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Big Brother 14 – Big Brother Receives A New Houseguest

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As expected and as reported, Frank used the PoV on himself which caused Shane to nominate a new person.  He basically had two options, a pawn (Jenn) or a huge threat (Dan).  Neither were really great options for Shane as he was going to leave a bitter and dangerous Boogie or a suave and dangerous Dan in the house.  It was a ‘pick your poison’ situation that Shane handled like he knows best… he let his alliance tell him what to do. Considering he’s aligned with one of those people, it was only the natural selection to put the pawn up and remove Boogie.

Shane, being as good with words as Ian is with ladies, ended up making a mess out of the whole process once again.  I have a feeling he’s going to end up doing his alliances dirty work the entire season while putting a bitter jury out there for him to deal with at the finals.  It a Russell Hantz type of Survivor season all over, the big difference is Shane is being coached to be the jerk, where he genuinely seems like a nice guy. It’s going to be sad if he’s in the final 2 with someone like Britney and ends up losing because of a bitter jury.

In related news, The live feeds have been wild today, and I don’t expect that to stop any time soon.  Let’s try to cover some of the happenings…

Shane has a way with words. Shane never told Jenn about the pawn idea, so she was completely confused and upset about being nominated.  I’m sure she was also shocked to realize people had actually noticed she was a contestant and not just a very colorful camera.  Needless to say, Shane was able to take a painful pawn situation and make it much worse by bouncing around the topic instead of just being up front with her.   He tried as best as he could, but that’s not a lot and it’s why his end-game is going to be rough.  While Boogie may have a weird way with words, the things he says are generally correct.. Shane is screwing himself by doing Dan and Britney’s dirty work.

Boogie and Frank are punks and need to calm down a bit.  It was so irritating to watch them egg Shane into some argument, but kudos to Shane for remaining cool about the situation.  Flashback to 12:28pm bbt and watch Boogie and Frank just go at Shane over and over while Dan sits in the background letting him take all the heat. To be fair, Dan is also taking plenty of the heat to shield both Ian and Britney as well, so it’s no surprise to see him sit this one out.

Joe is clueless. Boogie and Frank pitched him pretty good shortly after the feeds went live.  They tried to show him that he’s clearly at least 5th man on that totem pole (but in reality, he’s 6th), and he could take a stand with them and be 3rd then fight for the finals. Joe then takes all that information and relays it to Dan and Shane while mocking the situation.  I know it’s hard to tell what people are thinking, but Joe can’t be that clueless to see Britney/Shane/Dan/Danielle are a solid 4 and there is 0 chance of him cracking that, right?  Or has Joe accepted that he’s not winning and just wants to be in the game as long as possible so he can keep auditioning for shows like Chopped.

Ian is the new Adam. For the second straight season, the “superfan” appears to be generally clueless or doesn’t really care where they place, as long as they get to play.  Like Adam, Ian is very content with hitching on the vetwagon and trying to luck his way to the final 3.  It’s day 45 and he’s still appears starstruck being in an alliance with Dan.  Maybe I’m misreading him, but I just get a strong Adam-vibe.  It’s not about the win, it’s about the experience. Give him a Tori Spelling and an annoying metal scream and I’m not sure you could tell them apart.

Danielle is going to need therapy.  I’m not saying this to be snarky or rude, it’s true.  She’s losing her mind in there and a psychiatrist would have a field-day working with her when all is said and done. She feels like she’s real good friends with Britney, treats Dan like a father/role model and Shane like a husband.  When reality sets in and she realizes there are not 4 seats in the finals, it could be ugly for her.  I feel bad, despite appearing to be a compulsive liar, she really does seem like someone with a good heart. It’s going to be sad watching her get burnt by 2 of the 3 from her alliance, if not all 3.

Frank doesn’t realize that HE’S Shane. The frustrating part of watching Frank follow around Boogie like a puppy is that he’s making fun of Shane for doing the same thing he’s doing.  They were hounding on Shane for being Dan’s “bitch”, but Frank has been Boogie’s.  In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked to see that tattoo on Frank’s butt when he gets evicted.  “This is property of Mike Boogie”.  I like Frank, but he looks like an idiot in this situation.

