Friday , June 23 2017
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Watch The Big Brother 13 Commerical That Shows Nothing

So, during the Survivor finale, they decided to air a commercial on Big Brother 13, despite pretty much having nothing to contribute of any importance.   This commercial was more of a “Hey, we’re still going to be airing this summer, so don’t forget about us” spot, as it just featured random clips from last season.

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Regardless of how little the commercial actually shows, it is a sign that summer is approaching and Big Brother 13 is right around the corner.  For some reason the second half of the video is in slow motion, so if you want to get some excitement followed by confusion, feel free to watch it below.

Ironically, this blog post is similar to the commercial.  Nothing of real substance to contribute, but wanted to get it out there that this blog exists and will be updating this summer 🙂


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