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Big Brother 14 – The “Dr. Will Who?” Live Eviction Thread

Here it is, the last Thursday night live blog of the season.  It’s been a fun run, a lot of fantastic Thursday nights, and luckily for Dan it seems we’ll have one more to go before the finale on Wednesday night.  Whether you love him or hate him, Dan has played a phenomenal game this season and it may go down in Big Brother history as the best – if he finishes it off with a win.  Few remember second place, so in order to cap off this incredible run, he needs to win the grand prize next Wednesday, but he’s making his last push starting tonight.

Before I begin, since this is one of the last nights people will be flooding here for spoilers, I want to mention my twitter and facebook accounts.  If you have either, make sure to follow so you’re on top of any updates for Big Brother 15.  Also, now is a great time to sign up for the 3 day free live feeds, because you’re going to want to watch the epic endurance battle tonight.

Watch the endurance challenge here
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I also want it to be known, I don’t like when veterans come in and play against rookies.  I love All-Star seasons, and All-Rookie seasons, but hate when CBS combines them like they’ve done for Big Brother and Survivor.  I’ve been pulling for the newbies to evict the veterans all season, but at some point (right around Dan’s ‘funeral’), you simply have to tip your cap to a person who is head and shoulders above his competition.  Dan may be the sole reason that veterans never mix with newbies on the future of Big Brother because of how silly he is making them all look.  The veterans last season were ok, Rachel barely beat a floater in the end, but this season almost every veteran was so good that had they not forced the ‘mentor’ routine for a few weeks, it would almost guaranteed be all 4 of them in the finals (with Britney getting 4th place again).

Enough rambling, if all goes as planned by Dan, this will be a very entertaining episode that will leave Danielle more shocked than the night Dan said she was dead to him.   I will probably also use this thread as the endurance challenge updates…

10:00pm est – I’m not sure when the endurance challenge will take place, I was under the impression it would start tonight.  I will update this thread and twitter if it does.. stay tuned.

9:59pm est – Dan is spraying his mist all over Danielle to quickly regain her trust.  It will work, she’s terrible.

9:53pm est – Everyone is still in shock over this.  Incredible.  Sign up to the live feeds because the endurance comp is going to be crazy.

9:48pm est – And Dan votes to evict …….   SHANE!!!!

Danielle saves Dan. Shane and Ian are on the block.  Ian looks surprised.

9:38pm est – Julie knows something is up, she’s practically wetting herself on stage thinking about a Shane blindside tonight

9:24pm est – I need to see how Ian lost this veto.  And drop the stupid quack thing, it’s stupid!

9:18pm est – Frank and Britney fighting in the jury room is certainly more entertaining than watching Shane and Danielle on a date.

9:09pm est – Honestly I had no clue that Dan told Danielle to nominate him.   The guy is just dominating, purely dominating.

9:03pm est – Seems like jury hasn’t been played yet, but we’re going to have to suffer through some Danielle clips first.  The jury part looks good though

9:00pm est – Here we goooooooo!

8:15pm est – 45 minutes to go until the live episode!  Are you excited??

Big Brother 14 – Nomination and PoV Results

(I know this is the 3rd time I used this image, but it cracks me up)

After the Big Brother 14 live feeds being down for about 30+ hours (watch them ALL DAY, EVERY DAY), they came back up after I was already sawing some logs, so I had to find out who Danielle actually nominated this morning.   Not only did I find that out, but I also found out who won the most important competition of the week – the PoV!

Join the live feeds for free
I promise they won’t be down that long again this season! (I think)

Let’s start with nominations, these were not really important. Danielle could have collected all her tears from the season in a little jar, and threw it all over the memory wall, and nominated the most dry player remaining.  That strategy would have been just as effective as Danielle trying to analyze anything because this week is all about the PoV.  I’m sure Danielle didn’t use the tear method and probably fried her brain figuring out who to nominate, and these two names came out of her head:

Ian and Dan

That’s correct, Danielle nominated Dan!  Maybe she did to the tear jar approach because I was mostly expecting an Ian and Shane nomination with some “deep” meaning behind it.  By deep I mean some junk about how Dan is like her father and Shane has been her partner and it was tough to choose between the two blah blah.   Just say you drew straws, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t take offense to being nominated this week.  (hmm, maybe that’s why Shane wasn’t nominated… I kid, partly)

Now, on to the most important competition of the week.  The Power of Veto!

