2.

    • Profile photo of stevebeans
      Comments (378)

      Meh, you call it bias, I call it like I see it. There is no doubt that I have complimented the BSers more this season, but that is because they have played a better game and don’t spend all day miserable about life. I actually tweet a bit more than I post, and I have tweeted numerous times that Kryssie is actually playing a decent game because she’s guaranteed a final 3. It’s a Victoria game. Not good, not bad.

      Shelby can be bitchy, and I would call her on it if she didn’t admit it herself. She doesn’t pretend not to be, unlike some others in the house who are absolutely blown away when America doesn’t vote their way. For example, Shelby said the other day she was shocked that she wasn’t America’s Nom at all this season. Alex admitted that Morgan can be an awful person, but Morgan has been smart enough not to show it in the house (unlike say Aaryn).

      Also, I gave a ton of credit to Danielle for having the most mature and respectful exit from the game this season. She didn’t storm out like her boyfriend and uninvite people places, she gave everyone a hug and wished them well. Alex did something similar, but this was admittingly 5 minutes after she insulted half the house in her exit speech.

      I gave Neeley a TON of crap even though I really liked her as a person in the house. This is because she was a MAJOR hypocrite regarding the smashers. She trashed the shit out of them for celebrating, then after they won HoH, she spent a solid 30 minutes twerking with Jason over the win.

      True gamers and competitors celebrate, but they also don’t whine when they lose and others celebrate.

      Alright, rant over.

      • Profile photo of Rita
        Comments (670)

        BBOTT is a different game. It was odd seeing such a divide in the house that lasted so long but is was probably because the HGs don’t feel the need to socialize with the “other side”.
        I agree, Steve you have been completely biased this season and I really do not understand why. We must be watching different cameras. Nobody stands out as a “great” player. Danielle was close but her escapade with Shane and her annoying stories killed that for me.
        Both sides were equal in their strategizing but they only did it with people on their own “side”. The few times they tried to venture out it was announced to everyone and ended quickly.
        This is NOT Big Brother, it’s a popularity contest with America being so involved. Steve, your favorite players were the worst at begging for America to help them. Pathetic.

        I don’t visit here very often anymore because of the comment section being overrun with people hijacking Steve’s blog with their page long commentary and the juvenile name calling so bash away. I won’t see your negative comments anyway.

      • Comments (19)

        @Rita well said. Thanks for sharing your truth I appreciate a honest perspective.

      • Profile photo of Summer
        Comments (35)

        Thanks, Rita.

  4. Profile photo of AmberB
    Comments (463)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do, SteveBeans! You are awesome!

  5. Comments (19)

    The 3rd nom should be done with. Not enough ppl left to be doing that.

  6. Comments (713)

    After the upcoming eviction, 4 are left. Justin’s safety ends. The next person who wins HoH then will make one person safe. The other remaining 2 players will have a head-to-head comp battle to decide which one gets to be in the Final 3, alongside the HoH and the one who was given safety. The loser of the head-to-head battle would automatically be evicted. This is how I speculate that OTT will work it.

    @Nicole From the info we’ve been given, “America” won’t vote for anything again until it’s time to vote for the OTT winner.

  7. Comments (31)

    Jason’s ability to brainwash his side to not play for themselves and to insist they go to the end together would be impressive if the people he were convincing had average intelligence. Krissy seems content to give it to Jason, and Justin, well, he seems easily convinced of what to do. Don’t they actually want to win?

    • Comments (1496)

      I don’t think they do…….krissey said today…….I’m already resigned to it in response to Jason winning and reminded him he had 60000 fans…….Justin didn’t say anything….

  8. Comments (43)

    this show sucks. At this point I hope there is no OTT’s ever again., it was interesting at first to see it and how production Works behind the scenes. But three months it’s not worth the $30 I paid. Don’t get me wrong I love the show but continuously making no consequences for not following the rules. Using a veteran player doesn’t make good sense at all

  9. Comments (1496)

    I don’t think it has been all that successful and I think it’s a combination of having a returning player and that amount of influence viewers have had……there have been a few decent players taken out of the game because of it……and some really crappy ones left because of it….
    Poor Scott was put down and made a fool of because people thought he was not playing his own game but was playing for Alex….well krissey is doing the same thing for Jason,she is his human meat shield…..she has protected him since week one when Monte tried to get him out…..Scott played more game in 1 week than all 3 of what’s left of LNJ.
    Danielle was a good player and I thought she deserved to make it to final 3….more so than Jason or kryssey.
    Justin at times can be likeable but I still get the feeling he’s a player…..reminds me of a gang banger at times….the way he wears his pants,he has thrown down a few gang signs on occasion and gives his shout outs to the 7 W….(seventh ward) in NOLA…..maybe its I see you Justin?
    Morgan has gone from Monte to Alex to America and now to Shelby to get through the game……more power to her.
    All in all this season has really not lived up to what it could have been and I certainly wouldn’t pay for another season if they were to bring back a returning player.

  10. Comments (386)

    Steve Beans,
    Good luck on your test / hope it went well. Have you told us what you’re studying? I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten.

