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Why Wasn’t This Wedding All Over The News?

big brother 13 rachel weddingWe all had to hear about the royal wedding pretty much every day leading up to it, despite probably 75% of the country completely uninterested in it (well, I hope that number is true).   Now we’re all suffering from TLC constantly whoring out a reality has-been Nick Lachey marrying Vanessa something (how is she famous?  I honestly have no clue).  My question is, if Nick and Vanessa got their show, why wasn’t TLC breaking into their coverage for the Rachel and Brendon mock wedding?  This shit was gold.  You had trash bags, bubbles, popcorn, and elf ring bearer,  and clapping instead of singing.

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The wedding was about as awkward as the bachelor party, but hey what can you expect from what they were able to use.   Shelly introduced Rachel by screaming “INTRODUCING…. THE BRIDE” which I could have sworn I heard from my bedroom window trying to sleep last night, and I live across the country.   Then Rachel walked out to a very slow and extremely creepy version of “For she’s a jolly good fellow” that sounded like something you’d hear as you are going unconscious while zombies were munching on your brain.  I’m going to have nightmares about that version for weeks.

Lawon then kicked it up a notch by acting like one of those singing preachers, in typical Lawon style…


While his speech was ok, talking about love and the Big Brother house, I really think he should have incorporated some of this into it..


Overall, it was pretty funny to watch, and it sure beats watching them sit around all night whispering in each others ears.   Taking some time away from the drama is always a good thing, but like I said in the other post, please don’t keep the drama away too long!

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