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Big Brother 13 cast member Porsche Briggs

Porsche Briggs


Porsche Briggs entered the house as the bubbly cocktail waitress from Miami, but had a competitive side that nearly resulted in a quick exit from the house.   During the first Head of Household challenge, Porsche was the last remaining newbie in the challenge which landed a large target on her back.    In addition to showing she’s competitive, she also partnered with one of the more physically fit newbies (Keith), and early on in the game, that’s all people had to go on.

Needless to say, Porsche and Keith were the first to get nominated, and she was only saved due to Keith really rubbing some people the wrong way, forcing them to flip from the newbie to the veteran vote.   In a close 6-4 vote, Porsche was spared from being evicted from the house first, and it also granted her the Golden Key, guaranteeing to be in the final 10.

Since that vote, she has remained relatively quiet, while playing more of a social game getting really close with Rachel and Brendon.  In fact, part of the reason Rachel wanted Cassi out of the game in week 2 was due to one small comment Cassi made about Porsche at some point in the game.   While her time in the house may still be limited, she has been able to remove a lot of the original heat she had which may possibly buy her a few more weeks.

Voting History

Week 1 – Could not vote
Week 2 – Cassi


Name: Porsche Briggs
Age: 23
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (living in Miami Beach, Fla.)
Occupation: VIP Cocktail Waitress
Three adjectives that describe you: Sexy, bitchy and clever
Favorite activities: Going to the beach, then out to eat and then out to the clubs
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the BIG BROTHER house? Not having my dog for three months.
Strategy for winning BIG BROTHER: Try not to blow up at too many people.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least? Natalie Martinez – I love that she straight up lied to everyone and it worked.  We are around the same age so I hate that she had the idea and chance before me.
What are you afraid of? Sharks
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Taking care of my father after his heart attack.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… fear is stupid, so are regrets.
What would you take into the house and why? Sunglasses – my must have!  Rosebud lip balm – you never know.  And, bikinis – they are what I live in.
What would you do if BIG BROTHER made you famous? Ride it out as long as possible.


Big Brother 13 cast member Porsche Briggs

Big Brother 13 Porsche Briggs Dress

Big Brother 13 Porsche Briggs Bikini

20 thoughts on “Porsche Briggs”

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  2. as much as i can’t stand rachel and think jordan is just sweet and dumb you were out of line with the medicine ball comment. that’s WRONG and way out of line.

  3. You really have no room to make comments about any houseguests or walk around so arrogantly like your all that, it’s not skill that got the hoh/pov, whatever, (pulling clown shoes out of big boxes of balls, I’d call it luck) try taking some lessons in humlity from Jeff (winning his HOH). And as far as smarts go; you said “Jordan is like talking to a ham sandwich,” it looks like you have been eating quite a few of them since being in the house (see how mean comments sound), also you have said some pretty stupid stuff, I can catch what your saying occasionally, maybe it’s when you’ve taken the marbles out of your mouth. It will pay off in the end to just keep your mouth shut during conversations when you’re getting ready to say something that may really hurt someones feelings whether they are there or not. Think about it, I’ve seen you do some sweet things and be kind in the house but for the most part your a donkeys’ butt. Maybe you’ll be able to figure that comment out since you did so well on the actor that visited BB, hoffman? duh?
    I’m a viewer and it pisses me off to hear all your crap talk about other people, maybe when you mature a little you’ll realize that if you use your positive attributes instead of your negative you’ll be a much better person. I’d love for you to read this, you probably won’t but I sure feel better getting it off my chest.

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