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Adam Wearing A Dominic Backpack

big brother 13 dominic backpack

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big brother 13 dominic backpackTonight’s episode was the nomination ceremony, food competition, and a challenge to all the viewers to see if you can watch the whole thing without feeling the need to throw a remote at the tv whenever Rachel spoke, especially in the diary room.   She has to be the most annoying houseguest they’ve had in many seasons? Right?  I mean is that even for debate at this point?  The least CBS could do is turn her mic down whenever she enters the diary room.    I’m pretty sure I heard my neighbor yell “We get it Rachel, you have sex with Brandon” when she talked about being on the bottom.


Shelly and Kalia continue their gift to the vets by joining their alliance, and not even telling anyone so it’s causing a lot of distrust with the newbies.    As much as it pains me to say (because they’re helping Brendon and Rachel advance in the game), but Shelly is playing a good game so far.  She still has the trust of the newbies, who have no clue that she’s completely betraying them while massively kissing Jeff and Jordan’s ass.   I suppose I could say the same about Kalia too, but I won’t.

Another thing, what’s the big deal about the HoH room?  Do you think it eats away at the souls of houseguests who have to put on a fake face and pretend going up and checking out the new sheets of that room is somehow exciting?  I think a little piece of me would die if I were playing that game right now and had to pretend like I gave a shit about what the HoH room looked like.   It probably takes the show like 10 minutes to come in, throw the basket down with photos and a note, and change the sheets.  I seem to recall them actually putting effort into really redecorating that room a few years ago.


Food competition, I was a little disappointed how they handled it.   Brendon and Rachel won, but Adam and Dominic were clearly poised to finish 2nd, yet they decided to allow the first place team pick the “have nots” for the week.  I understand stuff like that causes drama, which is good for ratings, good for live feeds and good for everyone except those actually involved in the drama, but man, that was rough.

To add the insult to injury, when the stream of people lined up to give Jordan’s ass a nice french kiss came to an end, it was time for her to figure out who put the most effort in, and who just went through the motions like a married couple of 30 years.   It was very clear that Dominic’s effort was there, but his heart was set on Daniele and Jordan saw right through that.   This resulted in Jordan choosing Adam and Dominic for nomination, and according to Shelly, they should feel honored someone as amazing as Jordan picked them.    *puke*

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