  11. Comments (16)

    I like this site but Steve is right there should be respect. I know when I first posted, someone said something mean and I didn’t think I would ever read it again let alone post something but then a few others were nice and it became kinda fun. Nobody has to be on this site but it you can respect others and the game it can be fun. As far as Jason being on this season, it might be because they didn’t know if anyone would watch but with a past player, who didn’t go that far on his first season but has a pretty good following maybe just maybe people would watch…well I think it helped cuz people are watching. Good or bad it is still BB and it’s fun to watch…for the most part.

  12. Comments (713)

    The Safety ceremony is kind of a foregone conclusion, so I haven’t paid much attention to the houseguests all day. Popped in just in time to discover that Jason hid the pineapple that Morgan and Shelby found today in the SR – something they’ve been craving and intended to grill soon. Then caught Kryssie telling Jason that she has kept him safe and made sure that he got this far, pretty much letting him know that without her, he’d already have lost. Oh, my goodness!

    Then, within about 3 minutes, there were these two gems from Jason. 1.) “I wanna take a sh*t in Shelby’s broccoli.” and 2.) “I can’t believe Shelby gets dates. What’s wrong with men in L.A.? Shelby’s vagina has more users than the New York subway.” Oh, my goodness again!

    • Profile photo of Summer
      Comments (35)

      Could have done without the gems.

    • Profile photo of LindsayB
      Comments (803)

      Thanks for sharing all of that… it just shows how despicable of a person Jason is. He has earned every single nickname and insult every single day.

      • Comments (713)

        It is surprising that Jason keeps going on & on in this vein. How does it benefit him strategically to be demeaning about a player who is a woman? Is he this blatantly insecure about Kryssie & Justin being loyal, or is he just this anxiety-ridden about his own abilities?

        It’s gotten stale, too…since he is as repetitive as a Rodney Dangerfield who’s run out of material and recites the same (albeit behind-the-back) insults, recycling them over & over. The scatalogical attempts to be witty and funny, such as saying that he wants to crap in someone’s food, are more of a loaded reveal about who he is and how he sees himself than anything else. Nothing cute, satiric or original here.

        As much as I’ve enjoyed some aspects of him, he looks to be a troubled soul, who stagnates and goes out of his way to avoid taking the high road. His “style” will make Jason’s win, if he wins, an uncelebratory kind of a flatline. It takes a special kind of person to be brought in to play again, who could win a quarter of a million bucks and walk out looking like a loser. What he has inspired in me so far is not dislike. It’s not even contempt. I find him most of all to be a pitifully tragic character in this game.

  13. Comments (31)

    We just can’t lose Ann. She’s funny and I appreciate her banter.

  14. Comments (31)

    Not? I know Wayne’s World from the 90’s too! Shwingggg!!!

  15. Comments (95)

    I’m so tired of Jason and how Justin and Krusti are so willing to give up the prize money to him and play for 2nd place. He is so nasty that I am always leaving his camera. What happen to playin for 1st place in BB. They really don’t know the game IMO

  16. Profile photo of kneeless
    Comments (404)

    @stevebeans, I know at the beginning of OTT you said that bloggers could communicate with production, or someone at CBS about the season. Do you know if they got much feedback from bloggers or what kind of feedback they got? I wish, like many, that they do a BB season with ALL returnees but not cast 1 or 2 returnees/season. As someone said, casting Jason may have been to draw more of an audience. But, they could have done better. He’s somewhat tolerable when things go his way but otherwise HD is nasty & vile.

  17. Profile photo of kneeless
    Comments (404)

    I haven’t watched last night’s DR sessions. Anything good from Anyone? Is Justin back to being 100% team Jason, again? I can’t keep up with that kid!

  18. Profile photo of BBBonbon62
    Comments (137)

    Just wanted to give a shout out to all who are providing updates. I haven’t been able to watch the feeds much the last few days as I am preparing for retail hell week. I will be relying on all of you through Cyber Monday to keep me updated. So please don’t kill each other, lol.

    Friendship baby!!!

  19. Comments (2)

    Some commenters on this site are worst than the houseguest. This is very bad. I’m done with the back and forth personal insult. It’s sad because I use to live it here. Now conversations are not about the game but it’s just going to far on he said she said.

    I’ll continue to read the blog but will skip the comments for now on.

  20. Comments (1254)

    Jay, Lindsay, AIO, kneeless, Shivani, GL, Amber, Tamara, BBBonbon, NK my friends it’s almost 1am & time for me to go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.

    Goodnight & Sweet dreams all,


  21. Comments (7)

    Ohhhhh this comment section today is fantastic!!! Gonna go pop some popcorn and pull up a chair…..

  22. Comments (1254)

    Well my friends, I’m up & ready to get started. I’ve made up my mind my junkie brothers & sisters, I’ll be good today & stick to the housepets only with most of their nasty, disgusting, vile ways. I promise you this though, I will be going off on Shitstain, Krusty drawers & Doofus & I dont give a damn who don’t like it. Shelby & Morgan are going to f3 & NOT that fool Shitstain.



  23. Profile photo of CG
    Comments (5)

    So I have been on this site for many yrs I have commented one time lol . That being said I love reading ann and lindsy post and a lot of others also .. I don’t understand y some people get upset or their panties in a bunch . I have never taken offense to anything anyone has said it’s a very fun site to come to ..keep up the good work stevebeans and fellow posters

  24. Profile photo of CG
    Comments (5)

    Ann I don’t understand why people get so upset u and everyone else for just voicing ur opinion which I love BTW it’s crazy I just had to say something as someone who also has been coming for yrs and not posted

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