If Ian wins, Shane or Dan (unlikely) will go to jury.  If Shane, Dan or Danielle wins, there is a 95% chance that Ian heads to jury, or so I thought… (I’ll get to that)

Well, Danielle steps up to the plate again and actually wins PoV!  Wow, look at her go.  I think she won one competition all season until this week, and now she has a chance to sweep the remaining challenges  (I believe she gets a chance to play in the final HoH competition tonight, which is endurance).

What will she do with the PoV?   Well, she’s speculated taking Dan down and allowing him to get some blood on his hands by voting out Ian, but if she does this, she’s a damn fool and deserves what may come to her as a result.  Dan has been very open to the DR about wanting to get either Shane or Ian out, and as of right now, I think he’d probably choose to vote out Shane before Ian.  His reason?  Shane and Danielle would likely be happy taking each other to the final 2, while Ian has shown far too much loyalty towards Dan this season, he may actually take him to the final 2.

With a pending endurance competition coming, and Danielle’s only puppet the one person who can decide who goes home and who remains, she has one decision to make.  Just one.  Any other decision, and I’ll facepalm so hard I may break my nose.  Have Shane vote out Ian, head into the endurance challenge with two very strong endurance players (Shane and Danielle), win and take each other to the final 2. At this point, she has nothing to lose by doing that.  She has 0% chance of beating Dan or Ian in the final 2, and if she takes Dan over Shane, she’s nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.

We’ll see what happens as the day progresses.  I’m not sure if the PoV meeting will be held today or during the live show, but if Danielle uses her POV, I want Julie to kick open the door Rambo-style, grab Danielle by the hair and smack some sense into her.

Big Brother 14 – Big Decision For Ian Incoming

When nominations were announced, I speculated that it was going to be a dull week with Jenn the most likely target and the remaining “Quack Pack” as the final 4.  A commenter said he heard Dan ask Danielle if she’d be ok with voting out Shane, and she said yes.  This made me wonder if Dan was actually going to make a power move and get rid of a strong player when he has a chance.  I feel it’s too risky because he’ll need Shane to try and get Ian out in the next elimination, but it’s also risky to keep him in because Shane has had a strong competitive game and a ‘don’t burn bridges’ social game.

None of that matters now because Shane was the winner of the PoV tonight which means Ian finally has a chance to make a real impact on the season.  None of this “I’ll take credit for Boogie and Frank, even though others did the dirty work” that he’s been playing.  This is it, if he wants to be taken serious in the finale, he needs to nominate Dan and have Shane vote for him so he can break the tie.  I seriously doubt he’ll make such a move because he’s been playing Dan’s game all summer, and obviously Dan wouldn’t suggest that strategy.  That’s why if it does happen, this will be all Ian, and he’ll actually be able to take full credit for evicting a strong candidate.

If I find out that Danielle is the replacement nominee which all but guarantees Jenn’s exit, I’ll have absolutely 0 respect in Ian’s game and hope he’s never mentioned as a returning player in the future (for all-stars or whatever).  Ian said in Boogie’s exit speech that he learned from the best, and he’s boasted about removing the strong players from the house all season.  If he gets out Dan, he’ll back up his own words, but if Jenn walks through that door, than Ian was just a kid poorly playing a villain character on his favorite tv show. I root for people who want to win, not who want to fill certain roles.

I am anxiously awaiting this veto ceremony to see if Ian has become a man, or he will leave the kid he came in as.

Big Brother 14 – It’s OTEV Night On CBS. Yay?

