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It’s Show Time Tonight! Big Brother 14 begins on CBS

big brother 14 is on

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It feels like a lifetime ago we were watching Rachel being awarded winner of Big Brother 13.   Shortly after the season ended, I went into withdrawals not sure what to do with myself.  Every few weeks I knew it was closer and closer to Big Brother 14, but then out of the blue spring snuck up, then summer and finally June 12th – Big Brother day!

The cast has been revealed, the mystery guests leaked, and all we’re really waiting for now is to see exactly what role they’ll play in the game.  Because the mystery guests were leaked a few weeks ago, it was also mentioned that they would be mentors.  Considering how accurate many of the early leaks were this season, I have no reason not to believe it’s going to be a situation where there are 4 teams in the house, each with a veteran leader.   I also believe there will be two winners, the regular newbie $500k winner, and whatever mentor they had will also win a pretty substantial prize.

There will be some interesting things on the live feeds today leading up to the premiere, although one appears to have already passed but you probably didn’t miss much.  “The Talk” girls were going to talk about their day in the house, but I’d rather jam a pencil in my ear than hear Sharon Osbourne’s opinion on anything.  However, at 6pm EST, the live feeds will be running their “Happy Hour” show and that will lead up to the premiere of Big Brother 14 at 9pm EST!

Once the west coasters get their share of Big Brother, the live feeds will finally turn on in addition to BBAD on Showtime.  Make sure you sign up to the live feeds, and while you may have missed the 25% discount, you can still get the feeds for 3 days freeClick here to get your 3 day pass now

During the premiere, I will also be live tweeting the episode, so make sure you’re following me on twitter and chat live as the summer officially begins tonight!

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    Looking forward to checking in every day to get your comments.

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    I’m with bobby! Can’t freaking wait!!!! Less than an hour!

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    I cant stand DAN i want him gone ASAP

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