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Shelly Moore


Shelly Moore entered the house as the second oldest player, and quickly became the oldest when Evil Dick left the game for unexplained reasons.   She partnered up with Cassi Colvin as part of the “double trouble” theme, and the two of them spent the first two weeks in the house bonding over their slop diet.   Shelly and Cassi were “have nots” in the first two weeks and were required to eat slop, shower in cold water, and sleep in a padded room that never goes dark.

The first week, Shelly made a secret alliance with the veterans of the house, and went behind her alliances back to vote out Keith.  She carried the secret behind her partners back which ate away at her, and you could often see her crying over it.

In the second week, Adam and Dominic were nominated for eviction, but after winning the power of veto, Shelly and Cassi were nominated with the full expectation to vote out Cassi.   Confident that she was not going home, Shelly spent the better part of the week bonding more with Cassi, which also helped prevent Cassi from campaigning against her.  This worked out well as the vote was 9-0 to remove Cassi from the game, giving Shelly the 3rd golden key, making her safe until there were 10 people remaining in the house.

Voting History

Week 1 – Keith
Week 2 – Could not vote


Name: Shelly Moore
Age: 41
Hometown: Centerville, Ohio (living in Prairieville, La.)
Occupation: Outdoors Industry Executive
Three adjectives that describe you: Dynamic, tenacious and giving
Favorite activities: I like to play with my family.  We play wall ball and Super Mario is hilarious.  We like to ride bikes and scooters and swim a lot.  I also like collecting all the junk mail, then saving it, and then putting all of it in a postage paid junk mail envelope to send back to one of the senders.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the BIG BROTHER house? (Dealing with) the filth of people who don’t clean up their stuff.  The other hard part would be sleeping in a room with people who snore.  Also, popping a zit in front of America would be a new challenge.
Strategy for winning BIG BROTHER: I’m a leader, a ring leader and a team builder.  I would try to pull a good group of people together that could mutually benefit from the arrangement.
Which past BIG BROTHER cast member did you like most or least? I loved Jeff and Jordan.  They were genuine and real.  They were also extremely classy and represented themselves very well as human beings.
What are you afraid of? Snakes and really tall buildings.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? My daughter.  Every smile, every hug, every word… she is part of her daddy and me.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena… Teddy Roosevelt
What would you take into the house and why?
My husband and daughter smiling in a picture, Monster Blue (energy drink) and ear plugs.
What would you do if BIG BROTHER made you famous? I would make a bee line to St. Jude’s hospital with my little girl and do all we could for those kids.


Big Brother 13 Shelly MooreBig Brother 13 Shelly speaking

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  1. I love Shelly even though she lied and deceived some people. I feel sorry for her family.

    I love that she and Cassi will stay friends for life. She is a down to earth person.

    I don’t care what the haters say about her but yet they love that snobbish Rachel.

  2. Sorry to see you go. You played the best game of all the newbies. I agree with how you played the game but you did strike a tad bit early. But if you didn’t who knows if or when you would have another chance. When you get home you got some splaing to do. Then load up the truck and go kill bambi’s dad, you’ll feel better.

  3. She-lie, She-lie, shame on you, you’ve told Jordan you feel terrible about how badly you hurt her, that is not how you live your life, I will do anything to make it up to you, what sharpen your knife so it will slide in a little easier the next time. You really do play a dirty game, I don’t like the degree that BB fans have taken their dislike for you, to threaten family in any part of this game (that is not okay) but you know what a big heart Jordan has and I think her and Rachel are going to make the right decision and send you packing. Can’t wait for Jeff to give you his opinion regarding your actions. From your DR session on Wednesdays episode everything you have said to Jordan is still crap, you want to win the money, you picked the worse way possible, being willing to sacrifice someones faith and trust in another individual, you may not realize it but that can have lifelong effects on Jordan when it comes to trusting people the rest of her life. Luckily she has a really good head on her shoulders, she says that she is gullible and that’s something that is a part of her, her faith, trust, hope in the goodness of people. Thats what I’m talking about when I say she may never trust people the way she use to again. Luckily she does have people that love and adore her in her life, her family, Jeff. Others that will be able to watch out for her heart. If you all are able to continue a friendship I don’t believe she will ever trust you again. As much as this is a game, what you are willing to do for money who says you wouldn’t repeat the same kind of behavior. After I started hearing about all the chaos going on regarding you outside of the Big Brother house I took a stand, I continue to believe that this should not affect your life outside of this house the way it is now but i think people that do know you are seeing perhaps a side of you that they have not seen and it’s not pretty.

