Adam Picks The Right Answers, Jordan Picks Something Else


The veto competition was today, and it sounds like it was the “otev competition” based on Jordan saying how guys always win this otev.

Here is the results of the veto:



What this means:  Adam promised Jordan that he wasn’t going to use the veto if he won it, but aside from the girls pushing Rachel into changing the course of the game, this is the only chance Porsche and Kalia have to stay in the game today.  Kalia is well aware of it, right now she’s hounding Adam in the bathroom about using the veto, but his reply is noting that she was the only one to vote for him to leave versus Shelly.

She suggested he even use it on Porsche, and it’s something he’s considering, but reality is it’s probably not going to happen.

The only reason he may use it is because now is the time, no matter what Julie Chen eventually says to him.   If he uses it, Jordan will go to jury and Rachel can’t compete which guarantees one of the three newbies HoH.

2:39 BBT – Rachel and Jordan are in the HoH bathroom saying how they do trust Adam, and they’re happy they kept him in the game.  I’m sure Adam is going to be treated like a king this week.

2:43 BBT – Rachel is positive that Kalia would win the game if she were in the final 2 with pretty much anyone in the game.   Plus she also said that she’s rather give Jordan $500k instead of Porsche $50k meaning she’d rather come in 2nd to Jordan than 1st to Porsche.  Really?  Is this the best friend house, or a competition to win half a million dollars?    I’d laugh my ass off if Rachel did that and lost..

2:47 BBT – If the two vets don’t win, Jordan said she’d want Adam to win out of anyone in the house because he’s a good guy.  That’s fine and dandy, but why have the vets blown smoke up everyone’s ass all year about not wanting a floater to win?


2:52 BBT – Jordan said she’d feel bad about voting out Porsche or Kalia, so Rachel is taking the opportunity to talk herself and Brendon up.  “We’re starting a family, Brendon is in medical schoo, blah blah”  Sounds like someone is trying to earn a vote if Jordan is booted to jury.

What do you think, will he use it?

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