America’s Nom And Veto – Monday Feeds



It’s Monday which is an important day in the BB house. It’s time to find out who the 3rd nominee is, and it’s also the PoV competition. Good times.

I’m going to jump right in because I got a late start to the day…


  • 10:00am – Alex is selected as the 3rd nominee
    • alex-3rdnom
    • Alex is drawn for veto, so she picks Morgan
    • This means Jason, Shelby, Alex, Danielle, Whitney, and Morgan will be playing PoV
    • Jason immediately begins crying about Alex’s chip being pulled
  • 10:30am – Morgan is talking to Shelby about the options today.  The smashers have good odds but it’s still a long hill
    • Side note – Finally watched the season premiere of Scorpion last night. That Happy girl needs to ditch that guy ASAP. He’s obsessed with her already being married. Bro, it happens. It’s a technical difficulty she told him that she’s going to clear up. Him obsessing over it is a HUGE red flag and if she stays with him, she’s nuts.
  • 1:22pm – PoV time.  Houseguests have to carry a tube across a platform and put the balls in another tube.
    • Scott was literally practicing all summer for this type of comp and is gone haha. Poor guy.
    • veto-comp
    • povcomp
    • This is crazy full of rules.  If they drop any balls, they need to reset any final tube that has less than 10.  This may be a long competition – again.
    • The best and longest competitions have been this season unlike the summer. Boo
    • Shelby has completed one full tube
    • shelby-tube
    • as has Danielle.  It’s neck and neck between the two right now
  • Jason, Danielle and Shelby all have 1 full tube
  • 1:40pm – Jason wins the PoV
    • jason-wins
    • The sisters are almost certainly broken up this week.
  • 5:00pm – Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are together realizing they’re screwed this week
  • 6:20pm – Not a whole lot going on. I guess the girls finally realized that Whitney flipped when she said ‘let’s celebrate’ regarding the veto
    • I did a flashback to 2:45pm.  The girls were upstairs on the bridge and Whitney didn’t realize it.  So she said ‘We should celebrate tonight’.  Here are the reactions…
    • shelby-shocked morgan-confused
    • Morgan went downstairs and asked what they were celebrating, and Whitney said ‘Justin not being on slop’ (he hasn’t been for days)
  • 7:15pm – After the recap, we come back to the feeds to see the girls talking about Jason’s ‘plan’
    • He told them he’s going to backdoor Justin this week.  Jason already discussed this with his alliance that he planned on trolling the girls and getting their hopes up for some reason. Classy?
    • Alex is happy, but she’s going to be upset
    • alex-happy2

Check back for updates

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