Don’t be sad, Frank

Before I begin with my post about the episode tonight on CBS, some late breaking news is coming into Big Brother headquarters.   It sounds like there is a little game talk happening right now!  That’s right, folks!  Don’t get excited, I don’t think it will result in anything, but apparently Danielle said the key words to Jenn “If I tell you this, you can’t tell anyone!”.  I love that line, that’s how arguments get started, and that’s where entertainment begins!

Danielle decided to let the cat slip a little and told Jenn that she will be voting out Frank tomorrow night. That could be crucial to Frank if Jenn does indeed tell him because it will give him a little more than 24 hours to scramble for votes knowing that he’s not as safe as he once thought.  Could feeds become interesting this week?  Watch them and find out! Seriously though, sign up to the feeds either today, tomorrow or friday because you’re likely going to want to see the double-elimination madness aftermath before feeds become extremely dry when only a few houseguests remain.

Ok, now on to otev, the most over-hyped veto competition of the season with such a very clever name.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s backwards for veto.  While it’s a pretty cool competition, and probably the most involved out of any veto comp, it’s very over-hyped because Big Brother should have come up with some new challenges by now.  If I see different forms of otev, the bubble challenge or the juice squeeze competition next season, I may blow my lid.

I’m not sure if I’ll be live tweeting the episode or not.  Generally Sunday and Wednesday’s are good because of the DR sessions, but this season those have been pretty awful.  I like the people on the show, but they really do terrible DR sessions and it’s almost painful to watch.

As the season is winding down, it’s time to remind my readers that I have a twitter and facebook fan page for Big Brother.  This way when next season starts, you’ll already be following me and you won’t have to search for this sites awesomeness.  Make sure you follow one or both above so you don’t miss an update next season!

Big Brother 14 – Operation Get Rid Of Frank Continues

This has been a very predictable week the second Dan won the PoV, and it’s still following it’s course.  As expected, Dan paid his debt to Jenn by removing her from the block, and a “mad” Ian replaced her with Joe  (Ian acted mad – he wasn’t).

Frank acting like Neo

So now either Joe or Frank will finally get hit by the eviction bullet this Thursday after doing their best Neo impressions all season. Between the two of them, they have been nominated 10 times either through first or second nominations.  That’s pretty crazy considering Frank was HoH for 33% of the nominations this season.  In addition, this may be the first time two houseguests were seated next to each other on Thursday night twice in the same season.

If the week continues to play out like it should, Frank is going to be completely convinced that he is safe this week, and then he will leave from an Ian tiebreaking vote on Thursday night.  To be fair, it’s not exactly hard to convince Frank of anything, all you have to do is tell him something and he’ll believe it.  He’s not stupid, but he is very gullible.

I see a lot of animosity towards Dan for swearing on the bible and then going back on it, but I need to defend him here. There is a lot of semantics going on in this situation.  While Frank may think the final 2 deal means that Dan was his new Boogie, it didn’t.  I took it as Dan was going to casually align with Frank and they were not going to vote for each other until the end.  As long as Dan votes for Joe to leave this Thursday, he held up his end of the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Is it Dan’s fault that Frank was too foolish to fall for this rookie mistake?  Frank knew Dan is a huge threat and tried to get him out twice, only to be convinced not to do it both times.  Also, Frank should have seen the writing on the wall when talk of removing Jenn was an option.  This type of move dates back to early reality show gaming where someone promises a vote but then has other people do the dirty work while said person remains free of guilt.  Frank is supposed to be living his Big Brother dream, yet I seen this playing out 2 minutes after Dan won veto.  How is Frank still in the dark?  This is part of the social/strategic game that Ian said Frank is lacking, and it’s showing through here.

This is going to be pretty obvious, but what do you see happening on Thursday:

[polldaddy poll=6508406]

Don’t forget, there is still time to sign up for the live feeds.  Next week should prove to be very entertaining as all of Dan’s alliances should be looking to him for support, and he finally has to choose one.