  4. I don’t have a problem with houseguests who come to play as floaters – or who come to play as liars, they’re both valid methods of getting to the end….
    However, I hate it when someone comes in spouting off about values and honesty and then is the biggest 2 faced bitch of the season. On top of that – she is now trying to justify her actions – not only to the remaining houseguests, but also to herself, so she can show she’s really trustworthy – PLEASE
    I know a lot of this is edited for TV to highten the drama – but if shelly wins on cent at the end of the game – I’m boycotting BB for the restof my life

  5. You gotta remember though that Jeff thought of Shelly as an alliance member also. It was the matter of who he can trust more and can beat at the end, which he chose to keep shelly because if Jeff didn’t throw that competition, shelly would of been put up and sent home. Shelly made a BIG move to SOON. She should of been strong with J & J + Rachel, got to the 4 and compete her butt off, but she chose to make a big move too soon, which she is paying the price this week (tomorrow) when she gets eliminated. Therefore, having no chance.

    1. it wasn’t a BIG move – she likes to call it “her big move” – but it was a cowardly move of convenience…and it will end up getting her kicked out

      ….if you can’t win anything, then you’re a floater – all you can make are floater moves
      It’s up to you to decide if you’ve a loyal floater or a backstabbing floater

      If she would’ve made final 3 with Jeff and Jordan – all she would’ve had to do was win final HOH – it’s always and endurance challenge and a quiz – neither Jeff of Jordan are strong at those, and she would’ve had a decent chance

      …Rachael is the one you don’t want to battle for final HOH

  6. First of all i am not a shelly fan. I know everyone is upset with shelly and I totally get it most people liked Jeff I did. However, Jeff threw the corn hole comp. which he knew would lead to brendon going home…jeff says he is all for his alliance well wasnt brendon in an alliance with jeff? So basically its ok for jeff to help seal the deal with alliance member brendon but shelly cant make the same move? I love jeff but him throwing that veto is what cost hin this game 1.it took the target of brendon and put it on him 2. there was one less strong alliance member to compete for hoh 3.karma So yes shelly played dirty but who hasnt? Or at least thought about it. I still love you Jeff!

  7. Oh for cripes sakes!! How long have you all been watching TV ?? You act like it’s the first time. It is just Scripted TV like everything else. If you had your heads on straight you would see that. I can’t really blame you though, it took me a bit to see for myself. Think about this, Do you really believe that story about the Mum that Murders her 2 year old baby girl and then gets off 3 years later. They got all America to watch didn’t they? Great TV entertainment !!, then they find her NOT Guilty — WOW thats even better. —Lets keep it going and keep up with the suspense of all thats to follow in that storyline. Haa Haa Hoo Hoo they fooled a lot of viewers did they Not???.What I am telling you is this is a show just like every show on TV. It is for them to make $$$$ and for us believers to be entertained.

  8. shelly you did the most disgusting thing someone could do after what jeff and jordan did for you well i hope you see that you might have want further had you stayed true to jj the other players were just using you jordan was your one true friend no one else would have given you that phone call. i hope you know your own daughter loved jeff and jordan too she knew who the good people were and it definetly wasn’t you.

  9. Watched conversation between Shelly and Jordan, have a new perspective myself on reasons things went down the way they did. I believe you are a good and sincere person.

