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Big Brother 15 – Live Finale Thread

Here we are.. we have made it!  Countless hours of watching live feeds, analyzing the show, and typing thousands and thousands of words to recap what went on this season.  It all comes down to GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer… excited?  I know, try to contain yourselves, we’ll get through this.

Sure, the final 3 is up there with the least likable final 3 in Big Brother history, but at least we get to know that Spencer thinks this is what America was rooting for.  Enjoy that thought as he heads home tomorrow to realize how little America wanted ‘the exterminators’ in the end.  Other cast members like Aaryn and GinaMarie will learn they have lost their jobs, though GM may have at least $50k to go home with.  If you are a fan of theirs, don’t worry… within a few months, ‘racism-gate’ will be long forgotten and they’ll both have jobs again.

Before the show begins, my final plugs….

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That’s all I really have!  I don’t want to plug my donate link because you guys have been phenomenal this season, and tomorrow I will be diving head first into my backed up homework, so I probably don’t deserve donations after tonight!  It’s been a fun season, and you have all made it fantastic!  I hope to see you all back next season…

Rambling out of the way, time for some updates….

4:45pm – Still a few hours away.  Survivor is on in 15 minutes but I don’t plan on watching that tonight.  Maybe I’ll DVR it and blog it.

6:30pm – Survivor is just over which means it’s Big Brother time!!!  The person who went home tonight is … just kidding, I don’t know, I will watch Survivor tomorrow.

6:35pm – Here we go, it’s on now. Highlights of the ‘epic’ 30 minute endurance challenge.

6:45pm – Time for Andy and Spencer to square off in part 2.  This competition took a long time, yet Andy still destroyed Spencer.  The houseguests had to climb a wall and arrange houseguests in order of eviction.

6:52pm – Clip of Dr Will talking to the jury, and the jury members still arguing with Amanda.

7:00pm – Will had a long talk with the jury members about who should win. Each player had a valid reason they can win, even Spencer.

7:05pm – Final HoH Round!

Most out of 8 questions…

Question 1 – Both correct
Question 2 – Both wrong
Question 3 – Andy correct, up 2-1
Question 4 – Both correct, Andy still up 3-2
Question 5 – Andy correct, up 4-2
Question 6 – GinaMarie correct, Andy up 4-3
Question 7 – Both wrong, Andy up 4-3
Question 8 – Both correct, Andy wins 5-4

Andy is the final HoH

7:15pm – Andy is time to pick the eviction.  He chooses Spencer to leave the house.

[polldaddy poll=7408120]

7:20pm – Time for the jury to come out on stage. McCrae got all dressed up, he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Amanda asks GM her biggest game move aside putting Amanda up.  GinaMarie says that her biggest move was getting Amanda out

Elissa asks the same question to Andy.  He said he aligned with Amanda and McCrae and he was the house snitch.

Helen asks GM the biggest obstacle in the game.  She said having Nick (??)

McCrae asks Andy about being a bitter jury member. Why should they vote for him.  Andy said he only threatened to be a bitter jury member to avoid being in jury.

Candice asks GM why they should give her the money.  GM blames Nick leaving and the shock of it.

Jessie asks Andy why he lied to so many people.  Andy – It’s because I’m a coward and it would have broke my heart.. especially to Jessie.

Spencer to Andy .. you just cost me a lot of money, why should I give you money?   Andy – Because I’m so loyal and I promised her on night 1

7:30pm – Final plea from Andy and GM.  Not much, just Andy pumping himself and his game up, while GinaMarie apologizing mostly.

Votes (for who to win)

Candice – Andy
Jessie – Andy
Helen – Andy
Aaryn – GinaMarie
Amanda – Andy
Elissa – Andy
Judd – GinaMarie
McCrae – Andy
Spencer – Andy

7:45pm – Julie reveals to Amanda that the MVP was America for the last 3 weeks.

Howard mentions the racist comments and the camera shows Aaryn.  Julie tells the house that the comments made national headlines.  Spencer asks if he said anything and Julie said ‘we don’t have enough time for that’ .. ouch

Andy wins Big Brother 15

GinaMarie looks happier as she rushed into Nick’s arms.

Time for America’s Vote….

Top 3.. Judd, Elissa and Howard….

Elissa wins!  She acts surprised…. sure

Big Brother 15 – Twas The Night Before The Finale

bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)

It’s been a long, but very fun summer following Big Brother 15, and that is including all the shows flaws.  Was the cast perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Was there more sleeping than drama?  Without a doubt.  Did I constantly wonder what was happening inside the house?  Definitely!

