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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/10/20

Good morning all! The hgs survived another day and I survived the 3 year old. I'm just going to get right to it because she'll wake up soon and I should probably have this done or it may not happen. The hgs still have the yard, the house is still freezing but they may have solved the hot water problem. Yes, I know none of that is game related but I'm giving you what's available. Don't worry, there was some game talk but it's the first week and people arn't going to put everything out there just yet. We're gonna get there and besides, we can't claim they arn't playing already when there's about 500 alliances forming. Here's some highlights from yesterday (and maybe a few from Sunday that I'd overlooked): Enzo seems to want Tyler gone but he's playing along for now. He doesn't know Cody paired up with...

Big Brother 22 – Monday Night Updates

Good evening, everyone! It's Monday night in the Big Brother house and it's beginning to feel like normal actually seeing them outdoors. Nobody appears to be sick today which is a huge relief. Plus the pent up anxiety of being indoors is fading so now they can finally start really scheming. There are a few alliances in the works, I covered a few with Memphis earlier today, so I won't get into that right now, but...

Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's veto day in the Big Brother house which means we'll know for sure the two people who will be sitting on the block Thursday night (spoiler: It'll be Keesha and Kevin).  This house is starting to settle and look beyond this week as we're in the stage where everyone aligns with everyone before an eventual major blowup that forms the solid smaller alliances. Here is an example: Right now Cody and Enzo are...

Big Brother 22-Sunday Recap for 8/9/20

  Good morning BB Junkies! The hgs finally got the yard last night and they were definitely ready for it. They also had a small birthday celebration for Kaysar and I think they're going to have something for him in the yard sometime today. Keesha even walked by and gave him a "anyone want cake?"  He's been in the BB house 3 times now and this is the first time he won't be evicted on...

Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's been an incredibly slow day in the house as everyone is basically just on pause trying to contain their frustration and anger about being stuck in the house now for essentially two and a half weeks. It feels like everyone is walking on eggshells just trying not to snap but not at each other. While originally I thought they were acting like babies because they are vets and should have expected this,...

Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/8/20

  Good morning! We've got a better idea now of where this week is heading and it looks like an "old school" player will be going home. Sure, there's time and anything could happen but I don't see the incentive for most of the house to want to change it. Kevin doesn't see himself as an old school player or at least that's what he told Nicole A. He is and we'll probably be losing...

Big Brother 22 – Veto Competition Results

Good evening, everyone! Can you believe the feeds have only been live for just under 36 hours now (as I type this)? I definitely like the feeds going live with the show because it's usually frustrating trying to piece together a week's worth of feeds after the premiere.  This way we get to see the early alliances form and really know what is going on. That leads us to where we are now which is this...