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Big Brother 14 – Eviction Tonight, Eviction Tomorrow!

If you were not aware, last night they had a recorded eviction ceremony along with HoH competition.  That will air tonight on CBS, and you get to see what we already know here at Big Brother Junkies.   Jenn was sent packing from a 2-0 vote, and Danielle won the HoH.  This came as no real surprise the second Ian chose to nominate Danielle as Shane’s replacement instead of Dan.  The writing is on the wall, and it says “This is Dan’s game to lose, so don’t bother trying”. Apparently Ian, Danielle and Shane have been studying that wall as they’ve been incredible puppets this season, the only thing missing are the strings controlling them.

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As far as what we’ll see tonight, my guess will be the PoV competition, re-noms, eviction and the HoH.   I have no clue when the PoV will take place, or if it already has.  That is clearly the most important competition this week as it will clearly make the difference between Ian or Shane going home tomorrow night.  Those are pretty much the only two options, thanks to Dan’s Mist.  Regardless who is nominated from Danielle, if Ian wins the veto, he’ll be safe, and Shane will likely go home.  If anyone else wins the veto, they’ll either take themselves off the block (or keep noms the same) and Ian will be voted out.   Any situation involving Dan’s exit is about as likely as Julie Chen calling me up and offering me a $20k check because I’m such a cool person.

I will probably be live tweeting the episode tonight, but not blogging it.  It’s not a live show, so we already know the results.  I may recap it after the episode airs, especially considering that’s when the live feeds will probably turn back on.

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  1. Comments (316)

    If they get Ian out I’m going to stop watching Big Brother. I’m going to switch to Honey Boo Boo.

  2. Comments (126)

    If Dani goes F2 against Dan she will win and it will be a close vote if F2 with Shane.

    Scenarios: She would take Dan over Shane, and Shane would take her ‘wrong’ over Dan. Dan would take her over Shane. If they really play to win it.

    So Dani is sitting pretty. I see Dani as the odds on favorite to win it all now. Just need to get pass Ian next.

    And this is why the guys made a big error not evicting her last night. They got sentimental over this QPF4 goal. She was a bigger threat to them then Jenn, now they will have to face it soon.

    Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong 🙂

    • Comments (47)

      I agree! That is the way I see it too! They should of gotten Danielle’s ass out because she has the better chance to win it in the final two. Plus I hate her and she hid behind the guys to protect her all season.

  3. Comments (3)

    If Ian goes home tonight, I will also know longer be watching BB. And if Dan makes it to the F2, I give up on watching any reality TV that allows former players to return (unless its an all stars team)

  4. Comments (123)

    ***Update….tonite’s show will end with Dani’s Noms….as for the POV comp…it will be played and taped Today to be shown on Thurs Live show…so as soon the Feeds go LIVE tonite, we will know who won the important POV (cough, Ian), lol… 🙂

    also in tonite’s tv show, there will be NO Jury House footage yet…UGH… 🙁

  5. Comments (191)

    Ian made a mistake by not getting rid of Dan when he could. If he doesn’t win POV he will be out and Dan will win it all.

  6. Comments (12)

    i hope ian wins the veto tonight so shane goes home. the fact is is that dan and ian are the two best players in this game and one of them should win it all or else this big brother has a crappy ending. i dont understand why dan would want to face shane and danielle in the final 3. if ian is the final 3 with dan and danielle then dan is guaranteed final 2 and can maybe convince the jury no matter who hes against. if shane is in the final 3 with them then dan has to win the HOH to go to the final 2. everyone thinks he should get rid of ian can someone explain why?? ian is completely loyal to dan and isnt going to evict him no matter what remember hes all about the new renegades. also if dan dani and shane are in the final 3 then danielle will most likely throw it because dan or shane will take her to the finals.

  7. Comments (2)

    so when was this eviction, i was watching it live last night and I didn’t see the eviction… i started to watch it at 2:30am MY TIME (9:30 BB time) and I saw Jenn still in the house, they were taking pictures with the US flag? What time was Jenn sent out of the house??? I’m really quite puzzled??

    • Comments (1276)

      Were you watching BB afterdark? Because that was pre-recorded. The live feeds haven’t been up, or at least they weren’t supposed to be up, so if you were getting them, I got jipped.

