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Big Brother 14 – If Dan Doesn’t Win, Is BB14 A Fail Of A Season?

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As much as I’ve been against the veterans returning to the house, especially after the annoyance last season with Rachel crying every other day, I have to say two people made BB14 very fun to watch this summer.  Those people were Mike Boogie or Dan Gheesling, both veterans.  Due to the manner in which they returned, this allowed for them to bond with newbies instead of instantly forming a power alliance from day 1.  It also didn’t hurt they chose people like Boogie and Janelle who had a negative history together.


I want to sympathize with the newbies and say they had an unfair advantage, but they didn’t.  In BB13, they easily had a huge unfair advantage from day 1, but Dan has been near the exit more times than I can count on one hand, yet nobody pulled the trigger.  Dan could have been gone before the coaches even entered as players, but he somehow dodged that bullet a few times.  He was a target of Frank’s for weeks, and even when Dan was hanging from the ledge of a cliff, Frank decided to pull him up and give him another shot.   If and when Dan ends up bringing Ian to the final 2 despite multiple promises to bring Danielle, she’ll be the fool, not him.  I don’t care about swearing on things, I think that’s completely overblown and I bet half the people who complain about it would piss away their dignity for a legitimate shot at life changing money as well. (look at what people have to subject themselves to on fear factor for a much smaller prize)

Now that I’m off my high horse, it’s back to the question at hand.  If Dan ends up making it to the finals (which is very likely), will the season be considered a failure if he does not win the grand prize?  I know it will certainly leave a bitter taste in my mouth to see the jury hand $500k to either Danielle or Ian if Dan is sitting next to them.   Don’t get me wrong, Ian is probably second deserving in the house and has been since Frank left, but there is nobody this season that has been able to manipulate people and control the flow of the game the way Dan has.  Not even close.  Every HoH that wasn’t Franks was basically run by ObiDan, and even Frank’s final one was controlled by him.


What are your thoughts on the season if Dan doesn’t win it all?

Moving on, I’m sure many are wondering where the house stands right now.  Well, Dan actually convinced Danielle to drop during the endurance competition last night and will automatically advance to the final part in the 3-part HoH competition.  Next up, Ian will face Danielle most likely tomorrow in a physical competition, and the winner of that will square off against Dan during the live 90 minute finale on Wednesday.  On that night, the HoH winner will then pick the person he wants to sit next to in the final 2, and the jury will likely vote for Dan to win it all.

Like I mentioned above, follow me on twitter for any random updates, but I will also be updating the blog after part 2 so we know who will square off Wednesday night.

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