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Home / Big Brother 18 / The Week Ends As Frank’s Game Gets The Spotlight

The Week Ends As Frank’s Game Gets The Spotlight


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The week of Victor is about to end – finally – and things may be heating up in the Big Brother house. Just like Jozea last week, there isn’t much to talk about with the current noms. Victor is leaving the house. Will it be unanimous? Probably. Does it really matter? Not really. The next time we talk about Victor after tonight is when we mention how he likely beat Jozea (who likely beat Glenn) in the competition to return to the house.

The big story is Frank.  He has been the topic of discussion over the past 48 hours or so by many people. The reason is because Frank has been aggressively ‘passive’ this season, and people are starting to notice it. He has been kind of hanging around the house being friendly with everyone, making small deals here and there, and allowing others to get their hands dirty. This isn’t sitting well with the rest of his alliance because they (Da’Vonne especially) is noticing just how close Frank has been with everyone. Yesterday alone he was a mini-therapist to both a crying Paul and Natalie, and he is pretty much leading the pack of guys in the house (they may not admit it, but it’s true). Fast forward to the final 2 right now, and Frank beats anyone in the house with ease.

So, what will Da’Vonne do about it moving forward? It’s hard to tell. She was pretty solid on moving to get him out before jury, but seems to have backed off that a little. I do know one thing is certain, there is a very good chance this week will start revealing true intentions of people, and the drama can finally come to the house!

Sorry for the small post. Been busy all afternoon seeing as the feeds were off and on, and now I need to rest my back for a little before I’m blogging tonight. I just wanted to do a quick prediction post and say Victor is obviously going home.  He may get a pity vote from Paul, but that’s about it.

See you in a few hours!

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