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Afternoon Updates 8/16

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Sick from Advil or sick from the game?
Sick from Advil or sick from the game?

Good afternoon! First, I just want to talk about how hilarious Paul’s secret service punishment has been. When that red alert goes off, the live feeders are in for a treat! Last night for example, James hid under the mattress in the Tokyo room and kept asking production to call a red alert. Finally, his pleas resulted in one, and the other houseguests told Paul to go find James before he hid again. So Paul goes running into the London room, pats down the bed, and finds a melon with a hat on it and realizes that James made a decoy of himself. He and Natalie then started laughing hysterically. He found James without much of a challenge after that. But then, he goes back to the kitchen to pat down the others, and Paulie had stripped and was standing there naked (he covered the front at least) to try to make Paul uncomfortable when he patted him down. Flashback to 5:30 am to watch the whole thing. Absolutely hilarious.


After that, however, Natalie became violently ill from the Advil she was given in the DR for her neck pain. She was throwing up while James sat by her side and comforted her. As of a little bit ago, she was still feeling sick, so James was giving her a pep talk to not give up in the safari room. Other than that, most were just getting ready or cooking, while Victor played with his HOH camera and took pictures of Paul’s pelican among other things.

Also, I just want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to both myself and Pamela! Seeing your kind comments really helps us get through the long hours of blogging.. So thank you all for that!



  • 1:03 pm – Outdoor lockdown called. Houseguests are told to head to the backyard and shut the door. Victor said for about 45 mins
    • Natalie’s still showering though
    • James thinks the lockdown is to change out tables in the kitchen
    • Nat goes outside but then gets yelled at to put on her microphone, which she left inside
    • These will probably be our feeds for the next 45 mins
      These will be our feeds for the next 45 mins….
    • Michelle and Victor are dueling with the floatie logs in the pool
    • Lockdown over.. They got the new smaller table
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.11.28 PM
    • Now we have an indoor lockdown
    • Red alert called! Paul was sleeping too haha
    • Victor put white powder on his nose and is lining it up on the counter to imitate crack for when Paul comes to check him
    • Looks like he lost James again
  • 2:24pm – James was hiding behind the trash can in the storage room
    • Victor – “Hook Paul up with a nerf gun.” please production lol
    • Paul goes into the have not room to tell Michelle that Corey and Nicole are whispering. He says “What more is there to whisper about?”
    • “It ain’t easy being Agent Friendship.” I’m really going to miss this punishment
    • Victor and James are cooking, Nat is in the DR (V and J think she might be getting a muscle relaxer), Nicole and Corey are cuddling
    • James – “When you get to the end of the season, there aren’t very many backdoors.”
    • Corey and Nicole are whispering again.. Sounded like they were talking about how Paulie is campaigning and he talked to Nat and James. Maybe the plan to rattle their cage is working if it’s still underway
    • James and Vic talking about burn victims while Nicole and Corey are trying different cuddle positions.. barf
  • 3:18pm – Pretty much everyone is napping or getting ready to nap, while Paulie is in the DR and Victor eats in the kitchen (is it just me or is Victor always either eating or cooking?)
    • Victor cleaning the kitchen again and putting dishes away
    • The house is dead. I’ll be back when people wake up!
  • 5:30pm – Paulie and Victor are talking about sports in the living room
  • 6:35pm – Pie time for Paulie
    • I went back in the feeds a bit to see if anything interesting happened.. Victor had a chat with the live feeders, and said he doesn’t want Paulie to have the RT ticket and that he wants to go for his 9th win. Other than that, James tried to make a pie and Big Brother yelled at him
    • Now, Victor and Paul are talking in the HOH room while Corey is cooking something and James is just sitting in the kitchen
    • Paulie thinks he’s going to be making a lot of pies tonight because the basket is filled with supplies
    • Great. Paulie is only wearing the apron while he makes the pie. He took his pants off and the camera zoomed in on the butt (I hope he doesn’t touch himself while making that pie)
    • James asks Big Brother to red alert Paul right now
    • Paulie the streaker
    • “Want some pie Meech?” “Not that pie!!”
    • Red alert called lol
    • Naked Paulie is running away from Paul
    • Paulie has put pants back on
    • Paul – “Do you want me to make muffins since Bridgette is dead?”
  • 7:10pm – Everyone is up and in the kitchen now except for Natalie.
    • Paulie talks to James in the Tokyo room, and says that he doesn’t think anyone is coming after Natalie.
    • He says he’s going to ask for sympathy votes and then if he ends up staying, he can say he doesn’t know what happened
    • Paulie – “Use me as a weapon while you can.”
    • James – “I’ll see if I can talk to Natalie and get a good read on her.”
    • Paulie – “Natalie doesn’t have a target because no one is going after her.”
    • Paulie says that both Paul and Victor together are dangerous and tells James to use Paulie as a weapon to take them out
    • James says he’ll put some “real strategic thought” into it
    • Paulie says he’ll keep himself open as a target if he stays, gives James his word (lol)
  • 7:36pm – Puppet show time with Corey’s eagle. Victor is hilarious with this
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.35.17 PM
    • Natalie is finally up.. She looks like a zombie
    • Friendship time in the safari room with Victor, Paul, and Michelle
    • Nicole is complaining to Corey in the kitchen.. “I hate it when people come at me.. it makes me like.. annoyed.”
    • Paulie’s pie just got done (1st one today) and friendship time is talking about male haircuts and how to trim beards.
    • Victor says he gets mani/pedis once a month and that his sister plucks his eyebrows
    • Nicole is now complaining to Paulie about how people are talking about videos from home (I’m not sure why it’s bothering her??)
    • James tells Natalie that they’re “more flippable” than Paul and Victor. I think he thinks him and Nat are safe if Nicole or Corey wins HOH
    • Natalie says she wants to be the one to send Corey home
    • James says he’s gonna go tell Corey that Paulie is campaigning against him to make him sweat
    • Natalie says she’s a social threat because Nicole and Corey “know what she did”
  • 8:20pm – In the Tokyo room: Nicole – “Do you feel confident that you’re staying?” Corey – “For the most part.”
    • Meanwhile, in the London room: Natalie is saying that Paul wants to get Michelle out before he gets those two out and that she thinks they have a solid final 4 with Paul and Victor
    • Paulie, Nat, James, Nicole, and Corey are all hanging out in the London room (Nicole didn’t want to), while friendship time is finally back on another cam
    • Natalie called to DR, maybe to be looked at again
    • Just random talk is going on right now with the 2 groups, so I’m gonna wrap up this thread. Make sure you check back for the overnight recap in the morning!
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