The house needs Boogie for another week or two – Look, I understand he’s not going to be receiving any checks for fan favorite any time soon.  It’s very clear he’s also outmatched by Dan and needs his binky (Dr.Will).  He’s also terribly annoying trying to sound like a teen when he’s over 40.  That being said, Boogie brings entertainment to the house, and the show needs him more than it needs Frank.  For anyone into conspiracy theories about trying to keep Frank around, let’s be real, the show is about ratings and Boogie = ratings.  They were never trying to keep Frank in over Boogie, and if the HoH competition is favorable to Frank this week it’s simply because with him AND Boogie gone right now, the house may fall back into the lull it was in last week.  Nobody wants that if they want Big Brother to survive.  Last week was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e thanks to the “lay down and play dead” approach by both nominees.

That is my summary of the day, feel free to watch the feeds right here because I’m sure this is going to be an exciting week.  Don’t forget, you get 3 days free!

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  1. Comments (102)

    The sad truth is Boogie did this to himself. If he hadn’t gone for the money and went for HOH, he would have won. Janelle gets kudos for being great at the challenges, but guess what? Boogie is better at them, if he tries to win. I think Boogie was the only houseguest that didn’t fall down during the comp. And he was doing it fast, too. It was his fatal mistake. I wish Jenn would get the boot instead of Boogie, because she’s just completely worthless in the game. Look at how many times Danielle fell, and Jenn falls once and it does her in.

    Britney can go sniveling about Boogie betraying the Silent 6 but the second Janelle was out the door, she was already whispering in Danielle’s ear about what a threat Frank was. She screws over every alliance she’s in except for the one with her puppet Shane.

    Dan could have also won HOH if he didn’t go for safety first. We saw how fast he gained on Shane. So Shane only won because Boogie and Dan went for something other than HOH.

    Ian The Rat is an idiot. For all his quack quack, does he really think they solid four alliance with Dan/Danielle/Britney and Shane will actually turn on each other and take the little weasel to final three instead?

    Okay, I’m calling it now. Jenn will be in the final two. If you wanted to win, she’s the one you should take with you. They others will pick each other off and forget all about her and then they’ll take her to final two. Heck, if Boogie had lasted, even he could win against her.

    • Comments (405)

      I don’t disagree about Jenn. I can see her being the next Porsche. Easy victory so they drag her along.

    • Comments (1)

      Why is Ian an idiot… I think he is in the BEST position. The 5th Wheel is a great spot. He won’t get picked off by anyone because he is not in a solid 2. So he will get to the final 5. And when Dan/Britney and Shane/Danielle need a 3rd person to vote the other 2 down. He will coast to top 3. Then he is 1/3 away from 1 contest to win.

      It’s like you people havn’t seen a 3rd wheel or 5th wheel strategy. Ian isn’t dumb. He knows where he stands. It has taken many people to the finals in both this game and survivor.

      Now do you think he can beat anyone in the finals. I believe he has a very good pitch for votes.

  2. Comments (14)

    It’s really sad to see Ian slither from Frank/Boogie (where he was definitely in the final three) back to his beloved “Quack Pack”. I wish he could see he will never penetrate the Dan/Dani/Brittany/Shane alliance.

    • Comments (102)

      Ian isn’t very bright. For a superfan, he hasn’t played the game smart. Streaking through the house naked. Volunteering to be on slop. His silly belief he’ll be beloved for some unbelievable flirt-romance. If Boogie hadn’t saved him, he would have been evicted long ago. And what was with that weird outfit he had on for Eviction Night?

      Not that Boogie is any smarter. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. It’s like Boogie forgot what Shane pulled the last time he was HOH and everyone lied to his face. He shouldn’t have been surprised knowing what a backstabber Britney is and knowing she pulls Shane’s strings, yet he buys her BS that it’s all Dan. Ian was even dropping hints in front of Boogie that he was backstabbing him and he didn’t get the hint. I wish Boogie could stay, because once he’s gone it’s going to get boring.

