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Small Changes For The Week 4 Power Rankings

Shelli is sitting pretty up top
Shelli is sitting pretty up top

This is the smallest weekly change in the Big Brother power rankings this season. Shelli and Clay remain up the top, and almost by far at this point. If I could put another few spaces between them and the rest of the house, I would. They are part of the strongest alliance of the house, yet nobody even remotely suspects it. Meg runs to clay to tell him about the rumors of this big alliance.  Clay and Shelli sit outside with the floaters as they talk about how they’re going to split up Liz/Julia/Austin. At this point, their biggest threat is Vanessa as I think she’s the only one smart enough to see they will get in the way of her winning this season.

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I tried to give the bottom some love, but I just couldn’t. Audrey gave them a golden ticket with the information she provided this week, and James seemed to buy it until Jackie got along. Jackie, the same person who is still denying the twin twist, is the one who shrugged off the power alliance, and James floats like a flower in the wind, so the thirty minutes he was growing a spine quickly went away. These next two weeks are absolutely crucial for the bottom of the house. They still have a chance to listen to Audrey (even though she’s guaranteed to go home tomorrow night). However, if they win the HoH and actually believe Audrey, they will have one shot to put the numbers back in their favor.  If they don’t, Julia will join, and they’ll be pegged off one at a time.

Here are the Big Brother rankings this week…

1 (1)shelli_poole-th2Shelli
Still the current favorite
2 (2)clay_honeycutt-thClay
Again, another 1a, 1b situation
3 (8)vanessa_rousso-th11Vanessa
She may talk a lot, but she's incredibly smart
4 (4)austin_matelson-th1Austin
Biggest overall comeback since week 1
5 (5)john_mcguire-th24John
Rockstar Pawn will get to jury
6 (7)liz-nolan-th1Liz
Next week, she'll have her sister in
7 (3)meg_maley-th2Meg
Meg thinks she's safe with Clay - She's not
8 (6)becky_burgess-th11Becky
Floating along, will make to jury
9 (9)Jackie_Ibarra-th2Jackie
Content with just being there, apparently
10 (11)steve_moses-th12Steve
I like Steve, but his game is terrible so far
11 (10)jason_roy-th13Jason
He'll be back on the block if he doesn't win HoH
12 (12)james_huling-th12James
He said it best "I'm not a puppet master. I'm a puppet"
13 (13)audrey_middleton-th1Audrey
She is going home this week
14 (14)Jeffrey_Weldon-th1Jeff
Eliminated in Week 3
15 (15)davonne_rogers-th1Da'Vonne
Eliminated in Week 2
16 (16)jace_agolli-th1Jace
Eliminated in Week 1
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    Comments (1397)

    Does everyone really know how accomplished Vanessa is?? My husband and son know her from the poker world, she went pro at 22 and has won over $4 million in purse monies. She is consistently ranked in the top 3 women poker players in the world, and always plays in the huge World Series of Poker tournaments and on Poker After Dark, where I have seen her play. She has played all over the world and is pretty damn good.
    She also was Valedictorian at her private school, and graduated from Duke in just 2 1/2 years( a school record). She also went to law school. She was married to a fellow poker player, 22 yrs her senior. He died in 2012 a year after they divorced and in 2013 she came out with her girlfriend, Melissa.
    While I have doubted her game play at times this season, and sometimes find her annoying, she may just be the Derrick of this season. Does anyone know what she has told the fellow HG’s she does for a living?? Because they are obviously clueless to her impressive resume.

    Oh, and I really hope they get Dizzy Liz out next week. I don’t think I could take two of those nasel voiced twits in the house. Austin would be thrilled!

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    Comments (529)

    Great job, Steve! Love it, so accurate! I wish they would let you play!

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