Monday , June 26 2017


So, the last two weeks, both HOH’s have essentially treated Jeff like he was the current HOH, kissing his ass so much that it’ll be shiny for weeks.  Now that he is actually the head of household, we may see some ass kissing like you’ve never seen before.  I don’t even have a good metaphor for it, that’s how extreme it will probably be.  Jeff should just open the HOH, pull down his pants and let the houseguests walk in an ass-kissing circle so they can all get their fair turn at puckering his butt (I’m sure the female viewers would enjoy that sight).

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I think it’s going to be a very interesting decision on Jeff’s part this week.   I have no doubt he’s going to put Kalia up, but what is he going to do with the other slot?  Daniele revealed that if she is nominated, there will be 6 competitors for the veto competition, but if she’s not, she’ll be the guaranteed 7th.   I think Jeff would really like to backdoor Daniele, but if he nominates Kalia and Porsche, there will be a very strong chance that Daniele wins the veto, takes off someone, and he’ll have to then choose between Rachel, Adam or Shelly.   Because of this, I suspect that he’s going to simply put Kalia and Daniele on the block, hope Porsche doesn’t win veto (if she’s picked), and try to make sure his nominations stay the same.

What are your opinions?  Who do you suspect he puts up?

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