      1. why do you feel the need to protect jordan? she is nice but has no game. that’s all she’s got and she’s pretty. she is dumb as a box of rocks, doesn’t have the heart to compete in physical competitions. if jeff and brenden didn’t throw hoh comp she never would have won. that leaves the david h. comp. oh boy she did the rainman move and pulled that out of the air. she’s useless as a player

    1. Okay, yeah she is still sketchy but doesn’t deserve the backlash she’s been getting, or her family being verbally abused. I made quite a few comments on this page, that is how I saw it. Watching her conversation with Jordan and Jordans response makes me realize that I don’t have the right to judge her behavior.

    2. The conversation i’m talking about is the live feed on 8/28/11 at 1:30a-2:30a. Yeah the fight Jordan had every right to say the things she did at the time, she felt totally betrayed by someone she really trusted.

      1. I have to retract the empathy I felt for She-lie when I saw this feed, come to find out again, she said she will do anything for her family, I doubt this is exactly what her family would want her to do for them. There are other ways of making money if your that desperate.

  10. shelly u are so useless , acting as a bitch , i just want u out this week **after what u did to ur alliances** u deserved to be out in the first place ,rachel has played a dirty game but she is atleast a good competitor .u have done nothing other than talking on the back of people . anyways i am happy to see ur ass kicked out this week , see u shelly !!! yupiiiiiiii

  11. Thank you Cathy, you could not have said it any better! Unfortunaley, I like Jordan totally believed She-LIE! Yes, it is ‘just’ a game, but I look at it like this she played the whole motherly part of cleaning and daunting over houseguests for most of the game…then BAM the true She-LIE comes out. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she has to explain to her daughter why she stabbed Jeff and Jordan in the back. One of the last things her daughter said in her little interview after her conversation with She-LIE was Mom, you need quit going back and forth and stay with Jeff and Jordan, they are sweet and they are my favorites! Game? Yes! But where are your morales in this. I mean you live with people this long, you are going to despise some and you are going to become friends with some. I can tell you I would NOT want to be on She-LIE’s list of friends. In the beginning I was actually voting for her to win, not now, she has shown the side of a person that I steer clear of. And game or not, if you can be that cruel in a game, you have to have some kind of meaness in you in real life! As far as a winner, at this point I am looking at Porcshe or Rachel. I know OMG, how could I look towards Rachel? Well, she has been a fighter since day one and HAS played the game. Whether she is annoying or not, she has played and in the end (so far) has stuck to her alliance.

    1. Another ploy by CBS to stack the deck in favor of the vets.
      Bringing back Brendan was an epic Fail. All the polls I saw had Cassi far ahead of everybody then at the last minute Brendan was “chosen” by America. Now they are trying desparately to salvage this loser season by giving Brencel and Jeff & Jordan still another chance to win. Shame on you CBS. Shame on you. The Newbies never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Jeff got all the prize money except what Porsche just got and Jordan already has 500k from last year. Guess you are trying to give Brenchel their dream wedding. Why can’t they just get quicky wedding in Las Vegas and be happy until they can afford it? I am very dissappointed. Why not bring back Dani or Cassi? Oh that would not help the chosen couples. Rachel is such a poor choice to try and help. She has no admirable qualities. She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.

      1. Wait…the newbies would have had a chance if Shelley and Kalia hadn’t voted Keith off right at the start of the game. They had the numbers at that point, but deceitfully decided to strike a deal with the vets. The newbies could have stuck together..although I am not sure how much that would have helped as, until recently, they sure have not been able to win any competitions.

      2. the newbies never had a snowballs chance in hell of winning? There are two newbies in the final three! How can you say that?? They had just as much chance to win the competitions and play a good social game as the vets did. Clearly it worked because 2 of the final 3 are newbies.