Big Brother 14 – PoV Results

It’s been a long time since Frank has been on the block and did not win the veto to save himself, but that streak had to come to an end, and it could cost him his time in the Big Brother 14 house.

Today, the veto competition was played, and Dan emerged victorious leaving him with a decision on whether or not he should save Jenn, save Frank, or not use it.  Early chatter is that he may repay Jenn by taking her off, while Ian replaces her with Joe.  This is an interesting move that Ian may gladly go along with, and perhaps encourage Dan to use it.

Ian is talking about a “resume builder” for the finals, and one good way to do that is to evict strong players.  While he foolishly got rid of a strong player who respected those types of decisions before jury, this could be a chance for not only Dan to keep his word, but Ian to finally get some real blood on his hands.

Of course, Dan is going to come out on top in the situation, as he’s been doing all year, but to Ian’s credit this may be the best move for him in order to seem like a real player.  As much of a competitor as Frank is, there are only so many bullets you can dodge before one hits you.  This may be his time. The way I see it right now, Dan and Jenn vote for Frank to stay, Danielle and Shane vote for Joe, while Ian breaks the tie with some speech that he prepares all week for.  Hopefully it’s a good one and not some pathetic “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” speeches, but something tells me it won’t be.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, he no longer has to pretend to be grateful for Frank (and Mike) for getting him to this point in the game.

Right now, Frank is actually thinking of going along with the whole plan too, and plans to encourage Dan to use the veto on Jenn.  I’m not really sure where Danielle and Shane stand, but something tells me that Dan is simply going to encourage them to vote for Joe to stay so Frank will be eliminated, Ian will look bad, a strong competitor is gone, and Dan will keep his word.  In fact, I almost guarantee that’s what Dan is going to do, and I’ll be shocked otherwise.  This is his perfect time to get Frank out while not going against himself swearing on the bible.

It’s going to be an interesting week, but I do suspect the veto will be used on Monday, I also suspect Jenn will come off and Joe will go up.  The big thing will be where Dan steers his two puppets.

(note: I am rushing out the door, so if I have grammatical or spelling errors, please forgive me.  First time I didn’t get to triple check my post)

Big Brother 14 – House Goes Crazy After PoV

As I discussed last night and today, Dan took his 24 hours in solitary and came out with an absolutely genius scheme to get himself out of trouble this week.  I’ll be honest, I watched BB1, then missed a few seasons but have watched a lot of Big Brother in my life.  What Dan did was probably the most surprising move I’ve ever witnessed on the show.  To summarize real brief, he managed to go from a Boogie situation last week (sure exit from the house) to being removed from the block and in a power alliance that has a great shot at making the final 4.

One thing Ian was greatly mistaken last week was when he said learned from the best after getting rid of Boogie.  Reality is, he learned from the 4th or 5th best because Dan just secured his spot at the best player in BB history in my eyes.   Dr.Will was 1st, but he has been removed from the throne last night.

The tricky part of the situation today was figuring out a way that Jenn can use the PoV without putting a complete target on her back.  Apparently she used the veto by saying keeping Dan in the house is good for her to allow for a bigger target to remain in.  Britney was then replaced and the fireworks began.

Starting at around 12:35pm, you can find Ian and Frank arguing quite a bit in the HoH room, and they explode once again at 12:57pm.  It’s been quite an intense day in the house as Frank has basically called out Ian for his sneakiness, while Ian is trying to deny the entire thing.  I do give Ian some credit, he’s going down with his lies, that’s for sure.  He’s still standing by the “quick” decision he had to make last Thursday.

Watch some of these arguments unfold and wait for new ones to spring up as this is going to be a very wild week in the Big Brother house.  And to think, people wanted Frank gone?  I understand if you don’t want him to win, but the game needed him as far as possible because this is pure entertainment.  Sign up to the live feeds now.

Big Brother 14 – Weekend Wrap-Up; Nomination On TV Tonight

Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend, I tried my best to stay updated but it was really tough with spotty Internet service.  I went to visit my parents deep in Maine and let me just say that they have one traffic light in the entire town.  I am shocked I was able to get Internet at all, even if it was very spotty.

