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Dominic has been a popular figure both inside and outside of the Big Brother house since day 1.  He brought a fresh feel to the game, as he didn’t even know who Evil Dick was when he walked through the door.  He quickly meshed with most of the other newbies in the house, although he was a bit reluctant to open up to the veterans for quite a few days.

One veteran he did mesh with was (ironically enough) Evil Dick’s daughter, Daniele Donato.  Despite already having an official partner in Adam, Dominic has been unofficially partnering with Daniele since very early in the game, and becoming good friends in the process.

During the first week, he was able to fly under the radar as his “Regulators” alliance member, Keith, became the first target of the veterans.  However, next in line appeared to be Dominic as he was put on the block in the second week.  Despite his partner throwing the veto competition, Dominic was fortunate enough to win which saved both players.

He was unsuccessful at winning the 3rd Head of Household, as he (again, ironically enough) picked Porsche over his “crush” Daniele as the person he felt America would rather see in a bikini all summer.   Rachel won the challenge and he and Adam were both put back on the block for the second straight week.   The second time wasn’t the charm, as Dominic failed to win the power of veto, losing to Rachel’s boyfriend Brendon, who chose not to use it and keep nominations the same.   This means that either Adam or Dominic will be voted out as the 4th player to leave the Big Brother house.

Heading into the nomination ceremony, both he and Daniele have tried to convince the veterans that Dominic would work with them, but so far that has caused more tension than made progress.   It appears Dominic is on the fast track to be evicted.

7/28/11 – Dominic became the fourth person to leave the house in a near unanimous vote after his good-bye speech that basically complimented the veterans and called the remaining newbies in the house spineless jellyfish.   Adam looked a bit surprised at his comment about staying in the house longer if he had a better partner, although he was the one who threw the veto competition while Adam tried.

Votes against (7): Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Porsche, Kalia, Lawon, Shelly

Votes for (1) Daniele

Voting History

Week 1 – Porsche
Week 2 – Cassi
Week 3 – Could not vote


Name: Dominic Briones
Age: 25
Hometown: San Mateo, Calif.
Occupation: College Student at San Francisco State
Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, outgoing and good-hearted
Favorite activities: Riding motorcycles and mountain bikes.  I’m a speed freak.  I love the rush of flying on land.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the BIG BROTHER house? Not being able to leave or go outside of the house.  It will be tough not being able to go where I want, when I want.  Also, not being able to talk to my family and friends.
Strategy for winning BIG BROTHER: Build trust, build alliances and make friends.  Together we are strong, apart we fall.  Also, I don’t want to be too strong too soon.  Flying under the radar in the beginning is key.
Which past BIG BROTHER cast member did you like most or least? I like Jeff for sure.  He seemed like a cool dude and played the game well.  Even though he didn’t win, he was well liked and won “America’s Favorite Houseguest.”  I didn’t like Jesse because he was too cocky.
What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of STDs.  Everything else, I can adapt to.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Having amazing relationships with my family and close friends.  Honestly, at the end of my life, that’s what is most important to me.  How many people can say they really love their family?
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… don’t worry about a thing cuz every little thing is gonna be alright.
What would you take into the house and why? My iPod, some speakers and my video camera.  I would have some crazy dance-offs listening to some JLo and I’d love to capture it all on camera.  I can’t live without my tunes.
What would you do if BIG BROTHER made you famous? Try to be a good example for people and make a difference of some sort.


big brother 13 dominic

big brother 13 dominic in the pool

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  1. I love Dom on big brother, I was soo sad to see him leave. He was a cool guy, with a great personality and he made me enjoy watching. I wish you all the best in life…can’t wait to see you on the finale.

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