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Wil Heuser’s Push To Reality Fame Continues With Big Brother 14

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I had a little delay in my bio’s, and I realized I needed to rush it considering the game has already started and I’ve yet to post about it!  Well, not much to post because the camera’s are still blacked out until the first episode airs, but still.  Speaking of cameras, there are only a few days left to save 25% on the live feeds, so make sure to pick them up here.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the second prettiest houseguest in the Big Brother 14 house, Wil Heuser.  He has been pushing for fame from appearing on American Idol to having his own Youtube channel.  It’s not a shock to see him now on BB14, as he’s going to try to play the “nice guy” (aka: floater) and see where it takes him.

Prediction: Wil seems like a fun enough guy and the cast will enjoy keeping him around, and they’ll be sad when they boot him somewhere in the middle of the season. He’s going to come out of the house and be like “Julie, I am in shock they voted me out”, but are you really?  It sounds like your gameplan is to be a floater, and that usually involves a summer of tans, slop, prizes, then eventual shock when you’re eliminated unexpectedly.

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