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Tune In Tonight For Rumor Control

Big Brother Rumor ControlBig Brother 13 is getting closer by the day, and the un-official beginning is tonight with a show on Superpass called “Rumor Control” hosted by Big Brother 12’s Ragan Fox, and Big Brother 8’s Daniele Donato.

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Based on the name, they’re likely going to talk about what they expect this season, but seeing as their guess is as good as anyone’s (I think – unless they have inside info), they’re likely going to chat about their time on Big Brother.  This is always an interesting thing to listen to, as sometimes you get behind the scenes dirt that you never knew happened.

Tune in tonight at 6pm EST / 3pm PST for the first episode, and see what Daniele and Ragan have to say.    You must have superpass to watch this, so get it today and save 33% off the regular price, and get $30 worth of music to download.

Watch Rumor Control Here At 6pm EST

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