Sunday, August 9, 2020

Another Pawn Goes Home



The house votes out Sis on a near-unanimous with the only vote against Christie coming from Nick. Holly captured her second HOH title to keep Michie and her in power and safety for the week. With the Taco Tuesday blowup, Nick and/or Christie are likely going up.


My oh my how this season is playing out. On one hand, Christie might be a pure genius for calling out Nick in front of everyone. She starts a rivalry with him, thereby ensuring she is a target in the house that Nick will go after. So, of course, the house now wants to keep her and Nick in so that they don’t go after each other and piss each other off. On the other hand, she could have just been saved by dumb luck, which is just as amazing. Reminds me a little of Evil Dick without the bullying and pots and pans.

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Christie literally painted herself such a huge target that nobody wanted her gone. That’s Derrick-type, Dan-type move, potentially Dr. Will-type move. Yet, I think Christie has already made choices in the game that keep her out of being an elite player in BB history. However, Christie would have moved into jury house without causing that scene. With Michie’s girl in power, I’m very curious to what’s going to happen next. Do they have a pact? Are they coming after each other?

Holly’s second HOH reign could not have come at a worse time this year. Here is the situation. Her boyfriend put up two people at the beginning of the week with the explicit intentions that Christie goes home. Fast forward and Holly votes to keep Christie due to her upcoming battle against Nick. With Holly (or hypothetically if it was Michie) as HOH, she has to put up at least Christie or Nick in order to satisfy the house. Inadvertently, it will burn a bridge with potential allies.

Say they go after Nick. They burn any bridge tied to him and he might vote against them on finale night. It doesn’t make sense to go after him after telling the house they wanted Christie gone a week ago. Holly and Michie would receive more loyalty from Nick than Christie and her allies. Now, let’s flip it. By going after Christie, Holly will destroy any hope of reforming an alliance with her and Tommy. That side will smear the couple in jury house and Christie will cry all week. The best case scenario for Holly and Michie would have been if Nick or Christie won HOH. No blood and the opportunity for both to play in the HOH comp next week.

What are your thoughts?

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