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Big Brother 15 – It’s Been A Bad Week For Spicoli (aka Dave)


You’re just not mean enough to be with me!!

With Aaryn’s maturity levels reaching all time lows this week, it’s only fitting she had a conversation (and breakup) with Dave that reminded me of stuff I heard around 14 years old.  If you set the flashback to 11:40pm and watch this painfully awkward conversation, you will see what I’m talking about.



Aaryn and Dave have had one of the more awkward ‘showmances’ to begin with, but I suppose that is going to happen when you pair a cold-hearted mean girl with a laid back surfer type.  Aaryn goes on and on about how he’s just difficult to talk to, and when her conversations consist of bashing everyone in the house, that makes sense. Additionally, she wants a guy to take control, blah blah blah.  Seriously, this is stuff I dealt with in high school when kids were super shallow, dated only on looks then a week later realized a relationship requires conversation and mental stimulation to survive.

In addition to the breakup, Dave is likely going home on Wednesday, but on the bright side, at least he won’t be associated with Aaryn for much longer.

As far as the rest of the night, it was pretty quiet except for the whole GinaMarie meltdown all day.  Apparently Big Brother took away most of her clothes, and I still don’t even understand why.  Some speculated there were logos and such on them, and she did mention how she had to cover up one logo the other day.  It’s probably becoming an editing nightmare to blur out the logos during the shows, especially when they have to blur out her mouth half the time.


You can view a lot of her meltdown throughout the day, but a decent time is 8:30pm when she goes into a deep discussion about how she’s basically the loner of the family, no kids, blah blah.  I’d feel a lot more sympathy if she hadn’t been acting like a terrible person this week, so for now all I can do is laugh.

I will do some blogging today as I couldn’t last night due to the feeds blacking out for me.  I don’t expect a very wild day, but with this crew you never know.  I do know things will be pretty interesting on Wednesday night, and today will likely be the calm before the storm.

Big Brother 15 – Racism Is Dead, Right? Overnight Smackdown


Well, that was a pretty interesting night in the Big Brother 15 house.  Aaryn, America’s sweetheart, went from one of the most liked girls in the house to one of the most insecure, jealous, and downright racist over the course of 24 hours.  The beauty of the Big Brother house is that over time, people tend to forget they’re being watched, and their ‘in the head’ thoughts start coming out of their mouths.   That happened between Aaryn, GM, and Kaitlin last night on the hammock starting around 1:15am.  (flashback here)


It all started with some stupid hat incident where apparently Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat or something that doesn’t even really matter.  This had our blonde bombshell in some type of rage I don’t think many of us expected was in her.  I don’t want to go into the details of the conversation on this blog, but let me just say the girls took shots at Helen, Candice and even Howard.  The entire conversation is worth a watch (again, 1:15am), as some of it will completely change your opinion on these ‘sweet’ pretty girls.  (side note: Jessie may end up being the prettiest after all, if Aaryn’s personality continues to make her look ugly)

Throughout the conversation, the girls bashed Candice for her newfound ‘blackness and cockiness’ after being removed from the block during the veto ceremony earlier in the day. Ironically, the three girls sitting on the hammock had a field day bashing the rest of the house because they are the ones who feel they’re sitting pretty with the numbers in their favor.  Countless times in the conversation, Aaryn had a very cocky attitude and just brought up how they have the numbers and the power to essentially do (and say) what they want.

They don’t

This is all building up to what could be one of the most entertaining nights on the live feeds this Wednesday, assuming the house moves in the direction it should.  The moment an arrogant player realizes they’re not the one in control of the house is always worth the price of admission, especially if that price is free (for a trial period)

On another note, how awkward is the Nick and Gina ‘showmance’?  Can anyone look more disinterested in being hugged than Nick at this point?


I can just read his mind “Keep your head as far away as possible, and she may not try to kiss you”. 

The next few days, RC (racist crew) will walk around acting like they’re in complete control of the house.  With a few more booze deliveries, we could see some more wild nights of forgetting they’re being watched by many, many people.

Big Brother 15 – First Look At The New Cast

It is the time you’ve all been waiting for, the official release of the Big Brother 15 cast. This is the group we’ll be spending our entire summer with, and it’s quite a diverse cast this year! You have a wide range of good looking, mid 20’s people from blondes to brunettes!

Ok, not a very diverse crowd at all, but it’s a typical Big Brother/Survivor type of cast.  Future models/actors mixed in with about 2-3 superfans.   Here is the list (all of them after the jump)


Aaryn Gries

22 / College Student / Texas
(role: young blonde)
Watch her on the live feeds here

Amanda Zuckerman

28 / Real Estate Agent / Florida
(role: fierce brunette)
Watch her on the live feeds here

Andy Herren

26 / Professor / Illinois
(role: nerd)
Watch him on the live feeds here
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