  12. I too am very disappointed in Shelly, I knew she was covering herself while claiming to be pushing JJ but she threw in too many comments that weren’t beneficial to JJ. Also all the complimenting of certain HG’s, like digs to others and now we see it was purposeful. There just wasn’t any need to pull Jordan in so emotionally, she didn’t have to go that far to accomplish results. But this is really twisted, we’ve known she’s been changing words, telling half-truths, some blatant lies but to come out yesterday 8/26/11 crying and telling everyone that J&R were calling her a bitch, and that they have been treating her badly (they’ve been ignoring her) is really desperate, if she is who she claims to be and have the life she claims to have this behavior makes no sense. Is this who you are or do you need the money so badly that you try to make Jordan of all people look so bad. Hopefully other houseguests see Jordan enough to know that that’s not her. She responded after the vote with anger understandbly, she’s held a lot in for a long time and I feel Shelly deserved it.

  13. I am actually very saddened by Shellys choices and let me explain before anyone jumps on me. I am not a die hard Brother fan, I love the show and find it amusing, but I don’t have the energy to get all involved in the show (having a 3 year old zaps most of my energy!!). I admit, I have a favorite in Jeff and Jordan. I love Jordan because of her heart and soul. That doesn’t mean she is perfect..we all explode at times, we use foul language at times but there are times when you must judge a person by their down deep heart and I truly believe Jordan is a genuinely kind and compassionate person. Her giving that gift of a phone call was a true testament. She went without hearing from her family and in ADDITION wore that silly unitard for an entire week. She gave that gift. Now, do I expect game play, of course, I get it, its the Big Brother house but as my mother ALWAYS taught me, “its not what you say, its how you say it” or “its not what you do, its how you do it”. I think Shelly has done nothing but float in this game. She was too coward to pick a side and stick to it. Her 8 year old daughter even said it in her interview. “My mom has to pick a side and stick to it” (a lesson of loyalty). I am not slamming nor praising, I am simply stating the fact, Shelly is a floater and has jumped back and forth from day one. Now, if that wins her the money…SO BE IT! Do I think its so awful to be a floater, not if it works to get you the money. But don’t claim to be a game player, don’t claim to be loyal, when you are a floater and you are not loyal. I would rather her say “I will float, I will jump, I will do whatever I need to do to win” That would be more comendable than to claim you have all these morals, you are loyal, you want your daughter to be proud of your actions and then play the way you do. She would have impressed me more if she would have said “my daughter understands that this is a game and I explained to her about gameplay and dishonesty in this game and in this game only”. Don’t put yourself on a pedastal and then play the way you have been. As for voting Jeff out, the way she jumped ship so harshly and quickly was sad and unnecessary at this point in the game. She didn’t get Jeff out because he was a threat, because he wasn’t a threat, he was her alliance, so don’t use that excuse. She got Jeff out because, once again she jumped sides. She was so nasty and I detect so much anger in her, it made me sad for her.

    1. I agree with you, people can say it’s just a game (money really brings out the worst in people sometime), I was brought up in a way that I have certain core values that I hold dear and shutting those values off when playing any kind of game goes against everything I was ever taught about being a good person. It’s not okay to tell a child be kind, be loyal to your friends, don’t lie to get what you want but it’s okay if your playing a game or it’s okay in this situation or that situation. Hold true to your values and you’ll gain much more respect which is so much more important than money but it really may help you win that money. If it doesn’t at least you still have your self-respect.

  14. this “singh” dude is sick…this is not a political arena…it’s comments about Big Brother. Anyway, I agree with others…Shelley has been taking the so called ethical highroad the whole show and preaching it to everyone. Even going so far as to play the “I hope my daughter understands” crap. This woman is truly a back-stabber, Jeff and Jordon’s only crime was trusting her. Shelley, what goes around comes around…and that is not limited to Big Brother, that is life karma. By the way, does anyone not notice how much like a guy she is…yikes!!

  15. shelly you are the evil mastermind that matt wishes he could have been last season. you were the one next to brenchel i loved to hate at first but now i see the genius of your gameplay. bravo. please please torment rachel until she self evicts. the other commentors are most definately obama supporters and more than likely on public dole. get a job losers.