      • Comments (2)

        actually come to think of it, i watch BB after dark every night, and last night was the first time that Shane didn’t ask if they were on prime time yet (meaning if they were live from 9-midnight), cus Shane would give us “late watchers” a play by play as to what was happening and last night he didn’t…that’s why I was totally puzzled when I saw Jenn still there at 4am my time (there time 11pm),good way to confuse people…. and it’s “supposed” to be live???

      • Comments (1276)

        Every once in a while they would put “pre-recorded” at the top of the screen. I know they’ve done this in past seasons as well. I don’t know what time it was for them, but I know it was morning in the BB house. I think BB got them up a little earlier then usual, so that they could have enough time to film and fill the 3 hrs for BBafterdark, and still have time for everything else they had to do.
        It is annoying, but I guess I see why they do it. If they let everyone see what was going on when they do an eviction like this, their viewership would be way down. It still sucks! lol

  8. Comments (2)

    Why haven’t they showed the Jury House?! That used to be my favorite part. It seems they did this season kinda sloppy. 🙁

  9. Comments (2)

    I want to see the jury house. I’m tired of watching Dan control these nuckle heads.

  10. Comments (12)

    Danielle winning HOH was the absolute best thing for Ian. If they think about it, both Shane and Dan should prefer Ian over the alternative. A Final 3 of Dan, Shane, and Dani would Beverly dicey for both Shane and Dan as Dani’s choice if she wins is very much up in the air. Choosing Ian to go to Final 3 is the safest pick for both of them!! Now it may not work out that way, but that’s clearly their best option for making it to Final 2. But to be safe, Ian better win it outright anyway! Go Ian!

  11. Comments (42)

    ok, I admit I am having issues with BB … I realize BB is just a game – however, poker is just a game also – but both can and do involve big money … Dan says he will do anything for his family – which means stabbing anybody in the game to get to the $500k … this is simple greed hidden under the guise of a reality game that could provide for his family – with no thought of taking from others and their families … Dan treats BB as if it is a business – his business in fact … this is really not a game anymore but cutthroat avarice … ok, I admit I’m getting soft and sound like a liberal socialist but sometimes it is hard to watch some people not just getting played but getting played (er, lied to) at the cost of $500k to them and their families … maybe I should just stick to Honey Boo Boo … heh heh …

    • Comments (76)

      Do anything to help his family? Didnt he already win the 500,000 already. Just Greedy Dan! I was listening last night about how Shane would help his family. It would be nice to see Shane win it.

      • Comments (42)

        my thoughts, exactly Dianna … Shane is somewhat of a follower but a very good follower – meaning he is loyal, is great at comps, and has a conscious but doesn’t take command … hopefully, Danielle will ditch Dan and support Shane … I beleive if she backdoors Shane or betrays him, she may receive nasty phone and e-mail threats similar to what Shelly (in BB13) received after deceiving Jeff (and thus Jordan who gave up a phone call to her family to Shelly earlier) … heh heh … Shane mentioned his mom needing a decent car – he is so humble … while Dan would backdoor him w/o a scond thought … yeah, I am too soft for this game … just ask the strays I take in – ha ha – go Shane! … man, I need a life – ha ha!

      • Comments (169)

        I know I wouldn’t make it in this game…I couldn’t handle the backstabbing and lying! Lol. But I agree, I would really like Shane to win…he’s the only truly loyal, humble person left. Danielle winning would be a nightmare..Ian…well Ian has became too cocky and thinks way too highly of himself… Dan….well need I explain that one? A Shane win would salvage this season.

    • Comments (2)

      Come on George what do you mean taking from other families? That prize money is up for grabs! The only thing that makes your comment sound like you are a liberal socialist–is the sublimibal overtones of that entitlement mentality of assuming that the money belongs to anyone. Have to earn it by playing the best u can. No one said life or big brother was fair.

      • Comments (42)

        I don’t disagree, Dee, I am definitely being wishy-washy because Dan is playing BB and I do like to see someone at least play the game instead of waiting for someone else to make a move … I am just saying that he seems to cover all his bases at any cost – including those with the live feeds audience by mentioning that he would do anything for his family first – doesn’t that sound a bit greedy – are not the other families deserving? … ok,maybe I should stick to Honey Boo Boo – ha ha

  12. Comments (2)

    This is probably one of the best seasons of big brother in years! Dan has played a superb game! That “funeral” and the “courting” afterward–hands down he demonstrated without doubt he is the master of manipulation! Loved it loved it loved it! Personally for the more exciting ending would be Dan and Ian in the final 2! Money could go either way! Definately more suspenseful and a nail biter! Seasoned veteran against the “virgin “. Exciting season!