With my life story out of the way, let me do a little weekend recapping for those likely tuning in after watching the nominations on CBS (Sunday night).  After the wild and intense live show on Thursday night, the show was cut off before the HoH competition, so people who just watch CBS still have no clue who actually won the HoH.  (hint: sign up for the live feeds, there is still time in the season to enjoy it).

There is plenty of time to enjoy the feeds
Sign up for 3 days FREE here!


Here is what happened on this wild weekend once Julie Chen went off the air and our Big Brother 14 houseguests were back on their own….

HoH Competition:

HoH was played and finished shortly before 1am est, and in fact BBAD came on a few minutes before the live feeds did.  Luckily I picked up Showtime this winter and watched as the first thing they showed was Frank had the key around his neck.  This means Frank won the HoH.

Frank is showing weakness without Boogie:

Frank and Ian tried to talk it out and let me say, I’m a bit shocked at the Tank.  Ian has somehow convinced Frank that least week was just a random lapse in judgement because Dan got to him, and he’s still aligned with Frank.  Let me just say, Frank claims this has been a dream of his, but when did this dream start?  2011?  He can’t be that clueless so see that Ian is lying to his face, especially after the guy nominated both Frank and the girl he had a crush on.  Guys like Ian don’t simply nominate girls like Ashley unless he’s deeply embedded and loyal to that alliance.   Come on Frank, you know better … or do you?


Nominations were only a mild shocker because I thought for sure that Dan and Shane were going to be nominated.  While he didn’t make a stupid decision like Jenn and Joe, it was a little puzzling to see Dan and Danielle nominated.  Frank has two huge physical threats remaining in the game, both have worked hard to get him evicted.  If Danielle goes home this week, that almost makes things easier on the quack pack because neither Dan nor Shane have to feel obligated to slit each others throat to take Danielle to the finals.  Of course Frank doesn’t know the inner dynamics of the alliance like the fans do, but still… not really a good choice there.

Pandora’s Box:

This was finally introduced into the season after a week or so of the clue in the arcade room.  What happened was they hid quarters around the house, and you had to try and take the balls out of the machine.  One of those balls was a special veto power, and Ian was the winner of that.   As of now, he doesn’t plan on using it (because he is scared to make big moves) but that veto set up the possibility of both Dan and Danielle being removed from the block.  It’s a good thing this didn’t happen last week, otherwise fans would tear down the BB house claiming it’s all a conspiracy to keep Frank and Boogie in the house.

PoV Competition:

The PoV may as well have been called the punishment of veto competition this week.  Talk about a suck challenge. Houseguests had to figure out a drawing and buzz in.  If they buzzed in, they had to either guess it, earn buts but also take the punishment or be disqualified.   Frank was the big loser of the competition as he buzzed in the most, got the most penalties, but then was disqualified for accidentally saying the answer when Britney buzzed in.  He was dominating in points, and for some reason even took the two week with no HoH punishment (for 10 points), which was mighty stupid of him.  For an HoH, maybe.. but for PoV when you have 5-7 people after you?  Let someone else have the veto.  Worst case is Dan and Danielle come down and Shane and Britney go up.  In no way whatsoever was the 2 weeks of HoH-less time was worth it.

Jenn ended up winning the veto by spending the rest of the summer on slop.  Another dumb move.. I’ll have to watch the competition to find out if they had to do that, but let me just say.. if Frank didn’t HAVE to take the HoH punishment, and Jenn didn’t HAVE to take the slop, they’re a lot worse at the game than I thought.  Boogie really was carrying Frank.  Jenn had nothing to fear this week with Shane/Dan/Danielle/Britney being massive targets.  It was a terrible decision, but it doesn’t shock me.


So this is mostly caught up now.  I’m going to be tweeting a bit more now and watching the feeds, so be sure to sign up to the feeds and also tweet along with me!

