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Big Brother 13's Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly


note: profile here is taken from her Big Brother 12 page.  Will update it when I get the latest info:

Name: Rachel Reilly
Age: 26
Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nev.
Occupation: Chemistry Graduate Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress
Three adjectives that describe you: Bubbly, effervescent and adventurous
Favorite activities: Painting, working out, doing anything outdoors, watching movies with friends, playing with my dog, getting dressed up and going on dates.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Having your entire life televised
Strategy for winning Big Brother: I would hustle like I do at work when I get men to buy me champagne.
What types of people would you NOT choose to live with you in the house: Negative people – those who don’t see the beauty in life and don’t understand how fortunate we are to be alive.
A recurring theme on Big Brother is “expect the unexpected.” How would you handle “the unexpected:” I would welcome it – I’m always expecting the unexpected. My life in Vegas is like a show, I welcome the spice of life. Bring it on!
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: I like Laura the most because she stuck up for what she believed.
What are you afraid of: I hate spiders!!!!!!
Finish this sentence: “My life’s motto is:” Try everything out the world has to offer and always keep a smile on your face. Make the world a better place.
Is there anything else you want the fans to know about yourself: I have so many facets to my personality. I’m a model, a cocktail server, a chemist, a student, a charity head… I have life experiences to share.


Big Brother 13's Rachel Reilly

71 thoughts on “Rachel Reilly”

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  2. They let the evil she devil from hell win. Who now thinks she’s rich and famous. She will blow her wad of cash then become a porn star. Then will be spat out the bottom of the porn industry.

  3. Rachel completely deserves to win the 500,00.. Because of her game and most of all her perfect social game which has become #1 in my book!!! It has been a amazing season 13!!!

    1. where the heck have you been all season teabag? it’s easy to pick the winner of the super bowl once the division games are done. you can join janice and jen and take turns teabagging adam.

  4. Wow Bandar Obsessed much ? You sound like a jealous lover that was rejected,or is that the way you always act because society rejects you ?If i was to compare you to any BB house guest purely by actions on this web page I would almost think your Chima.
    anyway Bandar please stop skipping your meds it shows dear.

    and Rachel win it you rock !

    1. jen you more than likely are a crackhead and appeared out of nowhere. where were you all season? jail? rehab? flat on you back? maybe we can play more next season bitch

  5. Rachel I really hope you win. I was for you last time you were on BB and now I have been hoping that you would win. you are an amazing player and you deserve to win. I just wish Brendon was there with you.

  6. Rachel, You really deserve to win this season!! You played your heart out and if you don’t win it’s because the jury didn’t vote fairly! Good Luck and lots of Happiness!!

    1. it’s big brother dimwit. nothing is fair. i will give a pint of blood as often as red cross will let me for a year if rachel is evicted and final two are spineless jelly fish adam and porsche. i don’t care who wins as long as rachel gets NOTHING.

      1. no she had visions of a honeymoon trip or wedding and got some quality time with jesse. she got some good swag she can sell on ebay.

  7. Another CBS plot for HOH comp. Since Porsche couldn’t compete, let’s see who even had a chance…. Adam No, Kalia No, Jordan No, hummmmmm. Who does that leave? Rachel.

    1. They all had equal chance of winning. It just so happens that Rachel was better and faster. The others are always eating so how do they expect to win with their tummy’s always full.

      1. you have got to be the most disrespectable person on earth. you don’t even know me and yet you continue to call me a whore. How dare you. you will be the one in hell not me.

    1. oh yeah she has been sooooo busy with work she couldn’t update bio in an entire freaking year. maybe it’s because of all the humanitarian organizations she belongs to or sooooo busy being a grad student. for the love of god.

      1. Rachel Reilly became known for being a contestant on Big Brother 12. Before she landed a spot on the show, she worked as a waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. She also became a swimsuit model for Hawaiian Tropic swimwear. The graduate of Western Carolina University has also been seen on a magazine cover with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. On the show, she won $5,000 but was soon eliminated, becoming the 1st Big Brother Jury member. She also married fellow contestant Brendon Villegas, despite his earlier acts of infidelity

        Says here they are married. So, either google bio for rachel is lying or she is lying and they are married.

  8. how cheesy on her bio it says vip cocktail waitress. why lie? unemployed. the truth isn’t alway pretty but it is the truth. chemistry grad student. WHERE? she never talks about where she went to get her BS or Master’s. I’m willing to bet she took classes at a community college and fluffed the rest. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college at all. she is such a LIAR and soooo phoney. Even when she smiles it looks forced unless she is doing something mean to someone else then the smile is natural.

    1. what’s strong about rachel? every single time she does not win she pouts, cries and hides. when she or her alliance won she rejoiced and flauts it at the others. she is the ultimate poor sport. if she is not the center of attention she pouts or makes sure she is in the camera view. i don’t remember who was having a conversation and she had to get between them and the camera to do her stretching with her ass facing the camera. she also had to run her laps right next to house guest talking by the hot tub and took a spill to become the focus.

  9. Another ploy by CBS to stack the deck in favor of the vets.
    Bringing back Brendan was an epic Fail. All the polls I saw had Cassi far ahead of everybody then at the last minute Brendan was “chosen” by America. Now they are trying desparately to salvage this loser season by giving Brencel and Jeff & Jordan still another chance to win. Shame on you CBS. Shame on you. The Newbies never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Jeff got all the prize money except what Porsche just got and Jordan already has 500k from last year. Guess you are trying to give Brenchel their dream wedding. Why can’t they just get quicky wedding in Las Vegas and be happy until they can afford it? I am very dissappointed. Why not bring back Dani or Cassi? Oh that would not help the chosen couples. Rachel is such a poor choice to try and help. She has no admirable qualities. She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.

