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Battle Back Results And Discussion

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Tiffany Rousso and host Julie Chen on live eviction night July 21. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Tonight is the final night of the 3-night Big Brother run, and it’s a big one. We learn the fate of the original 5 evicted houseguests and who will be returning back into the house so they can be evicted about 2 weeks later and sent to jury.  Whoever it is (my guess is Victor or Tiffany) looks like they’ll have a pretty decent summer, especially one of the earlier evicted players.  Last night showed Glenn and crew living it up in sequester houses, still earning their $1k(ish)/week pay while actually enjoying their days rather than run around paranoid wondering if they’re going to be evicted. On top of that, as I mentioned, they’re almost certain to last 2-3 weeks back in the house (tops), which means they’re nearly guaranteed a jury slot and another month+ inside the official sequester house (which I hear is pretty damn fun). Oh, all while still earning their $1k/week. That’s more than $10k just to relax by a pool all summer. Not a bad gig if you can get it.


I’ve talked a lot about this competition and who has the advantage, but I’ll mention it one more time. It is going to be (or should be) round by round eliminations. Round 1 will feature Glenn vs Jozea, then the winner faces Victor in round 2. Round 3 puts that winner against Bronte, to finally have that winner face Tiffany the last person standing out of those two re-enters the house.  Confusing? Maybe the way I wrong it, but it won’t be bad. Let me break it down visually…

  • Round 1 – Jozea vs Glenn
  • Round 2 – Round1 winner vs Victor
  • Round 3 – Round2 winner vs Bronte
  • Round 4 – Round3 winner vs Tiffany
  • Winner of round 4 is back in

It is done this way because Tiffany clearly had it the hardest and survived a few evictions, so she has the easiest path back into the house with only 1 challenge.


Alright, it’s 7:30est. Big Brother is going to be on shortly, so wrapping this up and will do updates when it’s on…

  • 8:00pm – Spicoli has resorted to doing commercials talking to dogs in his car.  Whatever
    • Game on!
    • Looks like we’re going to deal with a ton of flashbacks first
  • 8:05pm – Maybe it won’t be delayed for awhile. Already showing Glenn vs Jozea
    • They are doing the log competition. I wonder if they did it shortly after the competition a few weeks ago
    • Jozea is cruising through the competition, but there is an option for a ‘poison berry’ that they can get which will knock all the berries from their opponents row
    • Jesus Jr keeps taking the shorter patch but falling. Glenn takes an early lead as a result
    • Glenn gets his poison berry, but he was too slow and Jesus Jr locked in his first column before they could all fall.
    • Jozea does the poison berry to Glenn just to kick him while he’s down.
  • Jesus Jr wins round 1
  • Round 2
    • Victor vs Jozea in the tennis comp. This means the next comp is trivia
    • They have 3 balls to hit 5 pictures of their opponent.  When they run out of balls they need to run and collect.
    • Victor knocks down 1
    • 1-1
    • 2-1 Victor in lead
    • 3-2 Victor
    • 3-3
    • 4-3 Victor
    • 5-3 Victor wins
  • 8:25pm – Commercial Break before Victor beats Bronte
    • Ok, Victor vs Bronte
    • Bronte comes out running ‘Girl Power’!
    • It is indeed trivia. The old competition is still set up, so this was clearly done on a week by week basis
    • They each have 6 booths. They need to look at pictures and then go to each booth and match the photo with the clue
    • Sounds like they are starting to guess toward the end.
    • Victor rings in, he’s wrong on 3
    • Bronte rings in, she’s wrong on 5
    • Victor rings in, he’s wrong on 1 now
    • Victor wins round 3
  • 8:35pm – Here we go, Victor vs Tiffany in round 4. After commercial break
    • They need to search through the bins for puzzle pieces. Climbing a wall, etc. Looks like a veto competition
    • Pretty even competition so far early
    • Hard to commentate on this. They’re both pretty even, though Victor keeps messing up
    • Victor takes a lead. Has the puzzle done and just need to do the times he ignored
    • Victor re-enters the house. 
  • 8:50pm – Victor helps Tiffany out of her belt and she tells him to trust Frank and don’t trust Day
    • Julie tells the houseguests about the winner.
    • The house is in shock
    • She tells them ‘they will be moving back in shortly’ goodnight houseguests.
    • Bell rings
    • Nicole hides behind a pillow
    • Paul gets a stiffy seeing his buddy back. I wonder how that will work with Paul being the snake for Paulie. Will Victor just join the power, get Frank out and stick around 2-3 weeks?
  • Julie also announces another twist…
    • There are signs around the house with clues. They are on general posters. The clues contain information on a secret room that will give someone a big power. It will only be available for the next 4 weeks

That’s it for now. Feeds come up in 3 hours.  Will have a live update thread then

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