      Speaking of conspiracy theories, wasn’t that last HOH comp rigged so Boogie would win. He said he was [if he was telling the truth] some kind of ice skate champion, which was why he could go so fast and never fell once. Only problem was he went for the money instead of the HOH. You can try to fix things, but sometimes personal choice ruins it.

      BTW, did they open the cube thing in the arcade machine? Maybe that will suddenly save Boogie from the chopping block? Didn’t that thing just happen to show up after Boogie chose money over HOH?

      Anyway, hope Ian The Rat enjoys himself, because he’s going to find himself on the hot seat sooner rather than later.

  3. Comments (15)

    At this point… If Boogie goes home, I will not follow this game anymore. He is the only thing to make this show exciting. I CANNOT watch Britney any longer! Why does she always pick her face? It is crazy, I have never seen anyone rub, scratch, lick and pick at their face as much as she does. AHHHHHH!!! Vote that troll of this show!

  4. Comments (1276)

    One of the things I am finding too funny is how Mad Boogie got to be on the block at all. Don’t we all remember just what, 2 weeks ago when he was “insulted” to not be up against Frank? So he should have at least had a strong feeling he was going up.
    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted Frank out, and Boogie to stay, but that Boogies little sheep got the POV, so that plan was messed up. But I’m really hoping he doesn’t pull out a HOH, if he gets out Shane or Dan, I just see him talking down to the females, like usual, and acting like he’s some macho man to the guys. I just can’t stand him and his hair much longer. Again, I’m pretty sure I saw something crawl out of that rats next last night… ewwwww.

  5. Comments (44)

    This season will be the worst seasons of Big Brother ever just look at the players
    Joe- Very stupid players, he said he’d basically do anything for Shane, like sacrifice his own life, like that is going to guarantee his safety in this game.
    Jen- is just horrible, no point even talking about her.
    Ian- everyone thinks he’s such a god player. Ian makes top five at best, because he’s never breaking into the Dan/Dani/Shane/Britney Alliance, but he doesn’t see that. I give him some credit though, Boogie underestimated.
    Frank- no brains whatsoever without Boogie, he going on the block if he doesn’t win HOH like every week this season, and won’t stay very long when Boogie’s gone unless he keeps winning competitions, kinding rooting for him, at least his playing the game, but the odds are against him.
    Danielle- is Delusional, curious to see what she does when she makes top for.LOL she talking about how she wants Trey back because Shane isn’t giving her attention, we all know who you truly want . She thinks she a good player too.
    Shane- i feel sorry for him. He’s doing Brit’s dirty work and his alliance’s , might hurt him in the jury if he makes it to the final ( I know jury usually reward game player, no this year’s they are all retarded)
    Britney- Queen hypocrite, last night on the BBAD, she saying how this thing with Boogie and Frank, is like a playground fight, ( don’t talk to him because she isn’t my friend type of thing). She basically did the same thing to Willie, who else remembers that?
    Dan- Cruising to $ 500 000
    Boogie- The only entertainment in the Show.

    • Comments (1276)

      The part about Boogie and Frank that really got to me last night is how they fussed at Ian for speaking to the other side. It’s just a big load. They are talking to all of them just fine, but Ian, who might be one of the most friendly players to ever play is told he’s not allowed to talk to who he wants??? That’s the middle school bull that I’m really no liking.

  6. Comments (7)

    I don’t like return players!!!! so boogie and dan and brit, need to go!!!! I believe the final 2 will be Frank and Ian! and Frank should win, but…. I like Frank.. I really don’t care who wins as long as it’s not boogie brit or dan. Once I found out how the game is manipulated by production I lost real interest, I watch to see if I can figure out what production will do next!

  7. Comments (2)

    I don”t whant ian up on the block

  8. Comments (2)

    i can”t wait four wed show

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