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Big Brother 13 Cast Member Adam Poch

Adam Poch


Adam Poch entered the house as the intimidating looking teddy bear who has a love affair with Donna Martin and the rest of the Beverly Hills 90210 cast. (the original version I assume, is there really any other?)

He was instantly paired with Dominic, and together they tried to be the fun loving players who tried to get along with everyone.  Adam for the most part has succeeded, even when he went against the veteran vote in week 1 when they wanted him to vote out Keith, but instead he voted for Porsche.    While the trust level has decreased, his likability is still there and on relative good terms with both factions inside the house.

Escaping the nominations in the first week, he couldn’t escape it in the second week and was put on the block with Adam.   He made a pact with the head of household(s) Jordan (and Jeff) to throw the veto competition in exchange for his safety that week, showing he was still on good terms despite the week 1 betrayal.    Adam did attempt to throw the competition, although it was a challenge he was not going to win even if he tried, so his attempts at throwing it were not noticed by anyone.. for all we know, he could have been trying.   He was in his 20’s (I believe) when he rode a bicycle for the first time, so to walk back and forth on a balance beam required some extreme concentration he likely hasn’t needed in a long time.

In the third week, it came as a shock to nobody that Adam and Dominic were put back on the block, and he likely had the same deal in place heading into the veto competition as Brendon ended up winning it, securing his girlfriends nominations.   Due to this, Adam or Dominic will be the 4th person to leave the Big Brother house this season, although all signs are pointing towards Dominic at this point, so Adam may live to see another day.

Voting History

Week 1 – Porsche
Week 2 – Cassi


Name: Adam Poch
Age: 39
Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J. (living in Hoboken, N.J.)
Occupation: Music Inventory Manager
Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, loud and cuddly
Favorite activities: Concerts, dining out, movies, TV, Broadway plays, hanging with friends and traveling.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the BIG BROTHER house? No music, TV, concerts, sports – but mostly no music.
Strategy for winning BIG BROTHER: I am a born leader and a very friendly guy, so it will not be hard for me to make friends.  Most of all, I plan to stay cool with as many people as possible so that whoever has power will not view me as a threat.
Which past BIG BROTHER cast member did you like most or least? Like: Evel Dick, Howie, Ronnie, Janelle and Rachel.  Dislike: Cappy, Ivette and that whole Nerd Herd.
What are you afraid of? Large barking dogs
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I once ate an XXL pizza all by myself!  More seriously, being able to maintain a job in the industry that I love for 17 years.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… worry about the things you can control and deal with the things you can’t.
What would you take into the house and why? A micro cassette recorder so I could hear what others are saying, a big bottle of Bourbon and my heavy metal sneakers.
What would you do if BIG BROTHER made you famous? I would still remember who was there for me before.



Big Brother 13 Cast Member Adam Poch

big brother 13 adam poch

big brother 13 adam crazy face

21 thoughts on “Adam Poch”

    1. What was Adam’s comment as he was exiting the house?? “You’re next Barry..” Did I hear hear that right? Was that an Obama reference? If so, GREATEST EXIT LINE EVER!!!

    1. Susan you must be lame ass adam’s mom. how proud you must be of your son. his biggest accomplishment besides sucking jeff’s ass all season was being crusty the elf. best to you too.

  1. i really don’t care either way who wins. this season sucked. out of the final four i hope rachel goes home and gets nothing, jordan gets 25k and either you and porsche get the big money.

  2. Adam, you’ve made a couple of wrong turns and wrong attachments, but I think you’re on a right track overall and I’m rooting for you. You’ve got a winning personality and a delightful smile, and I admire your shout-outs to your girl friend each night. Best wishes right to the end.

  3. Bandar Singh, Does putting someone else down make you feel like you are liked more by others. Let me tell you a lil secret, that trick happens alot in this country but it never works, We are too smart for that, the only thing it accomplishes is to make yourself a fool. Actually in case you forgot they are having a Big Brother right now in India so maybe you can check that out.

  4. Adam, I have been cheering you on right from the start of the game. I think it would have enjoyed being in the game and meeting you, you seem morer of a real person than any of the others. i always say what I mean and mean what I say. It,s great how you stuck to your own convictions in the house of wannabees.

  5. Adam turn in your man card you useless out of shape slab of bacon.
    I would be sooooo embarrassed if i couldn’t hold on to a dummy for less than 3 minutes. Kalia and Jordan outlasted you. Oh yeah, EVERYBODY outlasted you.

  6. should have taken deal to save dani. least you would have made a move and gotten a “play date” with evel dick out of it. how sad your claim to fame is being crusty the elf and jeff’s punk bitch

  7. you are useless and just cannon fodder for the real competitors. grow a set. the vets are not going to keep you because nobody sees you as even the slightest threat.

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