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Big Brother 14 Episode 2 – Things We Have Learned

bb14 kara and wil walkingThe image above literally has nothing to do with my post, but on the live feeds right now most of the houseguests were exercising, and had to take a screenshot of these two hotties… Ahh crap, got me again, Wil!  Damn you!

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Moving on….  the first few episodes of the season are usually the most interesting aside from the live eviction shows.  They reveal a lot of what went on in the house before the feeds went live last Thursday.  Here are a few things I picked up on that I at least found semi interesting enough to write about:

(note: I have had a busy weekend and as much as I’ve tried to cram the feeds in, some of the stuff may be obvious)

  • I knew Dan-Boogie / Janelle-Britney had a thing, but I didn’t realize it was as clear as it was.  The latter may form to be a very powerful group going forward as long as Hantz can keep his ego in check (hint: he won’t)
  • Joe has a strange diary room personality.  Why do we see this every season?  Someone seems fairly laid back and relaxed but as soon as they step into the diary room they get crazy and start yelling into the camera.
  • Ian is one weird guy.  Like, there is funny weird and weird weird. I can’t even really figure out which weird Ian is, that’s how weird it is.  At times he’s funny weird like walking around the house in his underwear thinking he’s alone, then he’s weird weird by putting a duck on his head during nominations.  That’s trying too hard, and from what I understand Boogie actually lectured him about that.
  • I like Britney, she reminds me a lot of Jordan but is more than willing to admit how weak she is in competitions.  I’m starting to pull for her team to win.
  • Boogie is becoming incredibly obnoxious.  After he won the coaches challenge, that was unreal. You ran around a slick track with a horse around your waist, don’t act like you just won the Super Bowl.
  • The have-not beds look absolutely, insanely uncomfortable.  I have to give the show credit here… this room destroys that silly padded room last year.  I would hate to spend just one night on that bed, let alone a week.

It was a pretty decent episode, but we already knew what was happening.  I’m a little confused why Boogie’s team was punished with a have-not considering he won the competition, but they probably had to based on sleeping arrangements this early in the season.  However, why not just punish two people from Dan and Britney’s team since they both lost the first leg of the race?

Anyway, as I mentioned on the live feeds above, not much is happening right now, but Ian is preparing for his “date” with Ashley tonight.  That should be interesting to see, and you can catch it on the feeds or I suppose Showtime.

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