Big Brother is like pizza, or sex… even a bad season is still pretty good.  No show can duplicate the addictive feature which are the live feeds. As boring as the show may be at times, it’s still fascinating to watch the live feeds all summer and see the little things that never make the air.  The conversations that are too boring for TV.  The pranks and jokes that can’t squeeze into an hour of the show.  The wonderful showmances that… wait, scratch that last one, those are pretty lame.

Since there isn’t a whole lot to talk about, I am going to talk about the chances of each person winning the game in a minute.  First, I want to mention that next year we will indeed be doing a log-in to comment system (without facebook), and I will add another moderator or two.  The site blew up in popularity, so I wasn’t remotely prepared to handle 100+ comments on each post.   Every year this blog gets better, and I expect no different for Big Brother 16!

With that said, let’s talk about the finalists….

(note – for the stats, weeks on the block means either being nominated, or a re-nom.  Basically, a week where they sat in the nomination chair)


GinaMarie Zimmerman

I have to be honest about this one, I did not see her making the finals when the show started.  On the first episode, she was loud, obnoxious and ‘in your face’ so I felt she was definitely going to be an early exit. Her voice may be like nails on a chalkboard, and her laugh sounds like she’s 80 years old, but she managed to be the least bitchy ‘mean girl’ and avoid the wrath of the house.


  • Head of Households – 2
  • Power of Veto – 0
  • Weeks on the block – 3
  • Have Not – 3

Why she can win this season:

What GinaMarie has going for her is the fact that 6 jury members are female, and they have been in the jury house long enough to potentially put aside any grudges they are holding.  In addition to the girls, she made good with Judd and McCrae before they left and has really done a solid job working the jury all season. Candice aside, I don’t see a jury member who really dislikes her.

She also has getting Amanda out on her resume, especially being the tiebreaker to send her to jury

Why she can lose this season:

For the same reason GinaMarie can win the season is also the reason she can possibly lose.  Not many people in the jury really dislike her, and that’s because she hasn’t had to make a whole lot of moves.  As mentioned, she got Amanda out of the house, but other than that, she’s basically just been ‘there’.  People may not completely respect her style of play and vote Andy or Spencer instead.


spencer_clawson-thSpencer Clawson

Ahh Spencer (aka Adam Poch 2.0).  The king of all pawns.  The guy who can go from talking about Jessie’s butt to giving a shout-out to his girlfriend in the next breath. Spencer did not make many fans from the female audience this season due to his candid ‘locker room’ style talk that he probably should have toned down a bit. He floated his way to the final 3, and could easily find himself with a $50,000 check just because he’s the easier opponent to beat in the final 2.


  • Head of Households – 1
  • Power of Veto – 1
  • Weeks on the block – 8
  • Have Not – 1

Why he can win this season:

I don’t see many scenarios with Spencer winning this game, so I’m not even sure what to write here.  The only thing he has going for him would be the record amount of times he was nominated, but that would only win him the game if he were sitting next to his clone Adam Poch.

Why he can lose this season:

This one is pretty simple… Spencer is the biggest pawns in the history of the show and has done almost nothing other than that.  He won two competitions, and in any alliance he was part of, he generally was just an extra vote.   It’s hard to imagine him receiving more than 1 vote – if that – so he is almost guaranteed 2nd or 3rd place (2nd if GM or Andy are smart).


andy_herren-thAndy Herren

When it comes to Big Brother fans, Andy is a mystery to me.  Out of the final 3, he’s the one who has said the least controversial things this season, and has actually played the game (whether you agree with his style or not).  Amanda took credit for a lot of early exits, but Andy was very instrumental as his role as the ‘snitch’.  While he is probably the biggest floater in the house, it was more of the Ian-style floating rather than Spencer.  His goal was to make good with everyone and get information wherever he could so he could report back to whoever his true allies were at the time.  I like to call it the trojan horse floater.  It’s a risky style, but if it works, it works well.


  • Head of Households – 2
  • Power of Veto – 2
  • Weeks on the block – 1
  • Have Not – 3

Why he can win this season:

If Andy is in the final 2, it should be an easy victory for him (note: SHOULD doesn’t mean it will be).  GinaMarie may have the blood on her hands from Amanda, but Andy is the guy behind her stabbing her in the back then running away into the bushes leaving GM to get caught. He betrayed just about every alliance he was part of and really set the flow of the house.  The brilliance of his game is when he admitted he placed an item of his in every room in the house so he could have an excuse to break up a conversation.

Floating may be frowned upon in the game, but that’s true floating.  When it’s used as a strategy, it’s pretty damn smart.  Risky, but smart…

Andy should win this season unless GinaMarie wins the final HoH and takes Spencer to the final 2.

