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Jeff Schroeder


Jeff. This single advertising salesman, hopes one day to find his perfect mate, and is looking for someone who is fun, beautiful and looks great just hanging around the house. He wouldn’t mind a “showmance” with one of his fellow Houseguests if she fits his criteria.

Jeff is a guy’s guy who loves to be outdoors and play sports. He especially likes competitive football, which he played in college. To date, the accomplishment he is most proud of is playing running back for Benedictine University.

He describes himself as curious, adventurous, spontaneous, witty and outgoing. If he ran for office, he would like to be Mayor so he can be his own boss and, to some degree, get his own way. He lives by the motto “treat others as you’d like to be treated,” and hopes others in the house will live by that too.

Jeff is ecstatic to be selected for BIG BROTHER, but hopes not to do anything on television to embarrass himself or his family. He has a big heart and he wants that to be the thing the audience notices most about him.

Jeff’s birth date is June 5, 1978.


Jeff Schroeder Big Brother 13

30 thoughts on “Jeff Schroeder”

  1. Given the number of postings by bandar singh I would say he is really a fan of Jeff and Jordan. If he truly hated JEJO sooooo much why is he spending so much time and attention on them?!?! Just sayin’….

    1. because the rest of you sheep are high as there needs to be someone that will stand up and not follow. do all you guys from chicago still beat your wives and girlfriends?

      1. Dang right. He probably does have a big heart off BB but he turned my stomach bullying even the women in the house except Rachel and his untouchable girlfriend. That made me rage inside! Don’t get me wrong, I love Rachel and Brenden but Big Jeff brought out the worst in Brendan and that pissed me off. Jeff makes us Geminis look really bad. But I forgive him. That Aaryn and GinaMarie girl from season 15 make Jeff look like Mary Effin Poppins. They’re two demons and they better stay off my girls Candice, Helen and Elisa’s backs!

  2. jeff you are the best player ever in BB you and Jordan are Americas sweethearts you two should get your own reality show. I hope Jordan wins she has a heart of gold I just wonder are you two a couple and if so don’t you think it’s time to get her a ring someone might try to steal her away she is a special girl any man would be lucky to have her. J/J hope to see you both again I love watching the two of you together

  3. Jeff your a really good guy, not perfect, chillax at times when you get riled about certain HG, I’m sure it’s very frustrating but in the end they may surprise you, you’re very supportive a lot of times, then frustration comes out but I like your philosophy, pick a side and lets go to war, at least you know who you’re fighting. I really miss you in the house because you are so funny, you interact really well with all the HG when you want to, you did your best to keep Rachel in check, actually worked at times, Jordan is doing a good job with her now. Hated to see you go but you took one for the team, even team members that didn’t deserve it.

  4. Jeff you and Jordan have been my number one since Big Brother 11! you deserve to be in that house still, they just can not handle the truth…as for everyone saying you ruined the deal with Dani, ignore them. Dani was throwing you under the bus. Best of luck with everything and I will continue to watch Big Brother 13 for Jordan’s sake only!

    1. You are pathetic. America’s sweethearts are phoney as Rachel’s implants. Sure they are a “cute” couple but how can a guy with Jeff’s savy and street smarts carry on a decent conversation with Jordan’s eight grade reading level? She’s good arm candy but dumb as a box of rocks. A real man would tire of that after about three months after the “cuteness” wore off.

  5. jeff you suck more than the cubs. you act all goody two shoes and after dani made a deal with you and kept her end up you screwed her. jordan is a sweetheart but dumb as a box of rocks and useless in the game. she has done absolutely ZERO this season but ride your coattails. as much as i HATE rachel i hope she comes out better than you and short bus jordan

      1. Please Jeff and Brendan both threw that competition sooo badly it was not even subtle. LP come on she no more won that than punk bitch Adam won his veto competition.

      2. Nimrod- I mean, bandar, are you Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, etc.? What were the odds that the boys would have beat Jordan????? It’s not as if one of the others in the household putt well. Why would they need to beat her when she was already so close and in a winning position for thier alliance?

      3. they didn’t even try. jeff swung for the fences and brendan rocketed his shot into the side of the devider and acted sooo shocked that he blew his shot. interesting how rachel got to pick the lineup of who shot. one of the first CBS ploy to give advantage to the FAB 4.

    1. big jeff , i liked watching BB coz of u , and now it sucks watching the most dumb girl (porsch) running the house , i cant blame u for keeping that useless shelly who at the end turned on her alliances , i am pretty confident she will be out this week .i hope rachel and jordan are gonna do something as they are in a good position and not allow away to those stupid newbies !!! MUCH RESPECT FOR U BIG JEFF , u played a wise game the last 3 weeks .u are my favorite house guest !!

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