    1. Now that Shel-LIE has been exposed looks like she’s feeling quite a bit of heat, told other HG while crying that Jordan and Rachel were calling her a bitch (never happened), crying after Jordan slammed her (what do you expect), moping around house, doesn’t look like an evil mastermind to me, looks like a guilty, skinny, worn HG. It’s a tough emotional game and you need people you can trust which she had in Jeff and Jordan (as much as you can trust anyone in this game) but now she’s got no one that trusts her, oh by the way, I voted for the other guy.

  16. How s it Dani brainwashed all these girls, they have started talking and acting just like Dani, they even use the same words. I am so tired of blah blah blah. Rachel was never my favorite but you always new were you stood with her. Dani, Shelly, Porche, and even Kalia are very mean. They were always bad talking about the vets but wasn’t Dani a vet. These four girls reminded me of school were all the kids made fun of you, and then denighed it. Shelly wanted to cut up Rachels dog a personal item, to me that is horrible and then to hide, I would not want to be around a person like that. That is not game play that is just cruel.

    1. it’s a game deb. chances are these people are never going to see each other after finals and wrap party. they are not friends they are people in a game over the course of the summer and that’s it.

      1. Bandar, I apologize about same character remark, I don’t know you at all and have no right to say that. I’m mad at Shelly. (Maybe I shouldn’t be watching BB, LOL).

  17. I am so discusted at your choices I really thought you were different then most… and had values that you lived by!! Clearly I was wrong…. I know that it’s BB however shame on you for hurting Jordan after the amazing level of pure kindness and Love she showed to you when you were so sick from being away from your daughter!!!Jordan didnt even hesitating to give up the best Big Brother prize ( A call from HOME ) and then to have the worst BB thing to be stuck with???? How could you do that for $$$$ MONEY $$$$?????What lessons are your daughter going to take from this
    ??? Did you even think about that?? its just my opinion but the right thing todo would have been to give Jeff a pass just this time but from then forward your all on your own!!! Jeff and Jordan are amazing people in real life so only you will have to live with yourself!!!!!! Hope the Cash is worth it oh yeah let me guess your a Republican right????? LOL that says it all!!!!!

      1. and i suppose you think rachel has any class? did you hear sweet jordan’s potty mouth? not too classy now that their alliance is not in the dominant position. everything was peachy for jordan when big jeff was calling the shots and she floated along like she didn’t have a care in the world. shelly has hustled all game between both sides doing the vets dirty work being their informer and managed to stay under the radar enough to stay good with both sides until the tactical strike last night.

      2. Gee whiz, Jordan has one outburst in reaction to someone who infiltrated her emotions (so not necessary for Shelly to go that far), who they also carried this whole time and now she jumps ship (looks cowardly to me), all Shelly did was float from side to side telling them anything to keep herself safe. What dirty work did she do? Ever win HOH and put someone up? Ever win POV and take someone off? Thats the dirty work. Jeff is right, pick a side, you can always adjust just do it with some dignity. Shelly didn’t do the dirty work, she just played dirty, gives the appearance of lack of character. If she didn’t want to follow Jeffs’ plan okay, have some balls and tell him, it’s not working for me and then follow through. I liked Shelly a lot at first, always talked too much but it didn’t take long before she started acting real sketchy. And to proclaim that you are not a liar when her whole game has been a lie, fine, play the game but please don’t scream to the rooftops over and over again I DON’T LIE. Not very good actress either when confronted about making comment of putting Jordan up, she didn’t say those words so in her mind it makes it alright. She knew full well how her words would be taken whether it was Jeff or Jordan. With friends like Shelly, who needs enemies?

      3. Dani was ready to backdoor Jeff 3 weeks ago, he was part of their alliance, how could he ever trust anything she told him again. This is where someone had to do the dirty work, (no one else except for jordan or rachel would have had the balls)if he hadn’t backdoored Dani first, next chance she got she would have backdoored him (she would have done it sooner but it was too risky with the number of players in the house, she was okay for time being so didn’t do it)and would have said or done anything to get it accomplished. He stood up, took his chance for himself and alliance and he got voted out next, that is playing the game.

