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Alliances Start To Break; Metta Tries To Make A Break

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There are a few people on Twitter who are saying that the shorter season of Celebrity Big Brother is the better format because the longer summer version contains so much downtime and boredom. This week is a perfect example why I completely disagree with that take.

Someone (Brandi) is going to be evicted tonight which is bound to shake up the house. Ross and Marissa are trying to find a new alliance to cling to. Ari is quietly getting squeezed out of everything. Omarosa is doing a pretty good job at manipulating the house. With all of that finally happening, the season is going to come to an abrupt ending on Sunday. Just as things finally heat up, it’s over. Screw that. The three-week formula sucks and hopefully is something that never comes around again.

Maybe I’m just a Big Brother purist at heart, but it’s just awfully hard to get into a season that ends before things really heat up. I saw Evil Dick actually agree with this sentiment which is ironic because part of his lore is the epic endurance competition that wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact if it was a short season. Not a chance. The whole backstory of the strained relationship between him and his daughter slowly bonding throughout the season until the point where he’s standing there holding a key for 7 hours just doesn’t happen in an accelerated season.


I will be fair and say this is harder to judge because these are “celebs” in the house who have been fairly pampered compared to the traditional houseguests. Maybe I’m wrong and an accelerated season would be decent with a group of amateurs who really wanted to play (like the BBOTT crew). That was a shorter season than normal and easily my favorite out of the past many seasons, but again they used the traditional format of one weekly eviction just with fewer houseguests.

Ari doing her nails
If you ever catch Ari on feeds, odds are likely she’s doing something like her nails, hair, or makeup

Before I wrap this post up. I almost forgot about the Metta part. Last night, a conversation in the bathroom around 6:55 pm went on where Ari mentioned how Metta tried to escape the house the night before but was locked in by production. The feeds kept getting cut so we didn’t get a whole lot of detail, but what’s the deal with that?  There is a week left! Although when you think about it, Metta has more money than (I believe) the entire rest of the house combined, so it’s not like he’s there for that. I guess he was just there for the experience and so far the experience hasn’t been what he expected.

Maybe that’s why D-List celebs are the only people these type of shows can get?  Anyone with real money wouldn’t want to sit in a house for a month straight. Even though most of these people are worth over a million each (which is nothing to sneeze at), they’re all doing it to jumpstart their careers to keep that money flowing. I don’t think Metta has those same goals so it’s not really shocking he has zero desire to be there.

I’m going to start a live feed thread in a bit, and tonight I’ll be live blogging the eviction/PoV episode. So, stay tuned!


I realized that today is going to be a wash because it’s a live eviction day so I won’t do a live feed thread but will definitely have a post going for the episode tonight!

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