Why he can lose this season:

He’s had such a good social game this season, I would be shocked if he makes the final 2 if he loses the HoH challenge.

If he makes the final 2 and loses, it’s because of a bitter jury.  He had far an away the better game than the other two people in the house, so this is a breakaway empty net shot with a potential bitter jury the only thing standing in his way of half a million dollars.


There it is, this season is Andy’s to lose, and if anyone else walks away with half a million dollars, I’ll be pretty shocked.

Big Brother 15 – The Final HoH Round Is Set


Round 2 of the final HoH competition was played last night, and from what I hear it took quite a long time.  It was a timed competition where Andy and Spencer had an hour to climb something and arrange things based on the order of evicted houseguests.  I didn’t watch much of the feeds yesterday because I took a much needed day off from blogging about the house.  It doesn’t hurt that every time I log on the feeds, I hear GinaMarie chatting away and want to jab a screwdriver in my ear. Anyway, the final competition was Andy versus Spencer, and I’ll let you take a wild guess who won this….

Yes, by an extremely tight margin of about 15 minutes, Andy destroyed Spencer and is headed to the final round of the HoH against GinaMarie.  This final 2 comes as a surprise to just about nobody as Spencer’s only shot at winning would have been a beard growing challenge.  This doesn’t mean Spencer is out of the final 2, it just means his fate is completely in the hands of either GinaMarie or Andy at this point.  If either of them have a brain, they’d take Spencer, but as of right now they’re ‘promising’ to take one another regardless of who wins the final challenge.

With that said, it’s not a surprise that they’re promising each other a spot in the final 2.  I’d like to think both have the intention of taking Spencer while promising deals in the event they do lose, but nothing would surprise me at this point.  All 3 of them have basically lucked their way into the final 3 by being the weakest and lowest priority target of their respective alliances.  Some may call them floaters, I just call them weak players who sat on the sidelines while the strong ones killed each other (that could also be considered a smart strategy?).

Enough about those 3, I want to mention some sad news.  If you were watching this season, you’d know that former houseguest Britney Haynes had a baby recently as Julie announced it to the house.  Sadly, Britney revealed that her baby (Tilly) was diagnosed with cancer.  There really aren’t very many words for this other than it really sucks and I hope the best for Britney, her family, and especially Tilly.  There is a hashtag going around twitter #prayfortilly if you want to show your support and send positive vibes their way.

Back to the house briefly, I’m not really sure how much I’ll be reporting this week as it’s generally the slowest period in the house and this final 3 is probably the least interesting trio possible.  I’d like to get another update or two in before the finale, but school has also started and I also need to start re-focusing on my other blog Teen Mom Junkies (there is a lot of train wreck to catch up on there).

PS – For those wondering, test results came back for my father and we got good news!  Yay!  Thank you for your kind words during my brief absence.

PPS – I think next season I’m going to require a log-in to comment, this way I can have better control over banning (should someone need it), among another things.

Big Brother 15 – HoH Competition: Part 1

bb15-endurance-ginamarieThe final 3 had their first part of the final HoH challenge last night, and like expected, it was an endurance challenge.  Seeing as Julie gave no indication of when it would be played, and considering the feeds were down until after midnight est, I chalked it up to them doing the competition behind the trivia.  I didn’t want to promote a live endurance challenge only to be screwed over again.

The competition was a challenge where they wore roller skates and held on to some thing as they went around in a circle  (my guess is the roller skate thing is a nudge at Nick’s alleged professional roller skating career).  Like expected, Spencer went down first, so it was up to a competition between Andy and GinaMarie.   Spencer said he lasted about 8 minutes (that’s not what she said), so the endurance challenge lasted a solid 30 minutes or so.  Pretty anticlimactic compared to season 8’s seven hour marathon.

When the floor started getting wet and slippery, Andy fell and GinaMarie won the first part of the HoH challenge.  This guarantees GM a spot in round 3 of the HoH competition that will take place live on Wednesday night.  She will face off against the winner of round 2 which will be played sometime over the next few days.  Both Andy and Spencer are pretty weak competitors, so it’s pretty much a coin flip who will win this.  What I am fairly sure on is that round 3 will be another trivia competition, and GM has actually done fairly well on those challenges.  I think she’ll beat Spencer in round 3 with ease, but would struggle more against Andy.  If I were her, I’d be hoping for a Spencer win in round 2..

