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Big Brother 13 – Live Eviction Thread

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As predicted weeks ago, the Big Brother house will be one step closer to turning into a sausage factory after tonight. The sixth girl of the season will walk out the door out of eight evictions! Hopefully Big Brother has something up their sleeve because I have news for them – girls are good for reality TV.  Zach (bless his heart) tries to create drama, but considering everyone knows that’s his shtick going forward, few will actually take the bait.

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My biggest hope is that production has a few more twists up their sleeves. A houseguest will return, but that’s nothing new. A Pandora’s Box will likely happen, but rewards the last few seasons haven’t really been very game changing (I don’t remember them all off-hand, but most were meh).  I’d like to see something new for the last few weeks, something that will get the house stirred up somewhat. Shake up the alliances. Make Team America mission a big deal.. something, anything!  I beg you!

I realized I’m running out of time for this, so I’m going to publish and get in my Big Brother watching spot on the couch…



  • 6:00pm – Big Brother starts and mentions about the HoH warning. Just because you’re HoH doesn’t mean you’re safe.  We get it, Nicole is screwed.
  • Julie talks about how the detonators alliance is still together, but when will it turn on each other?  She then leads us into the post-POV fallout with Christine/Nicole.
  • Highlights of Donny crying because he’s been alone most of the season.  He sits there and watches everyone play pool.  Nicole is also crying about Christine.
  • They show Nicole talking about how Christine acts around Cody and then a clip of Nicole laying on his lap.
  • The clip of Cody punching himself in the face while sleeping.  I am shocked I haven’t done that yet. I woke up punching the bookshelf before.
  • Mostly highlights pretending Nicole has a chance.
  • 6:13pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:16pm – Back
  • Showing clips of Frankie, Caleb and Christine going to the Dallas Cowboys training camp.  Caleb wants to meet his man Jerry Jones. (he does)
  • Jones to Frankie – It’s going to take some work to make you look like a football player.  To Caleb – Better watch out, they may throw you in some drills.
  • They also met Tony Romo who tried to give Caleb an autograph but it was intercepted
  • Note – I am extremely jealous. I would love one of those experiences for the Patriots.
  • CBS is done their Thursday Night Football promo segment.  Time for Julie to talk to the house
  • Julie – You met a lot of people, who was your favorite.  Caleb – Jerry Jones. I know a few NFL football players personally, so it was nice meeting him.
  • Julie mentions the drama in the house this week and what it meant to Victoria. Victoria rambled on about nonsense with everyone looking at her like she had 2 heads. Everyone in the room except Victoria knew Julie was setting her up to mention Ariana Grande… she didn’t.  Julie changed the topic.
  • 6:22pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:25pm – Back and Votes

Zach – Nicole
Derrick – Nicole
Frankie – Nicole
Caleb – Nicole
Cody – Nicole
Victoria – Nicole

Nicole is evicted 6-0

  • Julie confirms there will be two HoH’s, although that was pretty much a given. I’m pretty sure this will be the last week though.
  • 6:30pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:33pm – Back
  • Interview with Nicole
  • Julie mentions about going from HoH to evicted. Nicole said she just really wanted to be out of the house.
  • Julie – Do you like anyone left in the house?  Nicole – I like Donny!
  • Julie – What do you think of Christine? Nicole – It was a smart move on her part I guess. I’m frustrated with her right now. She was my friend. I don’t think very highly of her as a person but as a game player good move.
  • Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Donny all give Nicole nice good-bye messages.  Donny said it will be lonely in the house without her.
  • 6:40pm – Commercial Break 
  • 6:44pm – Back
  • They show highlights from the ghost thing last night to prepare for the HoH competition.
  • Note – there is a movie about a zombie outbreak that takes place while people are in a fake Big Brother house. I linked it in an earlier post

Question 1 – Caleb out
Question 2 – Nobody
Question 3 – Victoria, Donny out
Question 4 – Zach out
Question 5 – Nobody
Question 6 – Nobody (Cody, Derrick, Frankie remain)
Question 7 – Nobody
Question 8 – Cody out

Derrick and Frankie HoH

  • America’s Choice options. Terrible as expected…
  • A) Hide a piece of clothing from each houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program
  • B) Weaken another players game by keeping them up for 24 hours straight

Check back for more

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