  10. Your parents must be so proud of you getting knocked up on TV.
    Guess your little bastard will find out someday what a loose immoral skank you are. Hope Brendan doesn’t get scared and bail on you for the tax payers to support your bastard kid. You don’t have a job, maybe don’t have insurance. Looks like Bukie is going to have to give up his dream to support you and your baby and pay back his student loans. Hope you enjoy ramen and balogna. Good luck collecting child support from him. GREAT life choices you have made.

      1. i just cant understand how people like you like her. she’s mean spirited when things don’t go her way and flaunts it when they do. she has no problem kicking others when they are down and just can’t keep from getting that last catty dig at evicted houseguests. i can’t stand her and hopes she opens the box and gets a humilitard that she can sell on ebay to wear the rest of her stay and gets evicted last earning her a big goose egg third place.

  11. too bad you Cant Understand Normal Thinking which makes u a queen c-word. now who do you have to protect you dumb ass? i hope this is the longest most miserable wek for you and your face totally breaksout you miserable bitch

  12. her safe week is almost over. unless she is real lucky she is going home. wish she survives double eviction but does not win next hoh. then gets nominated so america can watch her meltdown for an entire week. i am glad i have rachel to vent all my frustrations out on. she is the most deserving of my wrath of words since i can not take it out on my dogs

  13. tough luck. meltdown here we come. hope jeff and joran alienate her. she’s too much maintainance to babysit. maybe if she did their laundry, cooked and cleaned AND kept her mouth shut. but better kicking her to the curb to sink or swim she is nothing but a boat anchor.

  14. I am starting to get a real kick out of Rachel’s immature behavior. No wonder she can’t get a job much less keep one. it’s really pathetic that she pops Porsche’s beer for no good reason other than to be a bitch. I really hope she ends up putting herself on Isolation Island without anybody to talk to. Everybody even sweetie Jordan who is like a big Lab (not a single mean bone in her body) is sick of Rachel. Keep her on two or three more weeks just so she can’t be with her man. She almost imploded last time within one week. Hope Brenden hooks up with Porsche while alone in the Jury House.

  15. Rachel! I adore you! You’re such a strong woman, strong competitor… you are fueled by your love for Brendon & are just an amazing person! I so desperately hope you win!! I’m pulling for you! Team Rachel!

  16. Lisa she is a whack job. Can you say TOXIC RELATIONSHIP? All she and Brenden ever did was fight or he comforted her when she was an emotional wreck. She is stunted emotionally and a very poor sport. I am so sick of her crying and talking about Brenden like he’s been sent off to fight in Iraq. She acts like she is the center of the universe. Why can’t she find a job? There are VIP bars in LA, there are plenty of strip clubs, there are thousands of fast food places. There is a reason nobody will hire her. She is just pyscho and that nervous cackle laugh of hers will make anybody want to choke her after any extended period of time.

  17. Rachael u r an AMAZING competitor BAR NONE! U seem to be having an emotional run this time. Let them haters talk. Its been a tough time for you with unemployment ur new issue. I hope u or Brendon come back and give us a show to remember! FIGHT BACK!!

  18. Elizabeth Wilcox

    Wow Rachael you are very dtermined and competitive but you show way too much emotion and drama your problem is that you allow people to read you too well they already know what to expect with you!! BTW there are more fish in the sea Brendan is not made of gold and he is not a prize trophy but I would love to see him come back in the game and you him and jeff and jordan make it to the final 4 peace out!!!

  19. no wonder america hates you so much. you are so insecure and a very poor sport. grow up and instead of worrying about botox maybe just see a dermatologist. once houseguest see your comments not even ditzy floater queen porsche will like you. brenden is trying to be alpha male but is totally PW and once he tires of your BS will leave you to go back to north vegas where skanks like you belong.

    1. I dont hate Rachel and I dont think calling anyone skanks makes you any better of a person than that you accuse Rachel of being. Yes I agree Rachel is very emotional however, you must be also since your clearly so desperate to put Rachel in her place on a website she cant see or resond to…maybe you two are more alike than you realize.

      1. your such a loser..are you sure your not danieles ass hole talking?..i think your the only one all over this forum…seriously words cannot describe how pathetic, really.

  20. wow .. Rachel i just want to say i think your a amazing competitor and i hope u win .. and don’t backdoor jordan and jeff just yet .. just wait for later in game..

      1. bandar singh you must be the a real piece of work. Rachel is a beautiful person. I don’t get where you see that America hates her or Brendon. We voted him to go back he had over a million votes so not everyone is small minded as you.

      2. Janice, you must be as shallow and pathetic as Rachel. America didn’t vote it was completely a CBS plot to help twist the game. Every poll I saw had Cassi in the lead by far. She needs to go back to North Vegas and do what she does.

      3. i suppose you think rachel has any class? did you hear sweet jordan’s potty mouth? not too classy now that their alliance is not in the dominant position. everything was peachy for jordan when big jeff was calling the shots and she floated along like she didn’t have a care in the world. shelly has hustled all game between both sides doing the vets dirty work being their informer and managed to stay under the radar enough to stay good with both sides until the tactical strike last night.

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