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Big Brother 22 – Thursday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon everyone! It's the first full day in the Big Brother house and the wheels are already turning.  So far the theme of the afternoon is that everyone is scampering into corners trying to...

Big Brother 22 All-Star First Live Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone! Well, that was a night. As expected, as soon as the show starts, my site starts crapping out and I get errors. This is likely due to the advanced comment features we...

Big Brother 22 – Season Premiere Live Blogging Thread!

Good evening, everyone! Wow, this actually feels weird and I've been kind of nervous all day. I don't know why, either. I've been blogging this show for nearly a decade but this is the first...

Big Brother 22 Day! Off To A Bad Start. Cast Members With Coronavirus

Good morning, everyone!  It's Big Brother day - FINALLY! Sure, we may be 6 weeks late, but we're here, and that's all that matters. And I'm just going to lead right into the title because...

Big Brother 22 All-Stars House Photos

Alright gang, things are definitely getting real now that the house photos have been released! I say it every year that I'm never too interested in how the house looks, but I know many...

Sunday Ramblings – Big Brother All-Stars To Begin and More

For the last few years, I have been emerging from my winter cocoon in January to blog about Celebrity Big Brother. This is usually when I'm notified that the domain name bigbrotherjunkies.com has expired...

Cast Reveal Apparently Pushed Back To Opening Night, But I Have Rumored List

The cast reveal for Big Brother All-Stars was supposed to happen this week, but that was quickly scrapped after some behind the scenes drama that we'll never fully know the truth about (I'll get...

Big Brother Junkies 2.1 Update Notes

With the season of Big Brother All-Stars rapidly approaching, it's time to fine-tune the site so we're ready for the season. This update features a bunch of new additions to the comment section which...

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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/10/20

Good morning all! The hgs survived another day and I survived the 3 year old. I'm just going to get right to it because...

Big Brother 22 – Monday Night Updates

Good evening, everyone! It's Monday night in the Big Brother house and it's beginning to feel like normal actually seeing them outdoors. Nobody appears to...

Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's veto day in the Big Brother house which means we'll know for sure the two people who will be sitting on...

Big Brother 22-Sunday Recap for 8/9/20

  Good morning BB Junkies! The hgs finally got the yard last night and they were definitely ready for it. They also had a small...

Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It's been an incredibly slow day in the house as everyone is basically just on pause trying to contain their frustration and...

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