So there you have it, the final 3 is set, and half of the final round is set.  We know for sure GinaMarie has a 50/50 chance to win the HoH now, and probably a 50/50 chance at beating Andy if they were final 2.  At this point, Andy has to win the next 2 rounds to have a shot at winning Big Brother because I can’t honestly see GM or Spencer picking Andy to sit next to them in the finals… that’s Big Brother suicide.  A few weeks ago, when Andy betrayed many of his friends, he claimed he had a better shot at going to the finals with the exterminators than with McCranda.  I said that’s incorrect because Andy’s social game to that point would have required him to win his way into the final 2 regardless of his opponents.  The only thing Andy managed to do with that decision was to upset a few members of the jury, so congrats to him on 3rd place unless he wins the next 2 competitions.

(side note: I think Andy would have beaten Amanda and McCrae in this endurance challenge)

Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction And HoH Challenge


I’ve clearly lost interest in taking new screenshots

The last Thursday of the Big Brother 15 season.  I don’t know what to think about it.  Summer is ending, football season is starting, but now we get to deal with the very, very long winter waiting for Big Brother 16 to start…

You heard that right!  CBS confirmed there will be a 16th season next summer, so don’t forget to follow me on twitter or facebook to get updates on that.  I know what you’re thinking, and I’m way ahead of you.  The chances of racist or bigoted comments will be slim to none next year.  Not only will they screen cast members better, most Big Brother fans have witnessed the incredible backlash against Aaryn, GinaMarie, and crew.  They’re going to think before they speak, I can almost promise you this.  Will that make it bland?  I doubt it, because nothing is more exciting than strategic gameplay and tight alliances you’re really rooting for.

I have a strong feeling tonight will start the 3 part HoH challenge, so I’m going to wrap this up and begin the live updates.  If it is indeed an endurance challenge, I will bump that to the beginning of this post and give you updates on the first part winner.


5:45pm – Watching Thursday Night Football – Go Patriots!

6:00pm – Here we go!   I expect the first 15 minutes to show what happened since Tuesday.  Nominations, veto, etc

– FYI, Andy wins this game with ease if he’s in the final 2.

6:10pm – Still showing highlights about the nominations.  Spencer and McCrae were nominated.

6:15pm – Jury house footage. Aaryn apologized to Candice and Helen for the things she said. Candice is pretty much ignoring her.

– Aaryn rubs it in to Amanda how keeping Andy over her was a bad game move (it was)

– After a commercial break, it’s time to see Judd enter the all female jury

– Amanda called GM a floater, and Judd told her that McCrae rode her coattails.  Candice agrees with Judd, in fact pretty much everyone but Amanda thinks McCrae was a floater

6:30pm – Veto competition time (taped – not live)

– Andy won the veto first attempt.  Not too surprising considering how much he studied what happened this summer

6:45pm – Julie tells us just before they went live, the group came clean about their alliance to McCrae.

– Live PoV meeting

– Andy doesn’t use the PoV

– McCrae gives a few shoutouts.. next year, someone better give BBJ a shoutout.

GinaMarie evicts McCrae

– McCrae thinks Andy wanted to get Amanda out so they can work together…. wow….

7:00pm – No HoH competition tonight.  Not sure when part 1 will be or if we’ll get to watch it.

Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

bb15-mccrae-spencer-talkIf you read my earlier post, you already know what I think the outcome of tonight will be, but I like to make it official and create a post about it because I’m uptight like that.  I am almost sad to say this season has been too easy to predict.  I’ve nailed almost every week down to the specific vote, except for the rare times some changed their vote just to try and stir up drama (it didn’t work).  Hopefully next season is a little more crazy, although watching as much of the feeds as I do, it’s hard not to really know which way people are voting.

There really isn’t much to talk about, although I do want to touch on one thing.  It’s pretty odd how many people want GinaMarie to win it all this year (from the earlier votes).  There has been so much anger against most of the house for the things they’ve said, but GM has managed to escape a lot of it.   Good for her because it would probably be a PR nightmare if someone like Aaryn or Amanda ended up winning this season.

Anyway, here is the prediction…..

Votes (to evict)…

GinaMarie – McCrae

McCrae will be evicted by a vote of 1-0

Tonight will also likely be the first part of the final HoH competition, and it’s typically an endurance challenge.  How the final HoH works is a three part process…

1st part – Endurance.  Winner moves to final round
2nd part – Something physical / puzzle.  The losers of the endurance face off.  Winner moves on to round 3
3rd part – Endurance winner and round 2 winner face off in a trivia challenge on the live show.  Winner is HoH, automatic final 2 and chooses who to evict.  No veto

I am going to go out on a limb and say Spencer is guaranteed to play in the 2nd part, but Andy versus GM should be a decent endurance challenge.  I’m going to guess Andy will win the endurance, but GM certainly has a shot.

Live thread coming up in a few hours!