      4. Dani was no longer in alliance with Jeff, Shelly still led JJRA to believe she was, thats where its’ dirty play and cowardly play.

      5. is the old saying true?????

        Is Ignorance really BLISS??

        Your level of coldness is sad!!!!

        Your right about Rachel she does struggle within but I hate to tell you but I bet shes no longer the most Disliked woman in BB history!!! She-Lie is by far so much lower then Rachel could ever be!!!! Just Sayn!!!!

    1. give jeff a pass? hello welcome to big brother wingnut. jordan won the money last season and plays like she doesn’t care. jeff got all the big money prizes so far. talk about greedy jerks. jordan is sweet but also dumb as a box of rocks. shelly has played the game as it was meant to be played. next to dani shelly is the best player.

      1. Wingnut???? HAHA people like you make my LAUGH way outloud!!! Does it really make you feel better to insult people that you dont even know?? Who are you to call anyone DUMB??? Unlike your vicous words I did not throw any mud in my comments I only spoke the Truth as my heart see’s it!!!!! Have a great Day!!!!

      2. SHUT UP! get a life. i never come on here, i made the mistake of doing so today, seeing you comment over and over again is friggen annoying. SHUT UP let other ppl talk. uggggh so annoyed! i cant believe reality show tv comments by one moron have me so annoyed. AND you obviously have no life and are going to immediately make some idiotic comment back but i have no intention of coming back on this site. so keep it to yourself you annoyance!

      3. just trying to get people responding to something . go grab a keystone kathy and smoke a fatty. seems like you need to relax. hope you are not a school bus driver or an air traffic controller cause people could die out there. you have a very short fuse.

      1. where have you been renee? she is playing a great game. america loved dick’s antics she just doing it a different way. she is a survivor and based on gameplay should win.

      2. i suppose you think rachel has any class? did you hear sweet jordan’s potty mouth? not too classy now that their alliance is not in the dominant position. everything was peachy for jordan when big jeff was calling the shots and she floated along like she didn’t have a care in the world. shelly has hustled all game between both sides doing the vets dirty work being their informer and managed to stay under the radar enough to stay good with both sides until the tactical strike last night.

      1. i expect you wanted brencel and jeff/jordan to be final 4. you have not idea what i have been through. i lost my leg in iraq serving our country. you must be one of those floaters in life on welfare with 7 kids, selling crack and turning tricks. get a job

      2. First I want to thank you for your service to our country and I hope that our country shows it’s thankfulness to you by giving the support that you need now that your home. What I don’t understand is what it has to do with brenchel or JJ being in final four, which they will not be since Jeff and Brendon are both gone. Yeah nobody in this game is perfect and I think they all can be really decent people, this house really brings out the worst in people, what I want to see are people that really try to continue to be kind and not trash talk other HG that may not be doing as well, Porsch, Kahlia, Daniele all for example were constantly being mean girls, and Rachel and Brendon made me sick. Jeff has made his comments too regarding floaters, etc. but I see those who realize that they have been wrong as far as judging and work on trying to do better and trying to help people in their alliances do better. Seeing all the negativity is depressing, I much more enjoy when Jeff and Daniele were bantering back and forth, making me laugh, HG having fun together, it doesn’t mean your not playing the game if you behave better, there are plenty of ways to play the game with dignity. I admit too that I also get drawn in with the drama but overall I think it makes a sad statement for where our country is at when people applaud players that lie, steal, cause turmoil and act like they just don’t give a ****.

      3. Your welcome, I do get really over-irritated regarding a TV show (I really have to work on that), but it’s the people that get to me, I want them all to hear what they are saying about each other and then have it out. Thats what gets to me, someone being civil or nice to someones face and then shredding them behing their back and them not knowing. I’m thinking like, don’t talk to them anymore, they said rotten things about you! LOL

      4. question for you bandar

        is bandar singh your name? It doesnt sound American, it kinda sounds Middle Eastern or Asian.

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