  13. Comments (24)

    When it comes down to final four, deals and strategy is done. It’s about endurance, memory, and judgement(especially when houseguests are asked to chose the way a jury member answers a question). Danielle as HOH is in final three, and there are three bucks battling it out for two slots.

    Danielle will put up Ian and Dan. Everyone has to fight for the POV. That is where the power is. So, if Ian wins POV, he’s safe. If not, he’s gone. No one stands a chance of winning if they sit next to Ian in the F2, and everyone wants to sit next to Dan in the F2 because Dan is a selfish backstabber. Dan has a bloody jury, and $500K from his last win.

    When I think back to the reset, only Janelle and Brittney had the right to reset and to vote the coaches into the game. Boogie did the honorable thing by turning down the offer. Greedy, slimy Dan won $500K before, but hid behind America’s offer “I’ll do what America wants”.

    Sure Dan played good game, but he will lose if he is in F2.

    • Comments (12)

      I don’t agree that Ian is out if he doesn’t win. You gave to get to Final 2 first, and Dan’s trip to Final 2 is assured if he takes Ian and votes out Shane. However, Shane would never take Dan to Final 2 so why would Dan keep him? Way too risky IMHO. But we’ll find out soon.

      • Comments (169)

        Dan was wanting Ian out before Shane even. Remember the DE last Thursday? He only decided on Shane when Ian won PoV and then HoH. Dan and Dani can easily beat Shane in that Jury Statements portion….while Ian would blow it out of the water. Shane can do well in the 1st and 2nd part (if he loses the 1st)…Ian could do well in the endurance portion which would automatically advance him to the final round. It’s in the best interest of everyone to get rid of Ian now… Ian would have a good shot of winning in the F2 against anyone left. Shane is a threat but I’d much rather get him out at F3 than risk letting Ian get to the final HoH. They don’t really need to worry about Shane winning the final HoH since he would not do as well in the last part…. Ian is definitely carrying more risk…Shane carries risk, too…but he’s the “lesser of the two evils” lol.

  14. Comments (123)

    **** SPOILER *******

    Danielle Won POV………..bye bye Ian… 🙁

    • Comments (1)

      Who was the noms? Ian and who?

    • Comments (10)

      Haha nope Dan convinced Danielle to use the veto on him and Shane made her promise to have Dan swear on his wife that he won’t vote him out. And we know how that works. Ian is safe Shane is gone. Lol Danielle convinces Shane that Dan voting out Ian will take the heat off of Shane giving him a better chance at jury. Lol Dan owns this house. Drama over cut the check.

  15. Comments (1)

    Girls rule…Yayyyyyy Danielle…:)

  16. Comments (1)

    I wish Dani would stop picking her face. Man that is annoying.

  17. Comments (78)

    This is the worst show in history of big brother. I can’t stand any of them. Dan, dani, Ian,Shane. Dani and Shane are floaters. Hidinging behind each other and Ian is a snake and Dan just an absolute liar. Bring back Frankie and boogy boy.

  18. Comments (78)

    Why does dani always look in the mirror and adjust her face. Annoying.

  19. Comments (78)

    And what’s left in the big brother house is the evil 4. EVIL 4. Hahaha

  20. Comments (3)

    I hate the fact that Dani won POV and replaced Dab with Shane. What the heck was she thinking. Dan has been back-stabbing anyone and everyone just to get the 500K.. He already won and now he needs more to provide for his family? Really? Well, Frank (my favorite) won so many competitions that they wanted him out from day 1 … but he was so gullible and trusted whatever was said, mostly by Dan. Cruel, cruel, cruel. I know this is a game but there should be some integrity somehow. Britney was evicted by having Frank put her on the block … only because Dan told him she was dangerous and needed to go. Dan has manipulated everyone in the house. Hope you lose, Dan.

  21. Comments (3)

    Sorry about Dab .. I meant Dan.

  22. Comments (1)

    Haters do u know what happens when u swear on someone’s life and then. Lie? Absolutely nothing! Imagine if the world worked this way. Terrorist. Wouldn’t need bombs. Just swear on someone’s life and they would die. He would be out of the house if he didn’t do it and now he is on his way to winning some serious cash to support his family

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