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Big Brother 16 – And The Feeds Are Live!

So, about 5 minutes into turning on the live feeds, and we had Joey streaking around the house with Hayden. She stripped down to her thong and some pasties over her nips, and Hayden...

Big Brother 16 – The Twist Revealed

First off, apologizes for not posting since last night.  I had stupid stuff going on today and didn't have time, but I have my coffee and I'm ready for the feeds to begin (at...

Big Brother 16 – What We Know So Far

Episode 1 is in the books, the summer is officially underway!  I cannot believe it.  It is always a surreal feeling watching the first episode and learning more about the people I've been trying...

Big Brother 16 – Breaking Down The Twist

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to break down the twist a little bit to see if we can figure out what is going on exactly. What we know is this: There will...

Last Chance To Save 20% On Big Brother 16 Feeds

I said a few days ago that I would only remind you guys one more time about the Big Brother 16 live feed savings, so here it is!  Today is the last day you'll...

Big Brother 16 Sneak Peek! HoH Competition

First off, happy Big Brother day!  The time has finally arrived, and in just over 9 hours we will finally begin our Big Brother summer! On the heels of the kickoff, CBS released a video...

Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Victoria Rafaeli

Every year I run full steam into these profiles thinking I am going to bang them out in an hour and be all witty, funny and clever.  After a few profiles, analyzing and watching...

Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Nicole Franzel

As a gamer, I come across two types of females who play games.  Gamer girls and girls who game.  The first are typically the type who pop in a game or two and then...

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Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's been an incredibly slow day in the house as everyone is basically just on pause trying to contain their frustration and...

Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/8/20

  Good morning! We've got a better idea now of where this week is heading and it looks like an "old school" player will be...

Big Brother 22 – Veto Competition Results

Good evening, everyone! Can you believe the feeds have only been live for just under 36 hours now (as I type this)? I definitely like...

Big Brother 22 – Saturday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's veto competition day in the Big Brother house and it's really a big day for either nominee because neither are really...

Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 8/7/20

Good morning all! I'm going to admit that I'm having a bit of a hard time so far doing a recap. Since the hgs...

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