Big Brother 14 – Jenn Actually Won Something!

Yes, I’m about as shocked as Jenn looks in the picture above, but apparently she pulled it out today and won the Power of Very.  Yes, read that again, Jenn won a meaningful competition.  Although to be fair, she somehow managed to win a vacation from the last time they were in a challenge like that, but only because other people didn’t steal it from her.

I can’t possibly imagine a situation where Jenn could win a contest.  My guess it was an endurance type of challenge to see who can sit in the backyard the longest without really talking to anyone.  The last person to speak, wins.

Seriously though, the ‘prizes’ or should I say ‘punishments’ were as follows:

  • Britney and Danielle are tied together for 24 hours.  I’d normally say OUCH but those two are together at the hip anyway.  I’m pretty sure Shane is breathing a sigh of relief though.
  • Dan is to be secluded in the have-not room for 24 hours while disco music and lights play.
  • Frank is wearing a banana suit, I haven’t been able to find out for how long

See these crazy actions and much more on the live feeds.

I’ll be heading home tomorrow so I’m going to be scouring the net/flashback feeds/etc for any information I can dig up and post a nice recap of things that happened while I was away.  I apologize for these recent posts for being so brief, but hard to follow along right now.

I am still not completely sure of what Ian plans on doing with his veto, and early whispers are that Jenn is confident Danielle has the votes if nominations remain the same.  If neither person uses a veto, we could see our 3rd coach removed from the game which would likely change the dynamic entirely.  Not only has Dan been a calming figure for his alliance, but he is really the brains behind them.   If an when he’s gone, Britney, Shane and Danielle may end up being the brains… scary.  Oh, Ian too, which is possibly more scary considering he’s just playing to have fun.

Major Update – Frank should have won the PoV but apparently he was disqualified for some reason and must sit out the next two HOH’s.  Between the Pandora’s box veto and this, please remind me again how the producers are doing what they can to keep Frank in the house.

Big Brother 14 – Big Brother Veto Show Thread

Wake up, it’s time for Big Brother on CBS!

It’s Wednesday night, so that means a new episode of Big Brother 14 is on tonight!   While the house went into some weird mode today where the bags were placed in the storage room, and houseguests were put on HoH lockdown for a little bit, it seems everything is normal.  Typically when they do that routine, it’s on a Thursday, so the entire day everyone was expecting an eviction tonight, but apparently it’s not happening.   One thing is for sure, even if an eviction does happen, it won’t be part of a live show because I’m pretty sure they would have given us advanced notice on that.

Anyway, I know a lot of people are reading this right now because they just watched the action on the show and are searching for more information.  Let me tell you, the week has been absolutely wild.  I have tried to cover a lot of it on this blog, and some on twitter, but nothing beats watching the live feeds for action to spring up at a moments notice.   If you sign up, you get the first 3 days free, and it’s quite exciting at times!  In addition, you can watch any moment from this season or recent past seasons using the “Flashback” feature.

Don’t miss a moment of Big Brother 14
Sign up and watch the live feeds right now!

I’m writing this before the show, but I know they are not going to cover most of the wild stuff that has happened, especially after the veto ceremony, and you will probably only get snippets of it tomorrow due to time issues.  Check out this thread for the wild confrontations that happened in the house last night, and just scroll through some recent posts on the front page for more information.  It has been the most exciting week in the house since Willie was around, and possibly moreso because this is all game and less headbutting.

While right now things are not looking good for Boogie, I can tell you that he and Frank are still pushing as hard as they can to remain in the house. Granted what they are doing is basically the definition of the “Hail Mary Pass”, but it’s very cool to at least see them try.  Last week, Wil and Joe decided to play dead after the veto competition, but for what we lost there, Boogie/Jenn/Frank definitely made up for this week.

It will be a big day in the house tomorrow, possibly some more fireworks tonight, so be sure to keep checking this blog, twitter or facebook for updates.  Of course, you can always just watch the feeds too!